Ikko OH10 ( Roundup review)

After the IKKO OH1, IKKO Audio released their second IEM, model no. IKKO OH10 obsididan. 

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Article Review 


The OH10 is made of copper and the shells are gunmetal grey in color. The outer surface of the shells is coated with titanium paint while the inner surface of the shells has platinum coating. It utilizes 2 pins 0.78mm connectors.

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Having enjoyed the signature of the OH-1, it probably comes as little surprise that I really like the OH-10. It isn’t the best for those listening at above average volume, but for those that listen at average or lower volumes, it competes very well with most things in its price class. 

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About Audio 

IKKO Obsidian OH10 took the very appropriate upgrade by taking a step further from their favored Meteor OH1 in sonic performance, materials, packaging, and accessories. It’s good to see that they’ve stuck with the original design structure and trying to perfect it, rather than throwing away and moving on with different designs.

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The soundstage of OH10 is kind of similar to OH1. There is slight improvement in depth as compared to OH1 making the staging more three dimension. The layering is supreme and details can be presented decently without any congestion.

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The OH-10 departs from the OH-1 significantly.  While the OH-1 can be described as mildly mid-centric, the OH-10 is a bigger V shape with more detail throughout the signature. 

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