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Article Review

Head-fi Review ( Comparison) 


Fiio FH1

With both sharing a 10mm dynamic and the same BA driver this is a natural comparison. With a $75 price difference maybe a bit less so, but lets do it all the same. Both share a similar bass forward tuning with good slam but the OH1 notches the win for better control and depth. Both are good, but OH1 is better. Mids are very similar and again, this is more a matter of degree than difference with a slight edge going to the OH1 for better transition from bass to mids and a bit more energy in the upper mid-range. Treble is again about equal, but here I had trouble picking a clear winner as the two are more similar than not.

Build-wise the OH-1 is the more polished product and both have solid cables. The kit on the FH1 is better due to the addition of the pelican case and 2nd cable for use with a phone.

NiceHCK M6 (DMG Vented filter)

The M6 is a bit brighter and has a sharper edge to its sound than the more relaxed OH1. This makes the OH1 sound more natural while the M6 at times sounds a bit strained and/or clinical and dry. Mids are more forward on the M6 which again is mixed. On some tracks the forward mids helps the M6 feel more engaging with strings in particular, but on others that forward push can result in a more strident tone and some sibilance at times.

Build-wise, both are quite good but quality of anodizing and cable go to the OH1 as the clear winner.

Magaosi X3

Again, I referenced the X3 earlier as sharing the mid-range driver with the OH1 so this is a natural comparison. Bass slam goes to the OH1 without doubt as does low end extension. Both models exhibit very good control of the bass so on that count we will call it a draw. Mids are good on both and very similar but for me strings are a bit better on the X3 where the timbre is a bit more natural. Highs are similar on both as neither has fantastic top end extension but the OH1 sounds less rolled off where the X3 has a lack of air at the high end.

Build-wise, this is quite a clash, the clear acrylic of the X3 with its sound tubes has a lot of appeal, but so does the polish of the OH1. The kit is better on the X3 with its included hard case and bluetooth cable, but at $45 more, those items could be purchased separately for the OH1.

Moondrop Kanas Pro

The Kanas pro is way closer to neutral than the OH1 which has a much more V shaped (nearly U shaped at times) signature. Bass is far more the star of the show with the OH1 than with the KP while mids are fuller on the KP, Treble is a bit more forward on the OH1 which gives the OH1 a bit more air and sparkle than the KP. The KP has a bit more detail especially in the mids and lower treble. Both share a sort of laid-back effortless delivery, but for me the KP is slightly better at it.

Build-wise both are stellar and both cables are equally good. The OH1 does have the advantage of weighing about 1/2 what the KP does so may be more comfortable for long wear.

Major Hifi


The soundstage of the Ikko OH-1 has a wonderful sense of contrast in its sense of height. Between the sub emphasis and the upper octave boost, low frequency rich instruments feel super low in the chest and brighter instruments sit up above the head. Midrange instruments have nuance in the sense of height. However, they are skewed to crowd up by the head. The high-mid sits in the height there.

The Ikko OH-1 has a nice sense of depth as well. The difference between instruments set back in space and other, more intimate instruments is drastic. However, the sense of realism is slanted a bit. The high-mid boost brings midrange instruments forward in the mix when they might have sat further back without the boost.

For example, when I was listening to the song Djadja by Aya Nakamura, lowness of the 808 contrasts wonderfully in height from the highs in Aya’s voice, the high-hats, and brighter synths. Additionally, the intimacy of Aya’s voice contrasts wonderfully with the darker keys which sit further back in space. However, other melodic synths that usually sit further back in space are actually closer in depth to the vocal because they have more high-mid energy.

Nobsaudiophile Review

1BA+1DD Hybrid

  • Knowles 33518 balanced armature and 10mm polymer composite titanium-plated diaphragm dynamic such as piano black and white double-key like a heavenly match, so that the sound shows a natural dynamic, low-frequency fullness without loss of elasticity, high-frequency transparent natural, sound delicate and elegant .

Ergonomic wearing design

  • Based on rigorous ergonomic design principles and massive simulation of wearing test data, ikko finally designs the best cavity shape for the ear canal and even the entire auricle, while weighing only 6 grams on one side, making it comfortable to wear and External noise isolation is at the leading level in the industry.


