XDuoo X10- The 3rd Gen Audio Player

Have you heard about Xduoo X3 before ? I guessed your guys did, right ?

(If you don’t know X3, please read our previous article, XDuoo X3—The Best Hi Res Audio Player At Affordable Price)

So you must know  Xduoo x10 too. X10 is the newest hd music player from xduoo company, which was released on December 2017.

Like its predecessors xduoo x3, this portable hi res music player provides 2 different slots for micro SD cards that support 128 GB each. That is to say, the max storage could be 256GB in total, so you can put a ton load of your favorite songs.

Well, without wasting your time, let’s jump on to see how xduoo x10 performs below, shall we?

  • New JZ47608 + AK4490 audio architecture
  • Offers DSD decoding support
  • Supports a variety of audio formats including APE, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, WAV, etc.
  • Ultra low noise and distortion features
  • Powerful bass
  • Dynamic performance
  • Broad stereo field
  • Good-built aluminum alloy casing with a matte finishing
  • Lock key
  • Dual gain switch
  • Line out/ 3.5 Optical out
best hi res audio player
best hi res audio player


The overall built is pretty elegant at the first look, because this new DAP  is CNC machined, sand blasted, diamond cut aluminum casing. It comes with a matte finish which is very smooth to touch.

The high resolution 2 inches screen on the HD music player will let you read the information easily and comfortably , even at the sunlight

The overall interface is very user friendly and suitable for all kind of users including beginners.

Can Xduoo X10 install Rockbox as Xduoo X3 ? The answer is no.

As to the connection, you may plug in your headphones to a 3.5 mm jack , or you could take your music playback to a whole new level by connecting a high end amplifier through the line  /optical out.

Concerning on the storage, Xduoo x10 provides two separate micro sd  slots,  supporting 128G each, which allow you download as much as songs you like.  Meanwhile, you can use the micro usb port to charge or connect with the computer.

 Although X10 has many improvement,  but lack of gapless playback support, no user tuneable EQ settings are often complained by some music lovers.

best hi res music player


Xduoo x10 comes with a DAC Chip of AKM AK4490 along with the high end MUSES8920 operational amp, which are both the high end component. And they will provide you  the best music experience you could ever have enjoyed.

On top of that, it  supports  almost all the lossless as well as lossy audio formats,  including DSD, APE, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, WAV, etc.  The support range goes as high as up to 24 bits/ 192 Khz.

The 2400 mAh battery is good enough to provide more than 9 hours playback time.

The Xduoo X10  DAP permits you to sort all the music tracks in a different types of orientations. You can sort them out via titles, artists, album or other similar choice.

best hi res music player

After reading the function part,  I know you must care about the sound of xduoo x10 very much, now, here we go.


As far as the sound quality is concerned, Xduoo X10 offers a far better sound quality compare with its predecessors Xduoo X3,. The sound is energetic and mostly flat in its tuning. And there is a lot of improvement on account of sound balance features as well.

xduoo x10

Pros and cons

Some of the most prominent pros and cons associated with the Xduoo X10 are listed below.


 Delivers excellent sound quality

√ Highly sophisticated build

√ Powerful battery with a backup of more than 9 hours

√ User friendly interface


Keeping in view the rest of its features, the Xd10 could have done better with its screen size

No EQ setting


The Xduoo X10 offers the  great hardware and excellent sound at a killer price.  but there are a few concessions it makes to the more expensive audio players.

The biggest disadvantage is  lacking of gapless playback support.  And you cannot resume from the last played point on the long tracks, it will jump back to the back.  And there is no EQ setting too.

However, the budget price, excellent sound, solid build, DSD playback and optional gain settings of Xduoo x10 is beating any its drawbacks.

What do you think ?