Xduoo D3-DSD 256 is coming

Xduoo D3
Xduoo D3

Unlike Xduoo’s previous music player, there are three important things for D3,

  • Support DSD256
  • 2.0’’ HD IPS screen, 240*320 resolution
  • 8GB built-in memory ( there is no memory in Xduoo X2, X3 and X10)


DSD 256 Native replay Direct decoding

  • Support DSD256 lossless format music playback, the signal directly through the master control, skip the Dop, significantly reduce the sound quality loss, to achieve the real soundtrack playback

Master tape level sound quality, 4K HDR vivid music experience

  • Professional audio chip only for the music signal height reduction.
  • As the 4K HD picture compare with 720p picture, 4K is just more clear and complete.
  • Enjoy the extraordinary experience that the crystal music brings you. Feel the true sound of master tape music.

Dynamic, lyrical, intense ,There are always a variety of sound effects for you

  • Heavy bass, Metal, Pop, Jazz and Unique five kinds of common sound effects for your choice, 5 sections of custom EQ adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune the various bands to balance headphones frequency response, Makes the music more balanced, the background music no longer covers the singer’s voice.

Support a variety of mainstream music formats, create a hundred dollars level HIFI player

  • The player supports the common DFF, DSF, WAV, FLAC, APE, MP3 and other audio formats, Maximum support PCM 24Bit/193K, DSD256 HD Lossless music.

Can storage massive lossless resources, Start a happy journey in 6400 songs

  • Built-in 8GB storage capacity
  • In addition, you can also expand the storage space through the TF memory card, maximum support 256GB TF/ Micro SD card
  • Can store about 6400 lossless songs, and you can enjoy 1600 minutes of music without repeating any.
  • Enjoy the wonderful FEELINGs of music.
  • Support capacity up to 256GB

CUE track format playback

  • Support CUE file, show the whole album file songs one by one and select to play

Song & Shocking Power

  • Back-end amplifier circuit from the Tl’s rail-to-rail current-mode op amps chip, strong power, can easily drive all kinds of HiFi headphones.
  • Breakpoint memory playback, album cover display
  • Recording the progress of music playback, can continue the playback the next time, can automatically display the lyrics Album cover (max 640*640)

IPS high-definition full-angle display, innovative UI design

  • Using 2.0-inch IPS high-definition full-angle display, clear and delicate picture quality, enhance the visual experience. Intuitive and simple UI interface, user-friendly operation, can display the album cover and lyrics, allows you to see rich song information clearly.

Small and exquisite, can wear it while exercising

  • Relaxing or travelling
  • Only the size of the business card
  • 70g of light weight
  • So easy to carry without burden

Enjoy the music

  • Aluminum alloy shell, sandblasting body surface
  • Fell fine and smooth, fingerprints proof.
  • Charge 3 hours for a week use
  • Charge once a week, no need to worry about electricity in a long journey
  • With 20 hours of continuous playing time, you can enjoy music and the good scene all along.

CNC Aluminum alloy, one molding

  • Aluminum alloy die-casting in one molding, with five-axis CNC technology, anodizing process details, to ensure a delicate grip

In case you might wondering on the detail of D3, please check the following table

Support formatsDSD64-DSD256 (DSF&DFF)
APE, 16-24 bit/ 44.1k-96KHZ
Flac, 16-24 bit/ 44.1k-96KHZ
WAV, 16-24 bit/ 44.1k-96KHZ
Battery 900mAh, 3.7V lithium polymer battery
Display2.0inch IPS HD full view, resolution 240*320
Body Material CNC aluminum all one molding
Memory Built-in 8GB memory
Expand Memory 256GB TF/Micro SD
Output 250mW(32 Ω)
Frequency 10Hz-100Khz(±0.5d)
Distortion ±0.005%(1KHZ)
Impedance 8Ω-150Ω
Playback Time 20 hours
Charging Time<3 hours ( Using 5V 1A charger)
Weight 70G