Xduoo XP-2 Review Roundup-More than a simple bluetooth receiver

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Article Review


Xduoo brought a very good product, incredible construction, solid and prepared for daily and urban use without worry. Versatility is something to be taken seriously, you can switch between USB, Bluetooth and Amplifier connection.

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Prime Audio 

It sounds earthy and natural, even when streaming Bluetooth. Of course, the sound depends a lot on the headphones you match with but the XP-2 definitely has its own underlying character to add as well.

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Soundphile Review 

Connection quality is barely sufficient when using Bluetooth: a few metres are enough for the connection to drop or to interrupt playback. 

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Zettai Audio

The XP-2 has plenty of power for headphones that demand a moderate level of extra output strength without reaching much more than half of the volume knob even on low gain set. Driving earbuds with around 150ohm impedance is just fine, and so is with (relatively) lower sensitivity rate items of 90~95dB (e.g., final E5000 and Hifiman Sundara).

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Audiofool Review 

This is a tough section to write as the unit has several different answers to the question, “how does it sound?”. If used purely as a wired amp, the XP-2 does an admirable job of being colorless and doesn’t introduce any notable changes in tone.

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Youtube Video

Xduoo XP-2 Bluetooth Amp _(Z Reviews)_ -Who doesn’t know Z-review

Review of Xduoo XP-2 wireless DAC/amp

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Xduoo XP-2

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