Ikko OH10 ( Roundup review)

After the IKKO OH1, IKKO Audio released their second IEM, model no. IKKO OH10 obsididan. 

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Article Review 


IEM Build & Design

The OH10 is made of copper and the shells are gunmetal grey in color. The outer surface of the shells is coated with titanium paint while the inner surface of the shells has platinum coating. 

It utilizes 2 pins 0.78mm connectors. The faceplates have an unique pattern. For each shell, there is a vent on the inside and another vent on top. The 2 pins sockets are black and red in color for the left and right shells respectively. The nozzle is slightly angled with metal mesh. It has an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable fit. 

Cable Build & Design

The cable has a 4 core braided design and it is made of OFC silver-plated. The 2 pins 0.78mm connectors have gunmetal grey housing with blue and red ring on the left and right side respectively. 

There is memory wire and the cable is enclosed in a transparent heat-shrink tube which is very flexible. There is no chin slider. The y-splitter has a circular shape and it is black in colour. Lastly, the jack is 3.5mm gold plated right angled with strain relief and the housing is black in colour. 

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Synchrosia Review 


The OH-10 is aggressive in the bass and treble, and technically more superior to the OH-1 when it comes to areas like detail retrieval and decay speed. 

The bright nature of the OH-10 makes fatigue set in easily, contrasted to the relaxed and smooth OH-1, but provides lots of fun till it does. The more V-shaped nature of the OH-10 is an evident opposite of the mid-focused OH-1 (from 1.5k – 4k Hz).

It is hard to compare the OH-1 and OH-10, as they essentially serve different purposes; comparing them is like comparing apples to oranges. The OH-1 is geared towards those who prefer a mid-oriented sound that is more laid-back, while the OH-10 gives a unique take on the V-shape sound signature with amazing treble timbre.

While I still see myself preferring the OH-1 in more situations than the OH-10, I end up missing the OH-10’s character more than the OH-1.

All in all, a pretty good release from ikko worth listening to, and while it isn’t impeccable, it is still fun and engaging.



First of all, sound signature. The sound signature of OH10 is kind of fun. Thanks to the contribution of a very efficient dynamic driver that create the depth and inject the air. There is a slight recessed in the mids creating a slight “V” shape kind of sound signature. 

The soundstage of OH10 is kind of similar to OH1. There is slight improvement in depth as compared to OH1 making the staging more three dimension. The layering is supreme and details can be presented decently without any congestion.

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Rumble. The lows shake the ground when it is called upon. I really appreciate how deep the sub-bass is. This is something I love in the OH1 too. The high performance in the lows is successed by OH10. Excellent.

The response speed for lows is slightly above average speed of a dynamic driver making it to stay at its own region without bleeding into the mids. 

This is the minimum requirement for lows. Fast response in the lows might create a very technical and dry sound signature. OH10 caught the sweet spot here. Warm while preserving the fidelity. 

Audiofool Review 


IKKO OH-1 –   of course this is the expected comparison. 

The OH-10 departs from the OH-1 significantly.  While the OH-1 can be described as mildly mid-centric, the OH-10 is a bigger V shape with more detail throughout the signature. 

The OH-1 is a bit more laidback, while the OH-10 is a bit more aggressive in both attack and decay and the resultant sound is a bit cleaner and sharper edged as a result.     

Shells are almost exactly the same size wise but the materials used on the OH-10 make it much more solid feeling without feeling heavy or uncomfortable.

Magaosi K5 –  The mid-centric K5 vs the V shaped OH-10. 

Both are built very well, cable prefrence goes to the OH-10, and choice of model is going to be dependent on prefered signature as the two have very little in common sonically. 

Extension is better on the low end on the OH-10, but the K5 has better mids and arguably better treble extension.  Other than price point, these two have little in common.

Moondrop KP –  The KP is well established and liked at this price point and with both sporting polished metal shells, it again is a natural comparison. 

Signatures are completely different as the eKP attempts to be more neutral than the OH-10.  The OH-10 has better low end extension as well as considerably more sub-bass than the KP brings to the table. 

The KP has slightly more forward mids.  Both have lively upper mids and lower treble and both roll-off above that and are rather polite.    This is a tough call which speaks well for both models.

Brainwavz b400 –  The b400 is way closer to neutral than the OH-10, but the OH-10 is much more engaging and fun to listen to.  Build quality is night and day different as the 3d printed shell on the b400 is prone to cracking while the shell on the OH-10 looks like it could take a direct hit from a howitzer with only minimal damage.

IBasso IT-01S – These two again are similar signatures with different builds. 

Both have good bass depth and an emphasized bass and upper-mid/lower treble region. 

I find the OH-10 has better control at lower volumes but yields to the IT-01s at higher volumes as the OH-10 becomes slightly loose and the IT-01s comes out of its shadow.   

The OH-10 sounds a bit cleaner at normal listening levels when compared to the IT-01s and has a bit better detail resolution.  The IT-01s is slightly smaller which may be a consideration for some and both are well constructed and polished although the material used on the 01s is lighter and less durable.

Youtube review 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gjeWC2S0pM ( Looks + BASS = ??) 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8nf9jTrW4U ( The Juggernaut B*tch, this video is reviewing by Z-review)