Moondrop KXXS Ultimate Buying Guide ( Roundup Review)

Article Review 

Head-fi Review 

Moondrop KXXS does everything right. The bass is good, mids are natural, drums and vocals are a joy to listen to and treble is crisp and clear yet smooth

(Xtenik Comments: Totally, there are four review in the thread of Head-fi, so you should learn every detail from there, including the comparison with others) 

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Soudphile Review 

While the Moondrop KXXS are by no means perfect, they’re great headphones for the price. At less than $200 they offer some stunning value, especially when it comes to sound quality

(Xtenik Comments: Besides the professional review, you can find the excellent picture of KXXS in this article. So you can also enjoying the high quality pictures there. )

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Youtube Review 

Moondrop KXXS earphones review from, you also can subscribe his channel by clicking here. 

Moondrop KXXS (1/DD) not a sidegrade by Bad guy good audio review, you can subscribe his channel by clicking here.