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About Xtenik

About xtenik


The goal of Xtenik is to offer you the best quality audio product with the affordable price.

The idea of “xtenik’ came into our mind while having an argue about the best headphone. So, I thought that there might be a lot of people out there seeking the same information and confused about what exactly they have to go for.

Well, if you are one who don’t know which product is best for you and what is actually the product is offering to you, I believe you will find our blog useful.

No doubt that most of the people go for the most recommended product from their beloved family members, friends, teachers, and spouse. Few of them can manage their to research for the recommended product online. Trust me, researching for a product online is the pain in the ass.

So, if you are not doing it, you are doing good to yourself.

Anyways, the argue conversation between me and my friends took us to the market, where we researched for the best headphones. Some were good and some were great. As usual, few were junks. After spending hours and hours in the market hunting the best item, we get back home buying nothing. Yet, I had a great idea in my mind.

Xtenik Motive

The motive of is to provide honest information about various products out there, mostly, headphones, headphone amp portable hi res audio player, and maybe others.

We want our store/blog is the last destination for those who are seeking the best and honest information about the portable audio products out there. Either that product is good for them or not, we want them to know that before actually buying the product.