  • Balanced Armature: Knowles 33518
  • Dynamic driver: 10mm polymer composite titanium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver
  • Sensitivity:106dB
  • Frequency range:20-40kHZ
  • Imdepance:18ohm
  • Cable length:1.2m
  • Connector;2-pin 0.78mm
  • Cable type:4 strands of 8 high-purity oxygen-free copper-plated 5n silver-plated


IEM Build & Design

The OH1 is made of advanced lightweight alloy and it has blue shells. It utilizes 2 pins 0.78mm connectors. The faceplates have an unique pattern . At the back of each shell, there is the brand logo printed. For each shell, there is a vent on the inside and another vent on top. There are L & R markings on top of the left and right shells respectively. The nozzle is slightly angled with metal mesh. It has an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable fit.

Cable Build & Design

The cable has a 4 core twisted design and it is made of 5N OFC silver-plated. The 2 pins 0.78mm connectors have a blue housing with blue and red ring on the left and right side respectively. There is memory wire and the cable is enclosed in a transparent heat-shrink tube which is very flexible. There is no chin slider. The y-splitter has a circular shape and it is blue in colour. Lastly, the jack is 3.5mm gold plated with strain relief and the housing is blue in colour. There is strain relief.

Marketchangers Review

Soundstage and instrument separation:

We are surprised with iKKO OH1 decent instrument separation and soundstage capabilities. Tracks that would usually sound flat suddenly started to exhibit more contouring of some instruments.

Moreover, we have discovered new afterglows that would shift on vertical or horizontal planes crating 3-dimentional effect. Kind of new experince… Binaural recordings show more than average distance between instruments which would result in larger depth and width of the stage.

Hiendportable Review

Construction and design

As stated in the features, Ikko use an aviation grade alloy acoustic cavity, to reduce the internal harmonic resonance distortion to offer a sound more delicate and natural.

The front shape of the capsule reminds me of the African continent, but somewhat narrower at the bottom. The surface of the capsule has dents of questionable taste.

The inside, however, is completely smooth and ergonomically rounded. The capsules are not thick. The nozzles are made of the same material and have a metal filter. Their length seems longer than it really is. The diameter is 6mm.

For the connection a transparent plastic insert is mounted to protect the two holes, both gold-plated.

The cable has 4 fine strands, covered with rugged plastic. It is quite flexible and the memory effect is low. The connector is in L, of mixed material, plastic in the elbow, metallic next to the plug, of the same color that the capsules.

The splitter is a metal cylinder, also of the same colour as the capsules. The connectors follow the same line, metallic and of the same colour, with a blue or red ring to distinguish the side. The two gold-plated pins are also finished in another plastic insert, very similar to those protecting the capsule connections. The cable close to the connectors is protected by a semi-rigid plastic sheath, shaped to facilitate its use on the ear.

The cable is simply good, not microphonic or very thick. It’s easy to handle. But the strands that start from the splitter to the capsules, two on each side, give a fragile appearance, because they look fine and delicate. The ear hooks are fixed, they cannot be molded. There is no ring to adjust the cable under the chin.

In my opinion the cable, as a whole and finished, is of inferior quality than others that can be found in products of similar price.

The capsules, in spite of the particular finish on the front, have been designed to offer the highest degree of fit, isolation and comfort. They are very light, weighing only 6 grams each, despite the fact that they are metallic. The material used gives them a strong sensation of durability, as well as their finishes and connections.



Warm, wide, fun, non fatiguing and inoffensive. Leaning towards an U shaped signature. They have a tuning that would suit most people who are looking for a fun IEM.

Those characteristics differ slightly depending from the tips used. I tried both of the included tips as well as final audio e tips which is what I would recommend.

Here’s a comparison chat (don’t consider this as an accurate frequency response, this is just the response comparison using different tips).

