Shanling M2X-The Mid Range DAP

Shanling realeased their new and upcoming mid-range portable music player – Shanling M2X. The position of Shanling M2X is between the entry-evel Shanling M0 and the company’s flagship Shanling M5s.

It’s also the third generation following the the M2 and M2S. The new M2X will feature an AK4490 EN DAC chip and will become available starting March (in China first), with a retail price “slightly above $200 USD” according to the company. You can check out the rest of its features and specifications below.


Main Features of Shanling M2X

-Tidal support – For never-ending streaming of music (ONLINE mode only)

– USB Bluetooth transmitter – For high quality wireless sound from any computer

– Advanced USB output – For use with any external USB DAC, now including compatibility with DLNA, Airplay and Bluetooth receiver modes

 -MTouch 2.0 system

– Bluetooth 4.2, two-way connection

– LDAC, AAC, apt-X, SBC support

– 2.5 mm balanced and 3.5 mm single-ended output

– USB DAC function

– DLNA & Airplay support

– OTA upgrades

– 3.2 inch touch screen

– Single micro SD card slot

The Shanling M2X is the company’s latest mid-range portable music player and it will be a “streaming” DAP. The company has announced that the M2X has Tidal support, and it will have a “USB Bluetooth transmitter” for high quality wireless sound from any computer.

It will also feature “advanced USB output” for use with any external USB DAC and it’s going to be compatible with DLNA, Airplay and Bluetooth receiver modes.

Shanling didn’t specifically mentioned that it will feature a WiFi connection or at what speed. But I’m guessing it will have WiFi connectivity considering that it will support Tidal streaming, OTA updates and there’s a WiFi signal icon on the notification area of the M2X.

It does have Bluetooth 4.2 and will support two-way connection. It will also support LDAC, AAC, apt-X and SBC.

The M2X is based on the company’s MTouch 2.0 system. It has a 3.2″ inch touch screen display and will have a 3.5mm single-ended and 2.5mm balanced output ports. Its main storage will be via a single micro SD card slot.