Oriolus Forsteni Review ( Roundup)

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Following you can find all the reviews of Oriolus Forsteni, including the article review and Youtube video review.

Article Review

Headfonia Review

The Oriolus Forsteni could be seen as a budget friendly version of Oriolus V2 at first glimpse, but it is not just a mini-Oriolus.

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(Xtenik Comments: Some audiophiles told Xtenik that, everything of Oriolus is good, except their package, no English, but only Chinese, and the inside the box, well, just so so. What do you think of that? Have you bought any Oriolus IEM before?)


Head-fi Review


The Forsteni delivers a U-shaped sound signature with a higher emphasis on the treble (which is smooth) as compared to the bass, as such, the Forsteni is pleasantly detailed without an intrusive bass.

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Accessibleaudio.co Review

I hate to be constantly comparing the Forsteni with the original Oriolus, but it’s hard not to since they’re so similar in design, and after trying the Forsteni over this week I’m actually quite surprised at close they managed to get it to sound.

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Youtube Review

Unboxing review