Oriolus Finschi -Singing like a bird( Roundup Review)

Oriolus looks like a mystery brand in the past, because many people have heard this brand, and also heard that they have a good sound.  But they don’t how it really sound in fact, because lack of review.

However, things have changes in 2019. 

More and more reviews about Oriolus appearing on the internet. 

Following, Xtenik collected all the reviews of Oriolus Finschi, so you can learn this IEM very conveniently at one place. 

Article Review

Head-fi Review

SOUND: the Finschi has a particular focus on sub-bass area and treble with a slightly recessed vocals. It shows a good resolution and articulation on treble area with excellent transparency level for the price range. Size note is quite good, not sounding too much thin. Overall, the Finschi is an engaging and fun all-rounder showing a juicy sound, with enough mature sonic performance.

BASS: bass quality is good thanks to the dynamic driver, showing good impact, body and decay. Even if, is a bit emphasized in quantity, the sub-bass extension could be better, but in line with the asking price. For the mid-bass i would prefer a bit more quantity, to help male vocals to have a fuller presence and overall a more mature reproduction, but i think the MK2 model was aimed for this purpose.

MIDS: vocals are a bit recessed in the scene compared to bass and treble and most probably are the weakest point of this iem, but they show exellent tonality and good details. Female vocals sound sweet and with a great sense of realism. Vocals sound a bit disjointed with the bass and treble, i would like a more cohesion and balance here.

TREBLE: treble reproduction is the star of the show, showing great details retrieval and articultion. More than quantity, treble has great extension, this helps to have a good transparency level and resolution, never sounding too much fatiguing. If you like string instruments, the Finschi could be a great choice for you.

SOUNDSTAGE: this is another strong point for this iem: both width and depth are above average, showing a good layering. Both width and depth have the same size creating a balanced and mature scene where instruments are placed in the correct way.

Usually, specially at low price range, is hard to find this balance, just an example the Ibasso IT01, sounds very wide, giving a nice fun factor, but loosing the correct placement of instruments in the scene. Compared to some multi-balanced iem, the Finschi soundstage is not much holographic, but has a great separation between each instruments and vocals.

PAIRINGS: the Finschi doesn’t need high amplification or expensive players to really shine, it just sounds great with my iPhone 6s and Tidal Hi-Fi. Paired with my Opus 2 and 3 or AK Kann it gains more separation and a more controlled reproduction, but is not night and day like other multi balanced armature iems.

Headfonia Review


Hybrid IEMs have generated a huge wave in the audiophile market since they were first seen around. And today we’re at a point where a hybrid IEM release is like “just another day”. There’s just one hybrid IEM after another.

They became so popular because you get the air you need for a low-reaching bass performance from a dynamic driver, together with the crisp and clear sound of the balanced armature drivers that we certainly love.

After all the developments and competition, we now see hybrid IEMs with lower price levels and that is really beneficial for the audiophiles on a budget. It’s nice to see affordable hybrid IEMs and I hope other companies will push to do the same.


(Image Credit: Headfonia)

The New Bird

As you can guess, this new entry-level model takes its name from another actual bird; the Finschi. This bird is also called the “Wetar Oriole” and it lives on an island between Australia and Indonesia.

The configuration of the Oriolus Finschi is quite simple; one dynamic driver and one balance armature driver. The dynamic driver has a 10mm diameter, while the BA driver is from Knowles which would sound familiar to many people.

This new model’s sensitivity is 112dB and the impedance value is 18Ω. The cable is a copper & silver-plated wire. Both the 3.5mm jack and the 2-pin sockets are plated with gold.


Bass & Sub Bass

The Oriolus Finschi has powerful bass with plenty punch and a very deep response.

Nonetheless, these are not the typical bass-only sounding earphone, instead they are able to provide a rich and very energetic sound without drowning the whole sound signature.

Still is worth to highlight that a very punchy and deep bass should be expected; the Finschi are no conservative-sounding headphones but are fast for a model with such a visceral bass response.

Applying an EQ, a crazy sub-bass depth can be obtained with, also, substantial increment of it’s punch but the most drastic effect will be over it’s sub-bass.

Through out our extreme basshead tests the Oriolus Finschi managed to take up to 45% of a FiiO A5 amp’s maximum power, reaching a fair basshead rumble and impact but not providing the insane levels of the Sony MDR-EX800ST, Pioneer SE-CX8 nor as the Sony MDR-EX650.

Simplyaudiophile Review

Oriolus is a Chinese audiophile company producing different portable amplifiers, players and iems ranging from 180USD(Finschi) to their flagship model 10ba Mellianus. They are quite famous in Asia and just recently they started to approach the overseas market.

On 16th. May 2015 Cyras Co., Ltd. Japan (CEO YOSHIAKI HIRAI) announced the Hi-End audio brand Oriolus.Oriolus is supervised under renowned professional audio management company – Hibino Intersound Co., Ltd.

Products under Oriolus are co-engineered by Hibino Intersound Co., Ltd.’s engineering team and the hardware engineer – RAO YOU LIANG, the mastermind behind many well received solutions and products including HDP-R10. Achieving utmost purity in sound is Oriolus’s only mission.

