Jaybird X3 Review –The best sports wireless headphones

As the holiday approaches, the much awaited X3 has been announced by Jaybird.

I believe many of you have been waiting for this launch and review. It’s like what I have been waiting for. However, the question is, will it outdo X2.

Well, without wasting the time, let’s jump on the Jaybrid X3 review.

Unboxing the Jaybird X3 Review 

In this review, the first thing you notice are the headphones, a carrying case with Jaybird logo embedded on it, wing tips contained in a small bag, another bag carrying silicone ear tips and lastly another with memory foams. There also clips to hold the wires if need be, a charger, instruction manual, and Jaybird sticker for the X3.


The Design

The appearance of the Jaybird X3 is amazing. The plastic feels greater than the predecessor. It is characterized by more slim and bulkier design. This makes them fairly comfortable, compared to Freedoms, while sitting or running. Jaybird has built this headphone to directly shoot audio into your ears because it is slightly angled and slim. One outstanding improvement you find is that it has a control module and microphone, located at about 2 -3 inches under the earbud.

It is evident that Jaybird has combined the design with a smooth polishing. However, Jaybird has not done quite well when it comes to sweat proofing which is still rated low. I didn’t experience any difficulty while testing, but if at all you encounter one, Jaybird offers one year warranty.


The X3 has an impressive Bluetooth 4.1, which allows you to connect both earphones to one device source. It is also possible to connect to two devices at once. The connection is strong, and there could be only minimal skipping while doing exercises. The headphones connect faster to the IOS and Android operating systems, at a breathtaking 10 seconds. Google assistant can be accessed by holding the middle button down. Likewise, tapping the same button always starts and stops the music. A built-in app allows a user to choose and customize sound preset according to one’s liking.


Another thing to note is that Jaybird has packed the X3 with a battery juice enough to last you 8hrs. Jaybird has not made any improvement to the battery compared to the X2, but we understand that building a powerful small battery with the current technology is quite challenging.

Audio Quality

The default sound setting labelled “signature” was used to do the testing. The lows sounded bigger for my preference, but its desirable while on the run. The mids were a bit unclear compared to the one produced by X2. The highs have been enhanced, and this makes them a little bit too harsh, but I would not say it pains the ear.


 Extremely versatile and secure fit

  Good sound quality

  Useful companion app for adjusting EQ

  Good build quality

 Improved battery life


⊙ Initially fiddly to get the right fit

Proprietary charging clip


X3 is selling at a competitive price right now, which is quite pocket-friendly. The X2 was priced at $179 during its release while the Freedoms were priced at $199. Ideally, Jaybird has developed a competitive model for pricing their products. I would not give the X3 100% rating for everyone, but they are more suitable for people who often exercise.