KZ ATE- The Best Cheap Cooper Driver headphones

The kz products line has been in the market for more than a year now but they could not get a lot of success until the KZ ATE hit the market.

 If you are looking for a set of hifi earphones, you won’t be disappointed after giving this budget friendly product a try. A comprehensive review discussing various features offered by the kz ate is given below for your convenience.

Some of the most prominent features offered by this product are listed below.

  • Hifi earphones with a capability to deliver high quality of music playback
  • Offers compatibility with all kinds of music players and smartphones such as HTC, Samsung, iPhone, etc.
  • Easy to carry around in your pocket
  • Features an elegant build quality
  • Available for a very reasonable price
  • Features a cable length of 1.3 meters
KZ ATE Review

Functions of KZ ATE

The kz ate headphones offers a number of functionalities that are hard to find in other products that are available in the market for such a low rate. The driver unit is made up of copper which makes it highly durable.

 As far as the sound quality is concerned, you would be amazed to experience the heavy bass and clear treble this product is capable of delivering.

In addition to this, the headphones also feature an HD mic to help you answer all your incoming calls conveniently.



The kz ate is one of the best products launched into the market by kz when it comes to build quality. The LC OFC is highly durable while it complements the overall design of the product at the same time.

As far as the comfort level offered by the earphones is concerned, the company could have done better.

kz ate hifi

Sound of KZ ATE

Considering the fact that the kz ate is available for such a pocket friendly price, the sound quality is absolutely amazing.

As a matter of fact, this model makes its way into some of the best sounding headphone models that are available under the price range of 50 USD. You can enjoy any kind of music using these headphones, and you would be amazed with what they are capable of delivering.

KZ ATE Earphone

Pros and cons

Some of the most prominent pros and cons associated with the kz ate headphones are listed below.


Exceptionally high sound quality and a fine construction

  Suitable for playing any kind of music regardless of its genre

  Highly compatible with playing electronic and vocal oriented music

Supports all kinds of music players and smartphones


Some people do not find these headphones to be comfortable enough


Keeping in mind the price tag associated with this product, the kz ate might be the best low budget headphones you could ever find under the price range of 50 USD.

They offer exceptionally high sound quality regardless of the kind of music that is being played on your device. In order to sum it all up, it may be said that the kz ate is a fine investment if you are a music enthusiast.