For those who wonder, yes, the Oriolus is a bird.

Today i am going to review their new released model Finschi( this is the entry level model in their catalogue). This is a hybrid iem with a 10mm dynamic driver and one Knowles balanced armature driver. As for their MK2 and Forsteni they opted for the hybrid configuration to have the both advantages of two technologies: bass impact and quality of typical dynamic drivers and resolution and detail retrieval of balanced armatures.  

Everydaylistening (Want to know the comparison with other brands?)

Comparisons –

TFZ King Pro ($170): The King Pro is a similarly V-shaped earphone but with a noticeably brighter upper-midrange.

The Finschi is slightly bassier overall with larger bass notes on behalf of greater sub and mid-bass quantity. Bass depth also slightly better on the Finschi, possessing greater kick and rumble.

Meanwhile, the TFZ King Pro has slightly more control, with a touch more definition through the mid-bass and its tone is closer to neutral, where the Finschi is fairly warm. This characteristic continues through the midrange where both offer similar vocal presence but with opposing tonality.


(Image Credit: Everydaylistening) 

Where the Finschi offers a full-bodied, lightly warm and natural vocal reconstruction, the King Pro, with its more substantial lower-midrange dip and upper-midrange hump, offers vastly more vocal clarity and a neutral tone.

It is also considerably thinner and more biased towards female over male vocals. To compensate, the King Pro has a much smoother lower-treble and a subsequent rise in the middle treble.

The Finschi is rather the inverse, it has more present foreground details and a cleaner background but also sounds less open and clear.

The King Pro has slightly more treble body, though the Finschi is more detailed and has slightly better extension. The King Pro has a slightly wider soundstage, but its imaging isn’t as accurate.

Lifehacker.ru ( Russian Review)

Лично мне продукция Oriolus ранее на глаза не попадалась. После поиска в Cети выяснилось, что эта японская компания была создана в 2015 году с целью разработки профессиональных устройств для воспроизведения звука.

До настоящего времени она успела выпустить всего несколько наименований наушников и цифро-аналоговых преобразователей. Практически все они имеют заоблачные цены. Finschi — самая недорогая модель в ассортименте Oriolus, поэтому давайте внимательно посмотрим на её характеристики.


  • Материал корпуса: фотополимер.
  • Излучатели: сбалансированная арматура Knowles + динамический драйвер 10 мм.
  • Сопротивление: 18 ом.
  • Чувствительность: 112 дБ/мВт.
  • Диапазон частот: 10 Гц — 40 кГц.
  • Кабель: сменный, чистая медь, длина — 1,2 м.
  • Разъём: двухконтактный, 0,78 мм.
  • Штекер: прямой, 3,5 мм.

(Image Credit: Lifehacker. ru)

В устройстве используется двухдрайверная конструкция, состоящая из одного излучателя с уравновешенным якорем и одного динамического излучателя. В принципе, на фоне многих китайских наушников, имеющих четырёх- или даже пятидрайверную конструкцию, выглядит бледновато. Но дьявол кроется в деталях, в данном случае — в качестве комплектующих и сборки.

Ixbt.com ( Russian Review)


Первое, что сразу хочется проверить — это все разнообразие комплектных амбушюр. Тут в полном восторге окажутся владельцы малых и средних ушных каналов. Мне же елочки совсем не смогли обеспечить хоть какую либо звукоизоляцию и баса в них было откровенно мало. С пенкой посадка куда комфортнее, но низких частот и тут минимально, а вот стандартные оказались — самое то. После этого я перепробовал большое число насадок из моей коллекции, но лучше классических комплектных я не нашел. Именно здесь звук совмещал одновременно потрясающую экспрессию, прозрачность и, что называется, породистый звук.

Oldnewsound.es ( Spanish Review)

Los Oriolus Finschi son los nuevos iems de gama de entrada de esta marca japonesa. Allá por el año 2016 analicé los que en su momento eran los topes de gama, los MK2.

Este iem incorpora un diseño híbrido, con un driver dinámico de 10 mm + un driver «balanced armature».  Se sitúa en un punto de precios muy apetecible de 185$ (unos 164€ más los gastos aduaneros de importación)

Muzostajnia.wordpress.com ( Polish Review)

Oriolus to marka stosunkowo nowa na rynku audio, bowiem oficjalnie założona została w roku 2015. Na naszym rodzimym z kolei pojawiła się dopiero w samej końcówce roku 2018, choć od razu z całym portfolio słuchawek, na które w obecnym momencie składają się cztery modele.

Finschi to model jednocześnie najmłodszy w ofercie i najtańszy, choć technologicznie oraz wizualnie nawiązuje do dwóch wyższych modeli. Ciekawostką dla niektórych może być to, że swą nazwę słuchawki tego producenta czerpią od ptaków z rodziny wilgowatych (Oriole – łac. Wilga), zaś nazwę testowanego modelu zaczerpnięto występującej jedynie w dwóch miejscach na świecie Wilgi Oliwkowogłowej. Na całe szczęście bohater niniejszej recenzji jest znacznie łatwiej dostępny, a przy cenie na poziomie 699zł, stanowi tym samym propozycję z szeroko pojętej średniej półki.

