XDuoo XD-05 –The Powerful DAC Amp

If are a fans of Xduoo brand, there is a good chance you will familiar with their successful products, x2 and x3 lossless music player.

But do you know there is another excellent product in Xduoo line?

Yes, that is Xduoo XD-05 USB DAC headphone amp.

Well, how is this portable headphone amplifier performance? Let’s find out the detail as follows.


Xduoo XD-05 comes with anodized aluminum alloy casing in a great look. The whole size is only 5.5 inches long and 3 inches wide, weight only 0.268KG. Besides the elegant design, the aluminum alloy case will also help it in eradicating the outside interference, so you can enjoy your music freely at a high quality.

When you look at the the front panel, you’ll find an 0.91 inch OLED screen which display the product information in a real time. On the sides of the screen, there are switches for bass boost, gain, input selection, headphone jack, and volume control.

The good thing is that if you want to upgrade xd-05, it is very easy to replace the opamps inside with a small tool. And we recommend to use muses02 or V5I-D opamp for the upgradation.

Connection of Xduoo XD-05

Xduoo XD-05 DAC headphone amp is incredibly versatile for its size. Because it offers a variety of connection to pair with your all your favorite devices, such as aux, usb, coaxial and optical.

Xduoo XD-05

So, you can use USB input connect to your computer directly (supports windows and IOS). The USB receiver chip is using the XMOS 8 core chip, working in the asynchronous mode. It supports up to PCM 32bit/384khz signal, and it also supports native DSD decoding, up to DSD 256.

You also can use the aux input to plug in your digital audio player/MP3, and if you like, you can connect it with your Android phone ( OTG USB cable required) or your Iphone (camera connection kit required ).

With seven different DAC filters setting, you will never get boring with this XD-05.

Can Xduoo XD-05 work on Windows 10 ? The answer is yes.

If you fail to install the driver on Win 10, please download the latest version driver.

PS: For your convenience, we already upload the latest xduoo xd-05 driver to the dropbox, so you can download it easily by clicking here , download xduoo xd-05 latest driver.


Xduoo XD-05 amp come with an output up to 500mw at 32ohm, so you can enjoy your music at a suitable volume. And being a music enthusiast, you might be interested in high bass levels as well, then Xduoo XD-05 offers a dual gear bass boost with a range of 0 to +6 decibels, which can meet different requirement.

Besides, Xd-05 portable headphone amp offers a 3 gear gain feature with a range of +6/ +9/ +15 decibels. With this feature, you can easily play the music on different types of headphones. .

And the DAC filter and SRC adjustment features included in the amp allow you to enjoy versatility in your audio experiences.

xduoo XD-05
xduoo XD-05 DAC/AMP


Xduoo XD-05 is built with a non-removable 3.7V/4000mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery. And according to Xduoo official statement, the playing time of xd-05 can last 11 hours for usb connection, 16 hours for SPDIF in, and 23hours for aux in. But the reality usage time will depend on how you use it.

As to the charging time, it takes around 5 hours for the quick charge, and if you are using the computer to charge, it will take 11 hours for full charge.

Now, we come to the technical parts, so you can find every parameter right here.

DAC ChipAK4490
Xmos ChipXMOS latest 8 core chip
Working modeAsynchronous mode
ArchitectureAdopt OP+BUF architecture, more powerful
Audio processorsCirrusLogic CS8422, XMOS XS1-U8A-64
Low-pass filter and OPA voltage amp
Current ampsDual BUF634 (left and right)
4 PCM digital filtersSharp roll-off, slow roll-of, short delay sharp roll-off, short delay slow roll-off
3 DSD digital filtersReserved cutoff, 50K cutoff, 150K cutoff
Support SystemWin 10, Win7, Vista, XP Win8, Mac, OS X Win, IOS, Android system
Input portAux, USB, Coaxial, Optical, Micro USB ( for charging)
Output Port3.5mm headphone jack
Battery3.7V/4000mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery
Output power500mW (32Ωload)
Frequency responseAMP:10Hz~100KHz (±0.5dB)
USB/SPDIF20Hz~20KHz (±0.5dB)
Sampling rate supportUSB
DSDDOP/NATIVE mode, DSD64-256 (1bit/2.8M-11.2M)
DXDBIT/352.8-384KHZ 24-32
Bass boost0/+6dB
Distortion 0.0025% (1KHz)
Adaptation Headset impedance8Ω ~ 300Ω
Battery life>11H (USB IN), >16H (SPDIF IN), >23H (AUX IN)
Charging timeQuick charge 5H (with charger), slow charge 11H (with computer)

Various connection port

  Supports both optical as well as coaxial inputs

  Ideal for high impedance phones

  Very compact and elegant in style

  Budget friendly product


Sometimes, it is not easy to install the driver on win10

What is in the box?

  • Xduoo XD-05 headphone amp
  • USB charging cable
  • USB PC cable
  • CD with USB driver
  • 4 rubber feet
  • Silicone band
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
Xduoo XD-05 Package