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Article Review


IEM Build & Design

The King Pro is made of CNC metal aluminium and there is a smooth surface. At the back of the shell, there are L & R markings on the left and right side respectively with the brand website.

The left side of the iem is blue in color and the faceplate has a flower-like logo with a silver rim. The right side of the iem is red in color and the faceplate has a Z logo with a silver rim. On the inside of the iem, there is a vent. The nozzle is slightly angled with metal mesh.


(Image credit: Audioreview123)

The King Pro utilizes 0.78mm 2 pins connectors. The King Pro has an ergonomic design and I am able to fit it in my ears comfortably. There is a good construction.



The TFZ King Pro, overall has a very fun V shaped sound. Its dynamic drivers offer a very enjoyable listening experience and is likeable by the fun-loving audiophile. However, it’s not a perfect iem and has several drawbacks, which make it specifically enjoyable for pop/rock/alt rock type songs but not so suitable for metal/vocal tracks. Let’s get into it-

Gears used- 

PC- Foobar2000/Tidal> Audio GD R2R11> DROP THX AAA 789> Kpro 
UAPP/ Tidal> Pioneer XDP 300R> Kpro 
Tidal> Oneplus 6> Tempotec Sonata (with or without)> Kpro

Tip & cable rolling-

I tried various tips with this unit. The unit itself comes with both narrow bore and wide bore tips. I also had some comply T-200s lying around as well as the symbio W tips. The narrow stock tips sounded the best to me as it made the bass articulate, mids and treble well controlled. The wide bore tips sounded less warm but with kind of wonky mids & highs. The comply tips ate some of the treble to give a smoother experience but also took some mids with it and is not recommended. The symbio tips sound very much like the stock except some added mid bass, but were the stiffest of all the tips. 

I also tried changing the cable to a ofc 8 core balanced one that I got from Aliexpress. That cable added some warmth to the base and made the vocals slightly fuller while taming the highs slightly. Which cable to use is a personal preference. 

For the review, I chose to use the medium sized narrow bore tips and stock cable.


The TFZ King Pro’s, out of the box had a very bright tonality with way too recessed midrange for my liking. However, I have given them 100+ hours of burn in time using pink noise and sine sweep as well as some regular songs that I listen to. The end result is a warmer, less peaky sq and slightly improved mid response. So, burn in is recommended.


(Image credit to areek on Head-fi)


The best part of the king pro is definitely it’s bass response.

It has a boosted sub bass which is followed by a more natural mid bass, which beautifully blends into the mids without any bleed. Too much mid bass tend to ruin the mids for me, so I loved how it did not.

The sub bass has a visceral rumble and extended back as long as the audible range goes. The bass is beautifully layered, detailed, fast, impactful and there is a slight decay, which complements the sound. with Tracks like Boom Clap (Charlie xcx), Starboy, the hills(The weeknd), Doing it Right (daft punk), Sunflower(post Malone) sound delightful, effortless & clean. Pop, EDM lovers rejoice.


Your eyes are first drawn to their new packaging style. It has you holding a simple white box with minimal printing on the front of the exterior sheath letting you know what’s inside; The Fragrant Zither’s King Pro in-ear-monitor.

Out back this info in repeated along with some company contact info. Sliding off the sheath things remain uncomplicated with the bright red, blue, or green earpieces of the King Pro set within a flat white backdrop, ‘King Pro’ printed in slender lettering below.

Underneath within a foam inlay you find a product manual, nearly the same enhanced cable they included with the Tequila 1, and a palm-sized Pelican style hard case which holds the spare tips; 1 set of medium foams, 3 pairs of small bore single flange (s/m/l), and 3 pairs of wide bore single flange (s/m/l).


(Image credit: thecontraptionist) 

TFZ’s new cable loses the silver plated feature of the Exclusive series in favor of a more straightforward quad-core copper cable, though it is still terminated in the 0.78mm 2-pin connectors we’ve come to expect from the brand. Also returning are the pre-formed ear guides that work exceptionally well at keeping the cable behind the ear, and with reducing noise transmission through when it rubs against your clothing.

You still get some cable noise, though not enough for it to be a serious detriment in any way. One major improvement is to the male connectors which wrap around the female connectors. This change gives the pins some protection from bending and addresses one of my main criticisms with the connectors on the My Love II, Exclusive 1, 3, and 5, and the Series 4, none of which provided any protection for the pins once plugged in.




The King Pro has a very strong bass slam. It is compact, sharp and precise, never sloppy nor boomy. But man, does it pack a punch! I wouldn’t label them as basshead iems, but it’s a bit borderline. Don’t get any wrong impressions here, it is absolutely well-controlled.


Mids, takes the back seat over the energetic bass and sparkly treble. Despite that, it still remains clear and untainted from other frequencies. It has a nice texture and weight which prevents it from sounding too thin, Details and nuances are presented well, such as the gentle plucks and the strumming of strings.


As noted before , the treble is quite energetic. Though it can become too excited and may present itself too much. This is coming from someone who enjoys a bit of brightness. It is well extended, slightly airy. But it gets a bit hot. A little control is more than welcome here. But nothing that a slightly warm source can’t tame.



Audiokerehore (TFZ King Pro VS King LTD)

Build Quality and Design 
Between IEM King Pro and King LTD there is no noticeable difference in Build Quality, but in terms of their appearance both have distinctive features.
Both of these IEMs made from Metal Alu are processed by CNC, thus ensuring this IEM is precise. Physically, the placement of the vent remains behind. The nozzle is the same size as the same grill too.
The difference is noticeable in the faceplate, which is a more minimalist King Pro design with gold trim accents around the TFZ logo, while King LTD looks more luxurious with a gold convex TFZ logo on the faceplate and golden hexagon bolts at the bottom of the logo. Build Quality Cable For cable, both provide two different types of cables.
For King LTD cable using 8 Core Hybrid (copper mix crystalcopper) cable while King Pro uses 4 Core copper cable. King Connector LTD reminds me of oyaide-like connectors (commonly called oyaudah).
In the splitter section both use strain relief, good! The dual pin 0.78 king LTD design is straight, metal made while King Pro is L-shaped plastic, first impression cable King LTD: More Exotic. 
DAP Cayin I5 (direct) Streaming / Source App: Tidal Premium Playlist: Muse – Madness Get Lucky – Daft Punk Give Life Back to Music – Daft Punk Greatest Basso Album – Zhao Peng Still got the Blues – Eric Clapton Prayer – Heyley Westenra Our Love is Easy – Melody Gardot Swingin ‘Safari – His Orchestra A buena vista – Soneros de Verdad
Low (bass) Bigger Mid-bass vs.
Better Rumble Bass For sub-bass King LTD it sounds clear, but King Pro is able to reach even lower frequencies so that the King Pro extension is superior.
What is the effect? Obviously King Pro will sound more warm overall than King LTD. For sub-bass quantity is actually not much different. Well, what distinguishes them clearly is the bigger and smoother King LTD