Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Review

(Note: This review was written by Nymphonomaniac, an enthusiast audio writer. If you also would like to write for us, please contact us via the contact form. Free device can be shipped to you if we think that you are a qualified writer. )

Soundcore is the audio company also know under the name Anker. They mostly do Bluetooth headphones, speakers and earphones but as well as different USB cables and wall chargers under Anker brand. 

Today I will review their last TWS earphones offering call Liberty 2 PRO.

I choose to review this TWS iem after having asked to Bluetooth lover the very best sounding wireless earphones they can suggest to me. The Liberty2Pro was suggested often, which lead me to contact Soundcore for a review sample.

What really gets my attention about this product isn’t the assumption they use 10 grammy awards producer to tune the 2PRO but the fact its one of the few hybrid TWS iem, not just that but the fact that they use high-quality Knowles balanced armature as well as promising coaxial dynamic drivers. 



  • Drivers: Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture 
  • Playtime Per Full Charge: 8 Hours 
  • Total Playtime with Charging Case: 32 Hours 
  • Wireless Charging: YES 
  • Mono and Stereo: YES 
  • Quick Charging: Charge 10 Minutes, Listen 2 Hours 
  • Noise Cancellation: 4-Mic Noise Reduction technology with Qualcomm® cVc™ 8.0 
  • Full Sized Eartips: 7 Pairs 
  • Equalizers: HearID 
  • HD Audio Codec: Qualcomm® aptX™ 
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5 
  • Price (USD): $149 


Soundcore gives good care about packaging to offer a high-quality feel. The box is very beautiful, its glossy, have texture and beautiful images. When you open it, you have an interesting representation of the inside of the 2PRO which explains drivers used and how the sound is projected.  


We feel this company give lot of work in package presentation and this tendency is even push further with how the products are placed in the box. All is preciously disposed of, the earphones, the charging case, and behind that, the usb-c cable and even ear tips and ear hook. Really, for a 150$ products, it highly impresses me and promises an high-end experience for the price, which for once isn’t just false hope. 


I did not try a tremendous amount of TWS iem yet, but these sure stands apart in term of quality construction. In hand, they feel both sturdy and high end. Housing is rather big and made of a mix of alloy and plastic, all carefully put together. We have a complex high-quality craftmanship that merit applause.  


Design follows typical TWS approach, which is meant to be easily accessible for hands control.

This is thought to be controlled using a button on top of the housing, so it’s normal the housing trespass outside your ears.

It has a bulbous front shape that sits well inside ears without feeling discomfort, but i find nozzle a little small.

Still, they think about this too and include ear hook to secure fit by pressing again the pinna. 

Comfort isn’t as natural and carefree as smaller TWS earphones using a universal in-ear type of housing.

Even if I have rather big ears and can wear the 2PRO for 3 hours without problem, i discover it can inflict inner discomfort at repeated listen if you do use right earwing size, make your ears canal more sensible because of forced pressure in it.

This might not happen with everybody, but still, it must be noted. When I used smaller earwing, the pressure in my inner ears was less high, as well, using perfect ear tips will help comfort-wise. Now I can listen a long time without any long term discomfort


 Connecting the Soundcore 2PRO is an easy task, you hold the button of one side at a time, it gets recognized by your phone and you’re ready to play. Still, i think I would be more appropriate that both sides gets connected when we hold one button to connect it. No real drawback, just a personal caprice of mine here. 

Hands control is easy enough and similar to other TWS earphones on the market. I tend to prefer a physical button that recognition touch or button on the side that will tend to push housing or move it.

You press one time and it pause or play, 2 times from right side and it changes to next track, 2 times from the left side and it changes to the previous track, you press 1 second from the right side to higher volume and 1 second from the left side to lower volume or this can be used to have vocal assistance too. With the Soundcore app, you can configure how the button will act. 


As said, you there is the official Soundcore app that I really suggest you download, not only it can make you configure the control but as well the sound.

We will talk more about this feature in sound impressions because it played a big part in its overall appreciation.

Apart from this, the app shows you the battery rate of both separate earphones. This is the place where you can update firmware too. I find the app very well made and easy of use. 

PHONE CALL quality is very nice, the voice is very clear from both side and ambient noise canceling work really nice too. No doubt, it’s the best TWS item I test in terms of mic and call quality.


