KZ ZS3 – Free to Replace the Cable

The KZ ZS3 is a good addition to the struggling line of kz earphones. It allows its users to have a good music listening experience while the offered construction quality is pretty reasonable.

Some details regarding different aspects of the product are discussed in the sections below in order to give you a complete review on the kz zs3 headphones.

Features of KZ ZS3

A few of the features offered by the kz zs3 headphones are given below.

  • Offer high quality of playback at an affordable price
  • Feature a built in mic for taking calls and recording other stuff
  • Replaceable cable
  • Detachable build
  • Features a noise cancelling function
  • Capable of delivering super bass
  • Features a universal input jack of 3.5 mm


If you are looking for a good set of headphones while going easy on your pocket, picking out the kz zs3 would be a wonderful choice.

It provides a number of features that are hard to find elsewhere for this price. The independent sound channel incorporated by the headphones keeps it from delivering any distorted sound quality.

There is a vast sound field while the bass and treble features supported by the kz zs3 are highly reliable. Unlike majority of the headphones out there, this one comes with a detachable design that enables you to replace the cable in case it gets damaged somehow.



As far as the design is concerned, the kz zs3 headphones offer a great build quality. They feature plastic ear buds which look elegant due to the dark shining coat.

The best part of the design is that it comes with a detachable structure that allows its users to replace the cable in case it gets damaged in any way.

So if you have to throw out your earphones due to the fact that their cables keep on getting damaged, you won’t have to deal with it while using the kz zs3 headphones.


The kz zs3 is capable of delivering a fine quality of playback sound. They offer a deep bass along with clean and clear mids.

The ear buds incorporated in the headphones are designed in a way that they are capable of getting positioned pretty deeply into the user’s ears.

This proves especially helpful in delivering the perfect sound stage. The bass produced by the headphones is pretty decent. In short, the overall sound quality is very good and capable of taking care of your music playback needs.

kz zs3 headphones

Pros and cons

Some of the most notable pros and cons associated with the kz zs3 headphones are mentioned below to help you make the right buying choice.


Features isolation from the outer world along with a great level of comfort

Massively wide soundstage

Features a deep bass with decent treble

Unlike most of the headphones out there, the ear buds incorporated by the kz zs3 stay put in one play


The manufacturers could have done better with the highs