Music is a big part of my daily life, and I knew that there are so many good audio music out there for me to listen. But the kind of music I love listening are the “old school”. But my problem with old school music was that they are recorded with very poor audio quality.

So I decided to search online for the best portable headphone amplifier. My search almost ended futile, but suddenly I stumbled upon OPPO HA2 SE headphone dac on amazon.com.

OPPO HA-2SE is an audio amplifier that is built for the amplification of music playback from mobile phones, computers, and other portable music players. It gives me joy to find such a headphone dac that gives me all I wanted in audio. OPPO HA-2SE is magnificiently portable and probably the most reliable best quality headphone amp in the market.

So far so good, with my experience using OPPO HA 2SE audio amp, I could confidently say today that OPPO HA-2SE headphone amplifier is the best audio amplifier I could recommend for anyone who desires to listen to quality audio to purchase. With OPPO HA-2SE, my search for a portable audio amplifier has ended. Because I get the best quality audio that I had ever desired in audio music.

I have seen many headphone amplifiers out there in the market, but despite the fact that most of them lack the expected quality to boost audio, they still seems to be very costly. But OPPO HA-2SE with its undoubtable high quality and its ability to amplify low quality audio, it is still one of the best budget friendly product. I think with a price of about $299 compared to its quality, I have no single regret in purchasing OPPO HS-2SE audio amp. I think the price is very affordable compared to other related poor quality products.

Below are basic information of the  OPPO HS 2SE portable headphone amplifier

Description of OPPO HA-2SE

The OPPO HA-2SE audio amplifier is an audio booster that is built for the enhancement of music playback from mobile phones and portable music player. The product is designed to give users the best quality audio sound when using it on your Apple, android and other smartphones,

The product has some magnificent features that will give users the best audio experience including how it functions, longivity, vasatility and portability. Apart from amplifying your audio, APPO HA-2SE headphone amplifier also has an in-built rechargeable battery that can be used to charge other devices.

Specifications Oppo Ha2 Se

  • Dimension: WxHxD: 2.7x.375×0.5 inches, 68x137x 12mm
  • Weight: 6.2 oz, 175 grams
  • Stereo PCM Stereo DSD (DoP v1.1 or native)
  • Headphone maximum output power is 300 into 16 ohm
  • Significantly low level output interference (0.5 Ohm)
  • It has a 3.5mm stereo lin-out ports.
  • Built with type A USB  for Iphones, Ipods, and Ipad. Also, a type B USB for Smartphones
  • The OPPO HA-2SE audio amplifier has a 2.7x 375×0.5 incehes, and a 68x137x12mm
  • A weighing 6.2 oz, 175 grams
  • 3000 mah built-in lithium polymer battery.
  • Battery can last up to 12 hours if connected via audio-in, and about 8 hours if connected via USB Charging Time: Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes
oppo ha 2e
oppo ha2 se


There are so many reasons for anyone to prefer the OPPO HA2 SE headphone amplifier than any other related audio amplifier. The product has a rapid charging capability. The headphone amp comes with a USB A-USB micro-B data.

And for the Apple-device users, APPO HA-2SE has a USB A-Lightening data cable which is specifically for Apple devices. It is very easy to pair OPPO HA-2SE audio amp with any Apple device. Also Android users are not left behind as APPO HA-2SE audio amplifier is designed with USB micro-B to micro B data cable for android and other smartphones.

  OPPO HA-2SE headphone dac has a 3.5mm-3.5mm stereo audio cable coated with a silicon rubber.

  It is a perfect audio amp for video streaming for laptops.

  And most importantly, it comes with a user guide and warranty documents.


Although the OPPO HA-2SE is developed to meet twenty 1st century audio amplifiers standard, nonetheless the product does not come with a USB Type C to Micro USB Cable. And it is not a water resistant. If device is exposed to rain or falls into water it could damage the in-built hardware components.

Furthermore, people all over the world are keying to the idea of using devices that are very portable to carry along to anywhere they go. Sadly, with a weight of about: 6.2 oz, 175 grams, the product could be too heavy for some people to carry along to where ever they are going.


Again, my thoughts about this product is simple: For me I think there is no known portable headphone amplifier for audio that could be better than OPPO-HA-2SE portable headphone amplifier.

Trust me, this headphone amplifier is the most amazing audio amplifier ever. I never knew what I was missing until I found OPPO HA-2SE headphone dac. However, the manufacturers should make the device available in retail shops, because it is very difficult to find the product except one goes to Amazon.com.