Kinera Idun Roundup Review

Article Review of Kinera Idun


Kinera did well with this IDUN. I am not going to question that statement on a reread of this because the more I used it, the more value I saw in the pricing, along with the visual appeal. 

(Xtenik comments: In this article, Headfonics is focusing on the impression of sound, so if you want to know more detail about Kinera Idun, this would be the best review for you) 

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Congratulations to Kinera for putting up this kind of a development with this IEM after their first hybrid model, H3. 

(Xtenik Comments: Besides the review of sound, there are more detail here, including the design, the fit, the cable, etc…) 

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The Idun is a comfortable, good looking and moderately balanced IEM that provides a good amount of bass, satisfying mids, crisp highs, and have a good level of staging and transparency at a good price. 

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