Is xDuoo Link Better than iBasso DC02 ?

Is xDuoo Link compatible with samsung s10+?

This product works with any device with a Type-C USB connector. This works fine with my Galaxy S8 & Galaxy Tab S5e (especially the S5e as it doesn’t have a dedicated Headphone jack).

Is there any way to use xDuoo Link with an iPhone 11?

It cannot use with Iphone 11 directly.

But you can buy an Apple Lightning USB adapter and a USB C female to USB male adapter.

However, the most easy way is to buy a Dongle with lighting jack, for example, Ikko Zerda ITM03.

Can xDuoo Link drive Beyerdynamic DT 1770 (50 steps out of 100), Beyerdynamic DT 880 Limited Edition (80 steps out of 100), Fostex TR-80 (50 steps out of 100) ?

The headphones all have high impedances of 250 ohms, with exception to the TR-80 which are 80 ohms. However, ALL three headphones have high sensitivity ratings making them harder to drive (regardless of impedance levels).

To my conclusion. I was able to push all three headphones to “near-ear-busting” levels of volume. Out of 100 volumes steps on my Hiby R3 Pro, the DT 1770’s and the TR-80’s reached these levels at 50 steps. The DT 880 Limited Editions took more volume to drive, yet I was able to reach high volume levels at 80 steps out of 100. In short, all three headphones can be pushed beyond a level that you would need to push them, ever.

( Thanks for the Clay Valarezo, who write this answer on Amazon review )

Note: There is no built-in battery for xDuoo link, it will use the power of the source, which means that if you are using Link with your smart phone, the battery life will be drained faster, and it is better you carry a power bank with you.

Does Link need to install the firmware ?

No needs. Just plug and play.

Which is better about sound quality…this xduoo or the ibasso dc02?

I’d said DC02, but difference isn’t big.

How this compared to dc02 in terms of loudness?? which one improves the loudness more?? I use IEMs like Blon03 and Tfz t2

spec-wise DC02 is more powerful, so it should be louder, but I didn’t test in practice, as I avoid loud listening, it’s harming ears

Is this better than Sonata HD?

This one is better, but iBasso DCs are even better


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