XDuoo X10- The 3rd Gen Audio Player

If you are a music enthusiast who likes to play around with high quality music toys, you must have heard of Xduoo and its amazing line of products. This review discusses the various features of the new budget friendly Xduoo XD 10 that offers high end sound quality along with an impressive storage capacity. It also offers a 2 inches screen which may conveniently be navigated through the scrolling wheel it comes with. Like its predecessors, this portable headphone amp features 2 different slots for micro SD cards that support 128 GB each.

Keeping that in view, you can put a ton load of songs on your hd music player. A few details to give you a generic overview about the product are given in the sections below.


Some of the most prominent features offered by the Xduoo X10 are listed below:

  • Features the whole new JZ47608 + AK4490 audio architecture
  • Offers DSD decoding support
  • Supports a variety of audio formats including APE, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, WAV, etc.
  • Ultra low noise and distortion features
  • Powerful bass
  • Dynamic performance
  • Broad stereo field
  • Well built aluminum alloy casing with a matte finishing
  • Lock key
  • Dual gain switch
best hi res audio player
best hi res audio player


The Xduoo X10 is a high end hd music player that offers a number of features that have not been offered by any competing product before. It comes with a DAC Chip of AKM AK4490 along with the high end MUSES8920 operational amp to provide you with the best music experience you could ever have enjoyed. On top of that, it offers support for almost all the lossless as well as lossy audio formats. The support range goes as high as up to 24 bits for 192 Khz.

The hd music player also incorporates a micro SD line that might be used for transferring your favorite music from your computer into the device. This line also serves as a charging port to power up the 2400 mAh battery that is good enough to provide you with more than 9 hours of uninterrupted music playback against a single charge.

In comparison to its predecessors, the Xduoo X10 offers a far better sound quality. There is a lot of improvement on account of sound balance features as well. The device works with any types of headphones while enhancing their quality by several times. In addition to this, the hd music player may also be connected to any high end amplifier by making use of the output line.

The Xduoo X10 allows you to sort all your music tracks in a variety of different types of orientations. You may sort them out by titles, artists, album and other similar options. If you are looking for a high end yet budget friendly choice, the X10 would be a fine way to go as it is capable of fulfilling all your requirements while going easy on your pocket at the same time.

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The portable headphone amp features one of the best designs that the Xduoo products’ line has ever seen. It incorporates a CNC machined, sand blasted, diamond cut aluminum casing that comes with a matte finish which is very smooth to touch. The overall built is pretty elegant, sophisticated and very well suited for everyday usage. There is a 2 inches full HD screen that features high resolution picture playback along with a high contrast so that you might be comfortably look at it when the conditions are as bright as a sunny day.

The overall interface is very user friendly and intuitive for all kind of users including beginners. There are a number of connectivity options as well. You may plug in your headphones to a 3.5 mm jack or you could take your music playback to a whole new level by connecting a high end amplifier through the line out. You may store as much music content as you please by making use of 2 separate micro SD slots. There also is a micro SD port that allows you to carry out data transference and charging of the device.

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As far as the playback sound quality is concerned, the Xduoo X10 offers a much better experience in comparison to its predecessors. If you are one of those people who do not make any compromises on the quality of their music, this is the device you want in your pocket. There are a number of equalizers as well as custom modes to help you set the right tone for your music while the high end circuitry makes sure of the fact that there is no loss in the playback quality.

xduoo x10

Pros and cons

Some of the most prominent pros and cons associated with the Xduoo X10 are listed below.


 Budget friendly product that delivers the best sound quality

√ Highly sophisticated build

√ Powerful battery with a backup of more than 9 hours

√ User friendly interface


Keeping in view the rest of its features, the Xd10 could have done better with its screen size


In the light of the arguments discussed in the sections above, it may be stated that the Xduoo X10 is a high end hd music player that is capable of delivering exceptionally fine music quality in exchange for a pretty decent amount of money. If you can’t afford even a slight set back in the playback quality of your music, this is the perfect product for you. It offers a beautiful and reliable design while it packs simply the best circuitry you could ever long for.

The fully functional navigation wheel makes it very convenient for you to choose the music of your choice. There are a number of connectivity options while the dual micro SD slots allow you to store as much music data as you would like to. Last but not the least, the Xduoo X10 also features a high capacity battery that is capable of offering you a playback time of more than 9 hours.