Xduoo TA-20 Full Balanced Tube Amp ( Roundup Review)

xDuoo TA-20 is a full balanced headphone amp, you can find all the reviews here. 

The latest tube amp series of xDuoo include, 

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Article Review 


The xDuoo TA-20 is a tube headphone amplifier. Even if it looks a lot like the xDuoo TA-10, be warned : there is no DAC embedded in this one. If not a pure Tube amp like the TA-03S, it’s a pure amp in every regard, you connect the DAC, plug your headphone and the TA-20 bridges the two worlds.

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Audio Science Review 

The impedance is more or less frequency independent which is good.

There must be some kind of digitally controlled gain stage for the volume control as it had perfect channel matching:

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(Image Credit: Audio Science Review)


TA-20 is responding well to tube rolling and this alone makes the product stand out of non-expensive Chinese products that usually have tube just for visual effect. I have tried couple of Sylvania tubes that I have for a long time and they made highs go up a bit. 

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The Headphonelist 

The TA-20 is beautifully clear and clean, with superb airiness and detail. It has a touch of warmth to it, but not as much as you might expect, given the tubes. 

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Balanced interconnections are usually used in professional setups with long cables, and their design is conceived to avoid noise interferences, making the signal go separately in both channels, phase inverted at origin and inverted again on the output stage, so noise is discarded.

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An image speaks by itself better than me…

xDuoo TA-20-2
xDuoo TA-20-1

(Image Credit: DeBilbao on Head-fi)

Youtube Review 

Xduoo TA-20 _(Z Reviews)_ Truly Balanced 

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Othere Youtube Review 

xDuoo TA-20 balanced headphone amplifier with tubes

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