Opakowanie i wyposażenie

Pierwszym co rzuca się w oczy, to front obwoluty, na której ukazano rzecz jasna same słuchawki ze sprytnie wkomponowanym motywem ptaków. Tenże front informuje nas również o tym, że Finschi posiadają certyfikat „Hi-Res Audio”, choć niestety wiele więcej odczytać się nie da. Wszystko dlatego, że poza samą nazwą modelu i producenta oraz częścią podanej na tyle specyfikacji, napisy są zapisane w języku chińskim.

Techno-fi (Turkish) 

Finschi ,subbas olarak derinlere inebilen bir iem. Subbaslar orta düzeyde bir vurguya, yayılma alanına ve uzamaya sahipler.
Finschi’nin subbas derinliği iyi seviyede, vurgu çok yüksek de değil çok az da değil. Varolan vurgu yeterli düzeyde. Massive Attack’ın Angel ve Portishead’ın İt Could Be Sweet parçalarında, yoğun bir subbas sunumu olmasa da, inilen derinlik ve subbas miktarı yeterli bir düzeyde.
Subbasların takip edilebilirliği ve belirginliği iyi seviyelerde.
Subbasların tonlaması hafif sıcak. Genel sunumda çok öne çıkıp bogukluk gibi durumlara yol açmıyorlar. Bu durum finschi’nin artılarından.
Subbaslardan gelen bass üstlere doğru çıktıkça kontrol için kademeli olarak azalma eğiliminde.
Subbaslar vurgu/etki ve miktar olarak midbassların önünde.
Finschi midbassları, subbas vurgusunun biraz gerisinde bir vurguya ve slam düzeyinde iyi bir midbass etkisine sahip.
Midbbaslar miktar ve şiddet olarak basshead kullanıcılar hariç çoğu kullanıcı için yeterli bir düzeye sahip.
Finschi kontrollü ve hafif sıcak bir midbass yapısına sahip.
Vurmalı çalgılardan, davullara, gitarlara değin tepkiler oldukça hızlı. Dinamik bir sürücü için bassın bu denli hızlı ve kontrollü olması Finschi’nin artılarından.
Finschi’n’in son bass vuruşları yumuşaklık ile hafif sertlik arasında gidip geliyor. Basslar ne çok yumuşak ne çok sert. Finschi’nin genel olarak tatlı bir bass tonlaması var
Basslar miktar olarak basshead bassının iki birim altında, referans ve nötr bassın bir birim üstünde konumlanabilir. Analitik dinleyicilere Finschi bassları fazla bile gelebilir .

Tellementnomade ( French) 

Le Fit :
Concernant le fit, je n’étais pas vraiment optimiste au premier abord compte tenu de mon passif avec ces “grosses” canules mais finalement je suis assez surpris car étonnamment il est très bon.
Vu la largeur de la canule j’avais peur d’avoir rapidement des douleurs comme c’est plus ou moins le cas avec de très nombreux intras (mes Orivetti Primacy par exemple) mais après de nombreux essais d’embouts j’ai fini par arrêter mon choix sur un bi-flange noir souple qui me permet d’avoir un bon maintien avec une bonne isolation, le tout sans inconfort même après deux-trois heures d’écoutes (j’ai rarement le luxe de pouvoir écouter plus longtemps d’affiler de toute façon :( ).
Ce n’est pas le confort de mes EM32 :(l)  ni ce que j’ai pu avoir avec des Rose Mini par exemple mais c’est en tout cas mieux que mes essais précédents avec les autres intras de la marque. Peut être faudra-t-il que je consacre plus de temps à la sélection des embouts les prochaines fois, je suis surement passé à côté de beaucoup de chose 8-) 
Donc contrairement au Orivetti ou FLC8 par exemple, la canule est certes assez “grosse” pour mes conduits mais surtout elle est courte à la manière des S-EM9. S-EM9 que j’avais eu l’occasion d’essayer et qui m’avaient donnés plus ou moins le même résultat de fit même si comme c’était un meeting et par respect pour les autres personnes qui attendaient de pouvoir les écouter, je n’ai pas eu le loisir de prendre tout mon temps comme ici pour choisir et tester soigneusement les embouts.
Donc comme la canule est courte, le fit se fait vraiment en entrée de conduit, il m’a suffit de trouver les bons embouts, alors que les Orivetti, FLC8… eux ont une canule plutôt longue qui nécessite de l’insérer dans le conduit auditif, ce qui ajouté à la taille des canules me confère une gêne très rapidement. Donc agréablement surpris par les Finschi.

Youtube Video Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdePcC4IDYA&t=333s ( Having questions about Oriolus Finschi ?Porta.fi is active in his channel, try to leave to comment there).
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPcgKc4jJfUSounds like Audeze LCD 2 Classic, By The Next Best Thing Studio
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXOw7fAVuSg ( Porta.fi is really working hard on the review, because he always made two language video for every review)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y42n8ctAwaE ( Wow, 900K Video Channel introducing Oriolus Finschi, by SupraPixel)