TinHifi T4 Roundup Review

Article Review of Tinhifi T4


If I didn’t want to believe the hype at first, I had no choice but admit that TinHifi completely overturns the tide in their favor. 

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(Xtenik comments: You can find the comparison between KZ ZS1, Tin hifi T2/T3, Tin Hifi P1, Headfonia is the authorize website for audiophiles)


Should you buy it? At it’s MSRP of $110, I think it’s absolutely worth it. It’s a very good IEM that checks almost every box for what I believe a great IEM should sound like (tuning aside).

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(Xtenik comments: Want to read more different reviewer saying about the Tinhifi T4? There are 7 reviewers wrote their professional on Head-fi, so you can see how others judge this IEM) 

Soundphile Review 

What I want to stress here, though, is a warning that they are not a “giant killer” or any similar thing.

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(Xtenik comments: In this post, you can find pro, cons, detail of sound impression, and also the comparison between T3 and T4,Tin HiFi T4 vs BLON BL-03, Tin HiFi T4 vs oBravo Cupid. )

Prime Audio 

The Tin Hifi T4 is a natural evolution of the T-series earphones that simply improves on what the previous models did well. 

(Xtenik comments: Besides the professional article review, you also can find the video review here by prime audio, sounds great?)

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Youtube Review 

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