Voxsonitusaudio Reviews


Tips of choice: I used the included vocal eartips, as these sounded more open and detailed than the balanced eartips

Ikko stayed true to its promise of delivering extremely pleasing sound signature at an entry midfi price range. Its sound is natural, with more emphasis on the lows. Though the bass is very powerful, it does not eat away the upper frequencies. The Knowles balanced armature does a great job of presenting vocals and instruments without letting itself drown from the dynamic driver’s low end deliverance, nor sounding sibilant and sharp.

Bass –

This iem is a basshead’s delight. The performance of this iem in the low end is phenomenal. Sub bass is adequately strong and full bodied. Mid bass has that necessary thump to give energetic songs something to sit on. Upper bass has tone and is well textured.

Even though the iem has much subbass and midbass, they do not sound muddy at all. The bass plays more up front than highs, but they do not affect clarity and vibrancy. Ikko tuned the low ends very well to complement the higher frequencies  

Mids –

Vocals sound natural and smooth. There is little coloration to its presentation. There is no emphasis on either male or female vocals. Sivert Hoyem’s voice in Blown Away goes deep and does not sound colored, while Anne Bisson’s voice in Dry My Tearssound sweet, with no audible sharp peaks in “s” or “t” sounds.

Instruments are also presented in a natural manner. There is no peak or emphasis, unlike other BA drivers that I have tested. Aja by Steely Dan plays very smooth and relaxing. The subtle palm mute can still be heard amidst the lot of instruments playing along the chorus.

The Knowles BA does an excellent job of being able to present the mids in a natural manner with no sibilance.

Highs –

Highs extend very well and have great resolution to them, though they are a lot more laid back than the lows and mids. Cymbals have quick decay. Piano keys in this region sound natural. Energetic music doesn’t sound fatiguing because the highs are more relaxed.

Clearly, the OH1 wasn’t made for analytical listening. It has easy-going highs that are less emphasized but extends very well.    


Soundstage / Imaging:

Soundstage has good depth (better than expected) and width (as expected) with the balance being slightly in favor of width.   While not as 3d as some, there is some sense of height and instrument positioning benefits.

I didn’t find any congestion to the stage and with width favored no tendency to place instruments behind each other instead of next to each other.  Binaural recordings like the Cowboy Junkies trinity session that I enjoy do a good job of showing off the stage and imaging capabilities of the OH1.   

Overall imaging is class leading and competes well with models significantly above its price point.   Spatial cues are well rendered which makes the OH1 good for movie watching and maybe gaming although I am not a big gamer so cant speak directly to that point.  Layering is also quite good and I didn’t find that it bogged down or thickened as tracks got busier and more complex.



Up to 90% of In-ear headphones are now made of plastic to save costs and reduce weight, but iKKO is right in the first pair of headphones tested with metal. And it must be said, the company has succeeded in creating a pair of headphones like OH1 – with very sturdy shell but not too heavy, along with the design with eye-catching diamond cuts.

However, the most impressive point lies in the ergonomics of the headphones, when all the lines of the headphones are placed in the ears of the listeners so although the design is quite large, the ears never give the feeling discomfort. According to me, OH1 can take the mold for other Inear headset pairs designed according to the products of iBasso.

As mentioned, this is a pair of detachable headphones. The 2-pin assembly is convex rather than deep inside like some carriers, so the headset can fit all kinds of wires without fear of not fit. But this design, after a long time, can expand and slip. At the connection, the company also has rubber covers to minimize this situation, but the long-term durability, I can’t judge!

The cord of the ear is made of anti-oxidant copper (OFC) and silver coated. The wire is also very well designed, durable and coupled with the connector jacks made of metal material like headphones. This is a big upgrade from the ‘whole-black’ cord model that even high-end headset makers still use!

Technical specifications

– Membrane speaker: 1BA Knowles 33518 BA, 1DD 10mm

– Frequency range: 20-40kHz

– Impedance: 18Ω

– Sensitivity: 106dB

– Wire length: 12m

– Weight: 12g


Los ikko OH1 son unos iems de presencia más que llamativa y cuidada ergonomía, que se sitúan sobre los 122 € al cambio. Dentro llevan un diseño híbrido, con un driver dinámico de 10mm combinado con un BA de Knowles.

Os traigo el vídeo unboxing y acercamiento de este interesante modelo asiático.  Ya disponible para su compra online.

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