Shanling M2X-The Mid Range DAP ( Roundup Review)

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Main Features of Shanling M2X

-Tidal support – For never-ending streaming of music (ONLINE mode only)

– USB Bluetooth transmitter – For high quality wireless sound from any computer

– Advanced USB output – For use with any external USB DAC, now including compatibility with DLNA, Airplay and Bluetooth receiver modes

 -MTouch 2.0 system

– Bluetooth 4.2, two-way connection

– LDAC, AAC, apt-X, SBC support

– 2.5 mm balanced and 3.5 mm single-ended output

– USB DAC function

– DLNA & Airplay support

– OTA upgrades

– 3.2 inch touch screen

– Single micro SD card slot

Article Review

Headfonia Review

Simply put, the Shanling M2X is an M5S in kid clothes. You get the same sound signature – dry, precise, subtle – without the awkward design previously shown by the M5S.

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(Xtenik comment: Beside Fiio DAP, what’s your favorite brand of music player? Hiby, Shanling or Cayin ?)


(Image Credit: Headfonia) 


The Shanling M2X is the first product by the manufacturer to support Tidal, the Bluetooth transmitter mode and advanced USB output. All these features will be then backported to other devices in upcoming updates, but are exclusives to the M2X for the time being.

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( Xtenik Comment: Do you know how many DAPs suppot Tidal in the current market? Welcome leave your answer in this post. )

Twister6 Review

In the case of the M2X there is no risk though of the player accidentally turning off though, as it asks for confirmation after the off button is held for a few seconds. 

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Headfonics Review 

Certainly, in comparison with the Cowon Plenue D2 and Onkyo DP-S1, the M2X is a dream. Scrolling is good. Getting back to the home screen, settings, playback screen, and sound adjustment screens is a breeze.

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(Xtenik comments: As always, Headfonics is one of the most authority site to learn about the Hifi products, do you agree on that ?)

At some point Shanling have decided to create their own firmware that won’t be based on any other company’s work. This should make people who hate Android for some reason happy and disappoint those who love streaming.

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Unlike its smaller brother, the M2X supports WiFi in addition to Bluetooth. On the latest firmware (v2.3 at the time of review), this enables Tidal support in addition to convenient OTA updates, Airplay and WiFi file transfers that are significantly faster than Bluetooth.

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Youtube Review

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