Xduoo TA-10 Tube Amp- High-end but not Many Reviews

Xduoo TA-10
Xduoo TA-10-2

Xduoo TA-10 tube amp is a high-end DAC/amp from community favorite xDuoo, the TA-10 features the flagship AKM AK4490 DAC and a classic 12AU7 tube. Its variety of interfaces make it incredibly versatile and include two sets of auxiliary inputs, a USB input, an SPDIF out, and an RCA out. 

  • Classic tube12AU7
  • Top level XMOS 8-core chip (XSA-U8A-64)
  • AKM flagship DAC AK4490
  • USB/coaxial digital interface
  • A class Transistor expansion
  • Dual clock system
  • Combination of tube and transistor
  • Japanese ELNA SILMC capacitors
  • Shell made from aluminum
  • Magnetic tube guardrail
  • Power supply: AC 100–240V
  • Supported OS: Windows (requires drivers), Mac
  • Sample rate: SB input
  • PCM: 16–32 bit/44.1–384 kHz
  • DSD: DSD64–DSD256 (1bit/2.8M–11.2M)
  • DXD: 24–32 bit/352.8–384 kHz
  • Output power: Phone: 2,000 mW (at 32 ohms); XLR: 2,000 mW (at 32 ohms)
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz–100 kHz(+/- 1 dB)
  • Gain: +18 dB
  • Distortion: ≤ 0.01% (1 kHz, 32-ohm load)
  • Suitable headphone impedance: 8–600 ohms
  • Size: 9.1 x 4.7 x 4.1 in (23 x 12 x 10.5 cm)
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)
  • USB input
  • Two sets of AUX inputs
  • SPDIF output
  • AUX output


Note: All the questions and answer are collecting from Head-fi, or other forums, not answering by Xtenik.( It is just for people to learn TA-10 more easily and conveniently, so we add this part).

Is Xduoo TA-10 a full balanced amp ?

It is NOT fully balanced. It’s phase-shifted at the output stage so it can handle long cable runs, but it is NOT end-to-end balanced.

This only has a single DAC and amplification circuit.

If you are looking for an end-to-end balanced tube amp, please check Xduoo TA-20.

Is it worth to buy Xduoo TA-10 ?

It’s totally worth the buy, ESPECIALLY if you’re looking for a Modi/Magni alternative that can tube-roll and has a 4-pin XLR

This is a very rare and powerful amp/dac with a selection of awesome tubes.

It definitely is not as robotic as a regular amp, it’s almost organic.

How is the sound of TA-10?

It is MORE than enough power to shatter my eardrums through LCD-2’s and XLR-recabled HD598’s.

It’s more powerful than a NFB 11 in low gain but maybe 80-85% when it’s in high gain. So it’s loud and the SQ is also comparable. 

I usually gravitate to the Mullard but the Mazda and Sylvania (warm,bassy) are fun which still have good clear labelling on the tube which I doubt were used and actual NOS. The RCA and EH are also alright.

Power wise it’s louder than an NFB.11 in low gain and maybe 80% in high gain. It gets a T60RP to distorted levels at the top end. My TH-610 seems to pair really well with it too.

So much power and functions out of such a little thing.  Any distortion with that much gain?

It depends on the tube some have more distortion but the NOS Mullard I have in is pretty clear and velvet like. I actually have a solid state Fetron tube replacement from the 70’s which is very clear but I always find myself throwing a tube back into the mix.

To answer your question, actually no not much if any distortion at all it remains pretty clear. You really have to be within 10-15% of maxing out to get say a T60RP itself to physically shake. Generally it’s a very smooth and controlled unit. With the Mullard it’s smoother to listen to than my NFB.11.

What cans have you tried with this thingy besides the T60RP? For those output impedance proly is not of an issue cuz those are likely resistive. Any dynamic cans? 

It appears to scale with whatever is used, I have my TH-610’s and it’s a beautiful pairing even more so thna the T50/60. It softens up the bass a little and reduces harshness but still has great detail and imaging. I think the SQ is ahead of my NFB.11, The NFB might have more grunt but it’s a bit more robotic, this has a more velvet like sound signature.

Everything is effortless and nothing is overdone, If that makes sense. Generally any decent tube sounds good in it and each one adds a little flavor.

Note: I also have the cheaper TA-01 and whist good the difference in sq is very apparent after a few minutes of listening.