Before you purchase the IEM of MoonDrop, you might be interested in, who is MoonDrop, when this brand was established, and what’s their flagship earbuds.

Well, Xtenik Audio explains everything here. Here we go.

Brand Story 

MoonDrop was once a small studio by several hobbyist engineers. They once designed some interesting HiFi products for 2 years. Then, they start to develop and manufacture their own product in 2014, the ear-buds and in-ear headphones.

After a lot of hardship and changes, the brand “MoonDrop” emerged in 2015.

At their early time, MoonDrop was focusing on developing small open ear-buds, and their first product “VX”, the entry-level ear-buds, gain a good reputation at that time.

After the first step, they continue their research in the unpopular field of earbuds and earned their fame among fans and professionals with “Liebesleid” in 2017 and became a company known for developing, manufacturing, and distributing high-performance ear-buds.

In fact, their popularity doesn’t limit to ear-buds.

They also released some in-ear monitors, such as the “IX”, with unique design and interesting sound. The “kanas” series which are considered the benchmark for the price range. And of course, the “Blessing”, “A8” and “Reference” series justify they are a premium IEM manufacturer.

After several years of constant effort, MoonDrop has grown into a famous Chinese brand with its own development and manufacturing line.

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