Again, the Soundcore impress with its long 8 hours battery life, which isn’t gimmicking but pure truth.

I listen to the max sound level and have about 7 hours. At the normal volume, I guess you can even surpass the 8 hours rate. Not only 8 hours is impressive by its own, but the carrying case can charge 4 times the 2PRO on the go, making it for a total of 32hours of independent use. Great TWS earphones to bring with you in travel, camping or place that will not have electricity! 
Another great feature is the fast charging capacity that permit you to fully charge your Liberty2PRO in 10 minutes. That’s pretty fast, but you need to plug it with a fast wall charger to accomplish such speed. 
Bluetooth signal is particularly excellent with the 2PRO, none of my other Bluetooth or TWS iem I try can deal with my apartment configuration without having cuts in the signal.

In fact, I’m not even sure how the signal makes it to go through my brick wall but it do. It’s the only TWS that permit me full freedom of movement as I can go anywhere in my long apartment without any clicking or sound cutting. This is a big deal and it explains why i keep them for hours when I make diverse moving task in my place. Exceptional even with Wall!


So, here it’s a little complicated to share full diversify sound impressions of the Soundcore 2PRO because it’s thought to be configured to your own hearing.

I will try to concentrate on the stock sound without any type of EQ, the one that you can get with a Bluetooth digital music player for example.

The second part will be about the sound configured to my hearing frequencies range sensibility and my favorite EQ choice. 
Stock sound without EQ is when you don’t use the Soundcore APP from your phone or directly from any other Bluetooth audio source.

We can call it U shape in the sens it have emphasis on sub-bass and highs frequencies. Clarity is okay, tough not particularly sharp and have a hint of recession in mid-range, tonality is smooth and natural, timbre is slightly thick.  


SOUNDSTAGE is one of highlight and offer very spacious out of your head experience, its very wide and have good enough deep. 

IMAGING is nice in transparency, so the layers do not feel congested but put one again other, it’s more precise in higher region due to higher level of clarity than mid-range. Pinpointing every instrument isn’t very analytical, even if the sound surround you with grandeur. 

BASS is boosted, bassy, rumbly and transparent. It move good amount of air and veil slightly the lower mid-range-higher bass.

Still, due to dual driver, it tend to veil it with transparent layer of air. The slam is weighty and warm, not super fast and tighMidbass punch is softer than lower bass slam, lacking a little definition to sound really agile. Unlike single drive with similar signature, separation with bass and mids is better and do not tend to make overall sound congested, just slightly darker in mid-range. 

MID RANGE being notably recessed, it has a smooth, darkish clarity to it. Timbre and tonality is natural, tough both definition and resolution suffer from the emphasis of both low and highs end. We have a little boost in upper mids that permit female vocal to be more present. As well, an instrument like violin sound more lively in attack than a piano or lower mids instruments. 

TREBLE is beautifully crisp and snappy with the 2PRO, making it’s stock sound signature very appropriate for electronic, Drum&Bass and Rap. Its delicate and revealing in the top without sounding splashy or uncontrolled.

Sure, it’s not neutrality balanced with mid-range and make percussion or some micro-details jump more at you than mids instrument or vocal, nonetheless, i find it impressively vivid and brilliant. Lower treble that tends to give extra texture to the instrument is less emphasized. 

HEARD ID is a customize sound equalizer that is based on your hearing sensibilities to certain frequencies range regions. You need to pass an ‘’hearing test’’ in the app, so it can configure for your clearest sound possible. I do 2 times the test and the result wasn’t very similar, anyway, the second time I concentrate more so I will share impressions based on this one see here. 

The first thing I discover with the ID, it’s that sound volume is a little lower. Second thing is that vocal became a little more forward, but still rather thin in timbre. Imaging do gain extra precision, soundstage feel slightly more intimate than with stock sound no EQ, 

BASS is now flatter, still with a good amount of sub-bass but as well with more forward midbass punch. It’s slightly dry in timbre and moves less air than without EQ. 

MID RANGE is less recessed, with rather good clarity but some presence of grain in timbre. It’s brighter than warmer and liquid (and recessed) mids found in stock sound. Imaging is above average for a TWS earphones and this time your favorite singer do sound more present. 
TREBLE sound fuller in low and mids highs and more balanced, you got an overall well balanced W shape sound that tends to emphasis clarity and realist sound reproduction. 

