SMSL Q5 Pro Digital Amplifier Review

SMSL Q5 Pro is a high end DAC/power amplifier that is designed to help you get the best out of your speakers. It is created to drive high quality audio signals through sampling rates ranging between 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz. One amazing fact about this amp is that it is capable of featuring almost every single input that might be imaginable for any TV, computer, blu ray player or any other device. The remote control included in the package offers you a wide array of controls of different kinds.

The key control feature and the remote control may also be used for making different kinds of adjustments while sitting way across the amplifier. There is a wide choice of colors including silver, gold and black colors.

Keeping in view the price of the product, the SMSL Q5 Pro is a budget friendly marvel in itself as it offers high end features that take care of all your audio amplification needs. If you make a comparison between the SMSL Q5 Pro and other similar products in the market, you’ll come to realize that the Q5 Pro is the best headphone amp that offers the best value for money in this regard.


  • High end DAC headphone amp with a small size
  • Remote controlled
  • A high sampling rate of 192 kHz or 24 bits
  • Various input options including USB, optical, coaxial and 3.55 mm input jack
  • Elegant casing and sleek appearance
  • Manufactured using high quality circuitry
  • Micro USB and power supply included in the packaging
  • Best value for money


If you are one of those people who like their music played in the best possible quality, SMSL Q5 Pro is the amp that you turn to. This fine technological marvel has a number of functionalities that it may offer to satisfy your craving for high quality music playbacks.

The SMSL Q5 is an all in one DAC headphone amp that is designed to take care of all your audio needs. It comes enclosed in an elegantly crafted aluminum case and beneath the hood is a great stereo amplifier. It incorporates a remote controller that enables you to control every single function offered by this product.

The SMSL Q5 Pro offers a number of connectivity features. You may connect it to different devices using USB ports, coaxial, optical and other similar kinds of inputs. The audio content is streamed at a sampling rate that lies at 192 kHz. It must be kept in mind that the SMSL Q5 is capable of decoding sources that incorporate 2 channel PCM. An analog input may also be provided to the DAC headphone amp using the 3.5 mm jack that is available at the amp’s rear panel.

The SMSL Q5 is a powerful DAC headphone amp that is capable of delivering two different power levels, that are, 20W/channel at the rate of 8 ohms and 40W/channel at the rate of 4 ohms. Therefore, it may easily be used with any music player to get the right playback quality of your own desire.

The remote control included in the SMSL Q5 Pro package offers a number of functionalities and might be used from anywhere in the room. Numerous functions such as power control, volume up and down, input sources, EQ settings and many other similar controls may be taken care of using the remote controller.

The new models of the SMSL Q5 Pro also feature subwoofer outputs and include a low pass filter that sustains at a frequency of 200 Hz along with a 24dB slope. This suggests the fact that this DAC headphone amp is capable of offering the best audio quality at the most optimum levels.

SMSL Q5 pro


The SMSL Q5 Pro is undoubtedly the best headphone amp as it offers a combo of utility and elegance at the same time. The amplifier is available in an aluminum casing with a sophisticated and graceful finishing. All the horizontal edges are properly grooved around their length to create a beautiful design. There is a power button on the left side of the amp while it also incorporates a stylish dial that is designed to increase or decrease certain audio values.  


The SMSL Q5 Pro offers a blend of properly balanced and restituted audio quality along with flowing treble and strings to generate the best possible quality of audio signals you could ever anticipate. The DAC headphone amp offers a high sampling rate of 192 kHz or 24 bits that does the best kind of justice to your favorite music.


√ A perfect amplifier for smaller setups

√ Powerful and versatile

√ Perfect for completing a home theatre system

 Wide array of inputs

√ Good connectivity options


Sometimes the amp generates an unwanted hissing sound in the middle of the playback

Stays on for 10 seconds even after the power button is pushed


It depends on how much you would like to spend but the SMSL Q5 Pro for the price is a great amp provided you are wanting to power a set of book shelf speakers, it has a remote and it has both digital and analogue outputs. It will serve you well as an alternative to a sound bar or sound base.