Oriolus Finschi -Singing like a bird( Roundup Review)

Oriolus looks like a mystery brand in the past, because many people have heard this brand, and also heard that they have a good sound.  But they don’t how it really sound in fact, because lack of review.

However, things have changes in 2019. 

More and more reviews about Oriolus appearing on the internet. 

Following, Xtenik collected all the reviews of Oriolus Finschi, so you can learn this IEM very conveniently at one place. 

Article Review

Head-fi Review

SOUND: the Finschi has a particular focus on sub-bass area and treble with a slightly recessed vocals. It shows a good resolution and articulation on treble area with excellent transparency level for the price range. 

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(Xtenik comments: One of the audiophile told me that Oriolus produce the real hifi product, do you agree on that ?)

Headfonia Review

As you can guess, this new entry-level model takes its name from another actual bird; the Finschi. This bird is also called the “Wetar Oriole” and it lives on an island between Australia and Indonesia.

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( Xtenik Comments: Is that true about the name of Oriolus Finschi?)



(Image Credit: Headfonia)

Simplyaudiophile Review

Oriolus is a Chinese audiophile company producing different portable amplifiers, players and iems ranging from 180USD(Finschi) to their flagship model 10ba Mellianus.

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(Xtenik Comments: Let’s tell you a secret, Oriolus actually is a Chinese audio company, not Japan company. Many audiophiles thought that it is a Japan brand before)

Everydaylistening (Want to know the comparison with other brands?)

Comparisons –

TFZ King Pro ($170): The King Pro is a similarly V-shaped earphone but with a noticeably brighter upper-midrange.

The Finschi is slightly bassier overall with larger bass notes on behalf of greater sub and mid-bass quantity. Bass depth also slightly better on the Finschi, possessing greater kick and rumble.

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(Xtenik comments: You can find these comparison in this article, Oriolus Finschi vs TFZ King Pro, vs Campfire Audio Comet, vs Dunu Falcon-C, vs Hyla CE-5)


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Youtube Review

 Sounds like Audeze LCD 2 Classic, By The Next Best Thing Studio. 
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More Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdePcC4IDYA&t=333s ( Having questions about Oriolus Finschi ?Porta.fi is active in his channel, try to leave to comment there).
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXOw7fAVuSg ( Porta.fi is really working hard on the review, because he always made two language video for every review)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y42n8ctAwaE ( Wow, 900K Video Channel introducing Oriolus Finschi, by SupraPixel)