PIANO EQ setting is my favorite of whole possible sound signature of Liberty2PRO (with the exception of custom EQ wich I do not test enough). It’s slightly similar to Heard ID sound tuning, but with more natural tonality and timbre as well as better sub bass extension. To note that Heard ID will most likely not sound the same with everyone. 

You have a bassy, slightly warm near neutral sound. The soundstage is very wide and enveloping while the imaging is quite precise tough not particularly sharp or snappy. 

BASS is weighty, transparent and enough punchy. It gently embraces lower treble in a cohesive way, which is impressive for dual dynamic and balanced armature that can lack natural transient response. 
MID RANGE has as much presence than low and highs, so it’s very well balanced and do not feel recessed. It’s smooth, transparent and free of any sibilance or harshness. 

HIGHS are crisp and lively, it has no difficulties showing you the micro details. It’s more snappy than sparkly, so it has more brilliance than natural decay.


VS HIFIMAN TWS600 (200$): 

Construction of Liberty2PRO is from another league here, as well as the physical control and features (the TWS600 do not have dedicated app). It terms of comfort, the TWS600 is more versatile in fit and lighter because of all plastic construction. As well, it can play slightly louder, but this is mostly due to its brighter sound. 

SOUNDSTAGE is deeper and more out of your head with TWS600. IMAGING is more precise due to higher level of clarity. 

BASS is weak and rolled off with the TWS600, making it feel very anemic and lifeless compared to bassier and more naturally extended bass of 2PRO. Its little more textured with TWS600, but dryer and very recessed in music. 

MIDRANGE is way more forward with TWS600, but brighter and sometimes too grainy compared to more relaxed and natural mids of 2PRO. 

TREBLE is crispier and more airy with the 2PRO, as well, it dig more micro details in upper range while TWS600 tend to have more emphasis in lower treble and lack in the upper region, so it delivers crunchy highs that lack brilliance and snap of 2PRO. 

All in all, these 2 are near opposite in term of sonority, the TWS600 being aggressively mid centric while the Liberty2PRO being U shape with extra mids presence. In term of musicality and versatility, the 2PRO is way more enjoyable. 



In term of construction material, the Liberty 2PRO still feels higher end, but the ELITE is sure more comfortable. 

SOUNDSTAGE is wider and deeper with the Liberty2PRO. IMAGING is notably better too, due to higher clarity and better spacial rendering. 

BASS is more elevated and warmer with the ELITE, it’s slower too and tend to veil the lower mid-range more, affecting the overall resolution of the music. 

Tough mid range feel less recessed, its darker and warmer, lacking both attack and definition of Liberty2PRO. Instrument and vocal are less textured and more laid back making overall dynamic overly smoothed compared to more lively mid-range of 2PRO. 

TREBLE is responsible for darker sound of ELITE, so it sure feel more rolled off than the vivid highs of 2PRO. You will neither have highs sparkle or micro details with the ELITE.

All in all, the ELITE have dark L shape sound that feels overly relaxed (and boring) compared to more lively, snappy and detailed sound of Liberty2PRO.


My quest to find the very best sounding TWS earphones still continue, but I feel Soundcore put the bar higher with it’s very nice sounding Liberty2PRO model.  

Sure, the stock sound isn’t the best balanced one and will sound overly U shape and bassy for some, but once you use the app to configure it to your hearing or preference, you discover the true potential of this marvelous TWS iem.  

As well, I’m not just impressed by higher league sound of the Liberty2PRO, both the excellent connection signal distance and battery life should be take in account too as they stand apart as well. 

For these very reasons, I can say confidently that the Soundcore Liberty2PRO is among the best sub-200$ TWS IEM you can get nowadays. 


-Above average sound quality with nice bass presentation, transparent mids and crisp highs 

-Excellent battery life that can go up to 32H with portable charging case 

-Excellent 5.0 bluetooth connectivity with stable signal 

-Good constructions and accessories 


-Need EQ or HeardID sound calibration to show it’s full potential (especially in mid range) 

-Not the most comfortable TWS earphones on the market 

Ready to get one?