XDuoo X3—The Best Hi Res Audio Player At Affordable Price

One of the music lovers used to said “ audiophile is not complete without Xduoo X3”. Do you agree with that?

Majority of the people normally listen to music on their smartphones but there are a few music enthusiasts who still prefer going for different kinds of music playback toys to ensure the best listening experience. In case you are one of these people, you would love trying out the Xduoo X3 music player.

This one is a high quality lossless music player that not only delivers a very high music playback quality but also offers a number of high end features that prove to be really helpful in taking your music listening experience to the next level. A detailed review of the Xduoo X3  is given in the sections below to help you understand various features and capabilities of this product.


Some of the most notable features offered by the Xduoo X3 are listed below.

  • Lossless music player
  • Features a good quality LED screen
  • Comes in a CNC aluminum casing
  • Playback time of more than 8 hours
  • Compact size of only 100 g
  • Offers support for high quality lossless music
  • DSD: 24 bits
  • Supports both lossless and lossy formats
hi res music player
24 bit audio Xduoo X3


If you are a music enthusiast who can’t afford to make any compromises on the playback quality of your music, the Xduoo X3 would be the right product for you. It is a budget friendly lossless music player that is capable of delivering high quality music playback. The overall appearance is pretty catchy and elegant since it comes in a CNC aluminum casing. It also features an LED screen that comes in handy when you are trying to play the music of your choice.

In other words, if you are interested in a budget friendly lossless music player that is elegant to look at and capable of delivering high quality music playback quality, the Xduoo X3 is the device you go for.

hd music player


The Xduoo X3 lossless music player is a high quality music player that comes in a highly sophisticated and elegant aluminum casing. The entire body is manufactured using thick aluminum that is smoothly finished and properly assembled to create a master piece. Overall, the device is very nice to lay eyes on and to feel in your hands. There are a few buttons on the device to serve different purposes like powering it on/off, volume control, play, pause, home, back, etc. They are made up of plastic and aren’t the most appealing feature of the overall product.

The Xduoo X3 also features an LED screen that is 1.3 inches in size. It is a nice addition to the product as it helps the user navigate through the collection and play the music of their choice. The screen features sharp colors and a reasonably high resolution. At the bottom side of the device, there are 2 3.5 mm outputs to plug in headphones and other similar devices. The Xduoo X3 also features two micro SD slots to help you take your music storage availability to the next level. These slots are located on the right side of the product.

high definition audio


As far as the sound quality is concerned, the Xduoo X3 is capable of delivering a highly satisfying experience in this regard. It offers a highly balanced and well coordinated presentation of sound, making it an all rounder to serve greatly with any type of headphones. You may go for detail oriented headphones or you can try out the device with bassier ones, one thing is for sure that you are not going to get disappointed by this product. Regardless of the type of headphones you are into, you are never going to get any upset by the playback quality of this device.

The major upside of the product lies in its ability to produce clean, accurate and transparent sound. If you are a person who likes to play with the audio details of your music, this one is the device you want to try out. You can easily change the bass response, treble levels, balance and other parameters of your sound and that too with improved accuracy and speed.

hi res audio player

Highly budget friendly

  Lossless music playing capabilities

  Sophisticated build quality

  Bug free firmware

Good synergy

  Dual micro SD card slots for increased memory

  Highly portable device


The layout of the buttons is not the best

  The LED screen is incapable of delivering the right resolution in bright sunlight

The aluminum casing is a bit prone to scratches


In the light of the information listed in the above sections, it may be concluded with confidence that the Xduoo X3 is a high quality music player that is capable of taking care of your music listening needs without going hard on your pocket. The player features a decent playback timing of more than 8 hours per charge. The LED screen incorporated in the Xduoo X3 turns out to be really helpful when the user is trying to go through the available music collection looking for the right song. The buttons present on the device are not its best features but they still make it easy for the user to control the playback of different music files.

If we take a look at the firmware of the product, we’ll come to learn that it is very stable and offers a variety of features that are not offered by the competing products out there. It allows users to gain a better control over the playback quality of their music by making different adjustments in the bass, treble and balance levels of the content being played.

Overall, the Xduoo X3 is a fine product that may take your music listening experience to the next level.