KZ ZST-The Budget Hybrid Headphone

The KZ ZST hybrid is the newest addition in the headphones range of KZ. As a matter of fact, it is the first hybrid in ear monitor launched by the company.

The product was floated into the market just after the release of ZS3. Available in a classy design along with the choice of dual color designs, the KZ ZST is one of the best IEMs you may find in the market.

A comprehensive review discussing different aspects of the product is given in the sections below in order to give you an overview on what to expect out of the KZ ZST hybrid IEM.

Features of KZ ZST

Some of the most prominent features exhibited by the KZ ZST are listed below.

  • Budget friendly IEM that delivers high quality results
  • Powerful dynamic unit and high frequency driver unit
  • Incorporates high end tech for frequency tuning
  • Detachable design
  • Low resistance cable
  • Features patent ear plugs
  • Double capacitor mic included
  • Easy and comfortable to wear


The KZ ZST is much more than just a beautiful piece of tech. It has capacity to deliver high quality sound that becomes possible as a result of the balanced armature and dynamic drive that transform it into a completely hybrid design.

This way, the sound is produced using magnets along with a resonating coil and the quality is much better in comparison to the other KZ models.

KZ ZST headphones

Design of KZ ZST

The KZ ZST features a pretty elegant design that incorporates over earlobes cables which makes it a very easy and comfortable to wear product. Although it is a bit less comfortable in comparison to the ZS3 but the low price makes up for it.

In addition to this, the KZ ZST’s design is detachable which means that you may replace the cables in case they get damaged in any way. The cables incorporated in the product are transparent which means that they allow you to see what’s inside. Overall, the design offered by the KZ ZST is pretty good.

KZ ZST hybrid headphones

Sound of KZ ZST

To the extent that the sound quality offered by the KZ ZST is concerned, it is very reasonable considering its price. The bass produced by the product is sufficiently high and collaborates with the rest of the parameters in a nice way.

The mids are pretty smooth and articulate as well. Finally, the treble produced by the KZ ZST is not quite up to the mark as they seem to be a bit gritty and crystalline.

KZ ZST hybrid earphone

Pros and Cons

The most projecting pros and cons related with the KZ ZST are given below.


 Budget friendly product that features a detachable design

  Decent, solid build with a cool, transparent cable

  Attractive color palette


The mic button requires a hard press to work properly

 Lacks mid range resolution


In the light of the above discussed details, it may be said that the KZ ZST is one of the best IEMs that you may find for such a low price.