Review of Bose Soundsport Free Tune Wireless ear buds

The wireless headphones have definitely evolved a lot in terms of their quality, both in their build and sound, and of course on the durability.

Looking at the fact that they were not even available in a couple of years back, this is a tremendous growth.

Thanks to this wireless headphones and their incomparable sound quality, we can now look at offering these as a possible accessory for those who are looking for comfort and compact in one package.

Despite the fact that the wireless headphones have evolved progressively, we still find that not all the headphones in this category are up to the mark.

While some features are excellent, you have to compromise on some other. But sometimes these flaws are quite negligible when compared to the great sound quality and build. Bose SoundSport Free Tune wireless ear buds offer you one of the best sound and build quality with a few drawbacks that you may/may not overlook.

When you are using the Bose SoundSport Free Tune Wireless ear buds for a long time, you will see a mixed quality in the sound output. While at some times, it will sound amazing there will be times when the sound quality is not on par. But if you are fine with managing such lows occasionally, then you will find a great deal with these wireless headphones. And yet if you are very particular on the sound quality at all times, then you may just have to give this up.


The driver housings on the Bose wireless ear buds are probably the largest in the category and that is also a reason for these headphones to be one of the biggest. Also the fact that they stick out of the ears slightly too much, you might not be really very happy with these wireless ear buds.

The Bose Soundsport free come with wing tips which will help to keep the ear buds free when place in the ears. The downside is that these are to be handled with care lest they be knocked off.

In fact, you might end up losing these ear buds when you simply remove the messenger bag or the scarf from around your neck. So you really have to be careful with them.

Bose Soundsport Free

The fact that the design is that of an open ear phone is probably the reason for this. And yet if you are working out or say running and you want to listen to music while being aware of the outside sound, then this set definitely makes the best accessory.

If you are however commuting on the train and you don’t want the outside noise to disturb then these are not meant for you at all. This is not meant for those who do not want the outside surrounding to disturb their peace and quiet.

The magnetic seats in the charging case ensures that the ear buds stay fit in the case to carry around. The release button over the front can tell you the battery life when you simply press on it. 

Performance Bose Soundsport Free Tune Wireless ear buds

The sound quality is above par with the Bose SoundSport free. With low Bass and slightly rolled highs, you can look forward to a breezy listening session with these ear buds. Of course you need to make sure that the environment is quite.

Given that the ear buds feature an open design, the quality of sound in these ear phones may not be the best when you are going outside. With absolutely no isolation of the noise from outside, you can easily make a completely focused conversation while listening to the headphones.  This is probably one feature that we are left floundering with in this ear bud.

The charging case though bulky renders the headphones with 15 hours of battery life and the ear buds easily offer 4-5 hours which is quite good. The call quality is another excellent feature making others wonder if you are really speaking on earphones.

Bose Soundsport Free Tune Wireless ear buds


If it fits your ears, then SoundSport is your ultimate choice when you are looking for a lot of wear and tear. But if you are looking to have noise isolation and complete serenity with no outside noise then this is not your choice.