Shangling M1- Tiny Palm Size Bluetooth DSD Player

The Shanling M1 DAP is a palm size digital music player that has been attracting the attentions of many music enthusiasts since its introduction into the market. The best part about this player is the fact that it provides the user with a highly convenient portability experience without affecting the sound quality in any way. It is capable of playing up to 32 bits with 192 k Hz audio signals and supports both DSD 128 and DSD 64 decoding. There is a Bluetooth 4.0 that highly complements its connectivity capabilities making it a fine choice for people who use different types of headphones and speakers for music playback.

An in detail review focusing upon the different features provided by the Shangling M1 bluetooth DAP is given in the sections below to help you understand what it is capable of delivering.

Features of Shangling M1

The Shangling M1 DAP is capable of delivering a number of high end music playback features such as the following:

  • Palm sized portable music player – Ideal choice for audiophiles on the move
  • Extraordinary features, functionalities, playback capabilities
  • High end, spacious screen capable of delivering high resolution results
  • Features Bluetooth 4.0 with dual transmission and APT-X protocol
  • Supports a number of lossy and lossless music formats such as AIFF, WAV, MP3, OGG, AAC, WMA, ALAC, FLAC, APE, ISO, DFF, DSD, etc.
  • Highly durable and reliable multi functional knob
  • High quality battery with decent backup
shangling m1 hq music player

Functions Shangling M1

The Shangling M1 is one of the best portable DAPs you could ever buy on a budget. It is a pretty unique audio player that is capable of portability without affecting the audio playback quality in any possible way. There are a number of connectivity options but the Bluetooth 4.0 module is the highlights of its features since it provides good quality wireless connectivity to a number of different kinds of speakers as well as headphones.

The overall appearance is pretty elegant and classy while the entire build is very well crafted. The battery deployed into the Shangling M1 is capable of delivering a backup time of up to 10 hours with constant playback. The aesthetics of this device are very user friendly. There are side buttons that allow you to conveniently navigate through your music collection without having to actually look at the screen.

The product also features a micro SD card slot that is capable of supporting memory cards with up to 256 GBs of storage space. The high end circuitry used in the Shangling M1 Bluetooth DAP makes it ideal for playing different kinds of lossy as well as lossless audio playback formats

shangling m1 HD Music Player


The Shangling M1 is manufactured using plastic as the primary material. Unlike the majority of the audio players out there, this one does not feature aluminum casing which is a downside but when you take a look at the available collection of accessories for this product, this downside actually turns into an upside.

There are different kinds of cases that might be used along with this product to achieve the functionality of your choice. These include leather carriers, arm bands and other similar accessories to serve different types of needs. Overall, the device is pretty convenient to carry around since it may be contained within the palm of a hand.

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Sound of Shangling M1

As far as the sound quality provided by this device is concerned, the shangling M1 is capable of soothing your ears with some of the best listening experiences they might have enjoyed ever.

The connectivity features provided by the product make it convenient for the user to try it on with any kind of headphones or speakers while the in built music playback features make sure that the most optimal sound signals are generated by the device to complement the playback capabilities of the connected headphones or speakers.

It also offers a 10 band music equalizer that may be used for conveniently tweaking the playback sound and optimizing its capabilities to correctly pair. The high gain settings also serve as a powerful tool to take care of situations that require additional driving power.

hi res audio shangling m1

Pros and cons

Some of the most common pros and cons related to the Shangling M1 audio player are discussed below.


A budget friendly palm top audio playback device that is capable of delivering high resolution music quality

Highly portable device with exceptional sound and connectivity options

Bluetooth feature is much better in comparison to other similar devices

Convenient and easy user interface


Sometimes the earphones generate an unwanted hissing sound

The control wheel sometimes appears to be a little too sensitive


In order to sum it all up, it may be said that the Shangling M1 is one of the best palm top portable audio playback devices you could find in the current day market. It is a pretty classy device that delivers exceptional sound quality and provides a highly convenient user interface.

The Bluetooth feature included in the device makes it highly convenient for the users to connect their portable DAP to a variety of different types of headphones and other playback devices. In addition to this, the output line is designed in a way that it ensures a lossless transmission of music signals into the connected playback device like speakers and headphones.

Considering the price tag associated with the device, the Shangling M1 appears to be a great choice for music lovers who are constantly on the move. The palm sized music player not only provides the best music listening experience but also features a high capacity battery that is capable of delivering a decent backup time of more than 10 hours.

In short, it may be said that the Shangling M1 is one of the best portable high resolution music players you could ever buy at such a low price.