IKKO OH1-Incredible Sound ( Roundup Review)

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Article Review


The ikko OH1 is a broadly v-shaped response but with some cleverly tuned bumps for a clean vocal and comfortable bass response. This is a very complete package at a competitive price and along with an above-average build quality with those anodized metal housings.

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The soundstage for OH1 is averagely wide and surprisingly deep. The depth could be caused by the performance of the dynamic driver. This allows OH1 to create an amazing layering over the track and I really love it. 

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With a right-angled 3.5mm jack the protection is ample for bending and movement. Machine-wound, the cable is square and does not tangle. Nice to have this. An anodized metal splitter, with no cinch strap moves up the cable, leading eventually to the 2-pin cable complete with long over-ear guides.

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The ikko OH1 is slightly rolled off at the top, taking away some of the sparkle and air you may expect from an IEM‌ priced above $100. However, the lower treble (otherwise known as the presence range, which is most responsible for clarity and depth) and upper midrange (where our hearing is most sensitive)‌ are handled so well. 

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OH1 looks much better than I anticipated and it is very well put together. The shell is made out of polished aluminum. The shell resembles a tear drop, it’s quite small and therefore very easy to insert into your ear canal.

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Moonstar Review 

The Ikko OH1 has a relative low impedance of 18Ω and a sensitivity of 106dB which makes it compatible with relative weak sources like Smartphone’s, Tablets and DAP’s with weak amplification.

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RAA Pro 

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Prime audio 

The Ikko Meteor OH1 turns out to be an incandescent star after all. It is a well-rounded and capable in-ear monitor from this relatively new brand. For a first effort, they really did a fantastic job, not just with the sound but also with an original design and great build quality.

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Audio123 Review 

The OH1 has a natural expansion in its stage. The width magnitude is moderate with fair positioning of vocals and instruments. There is good depth to prevent any signs of being too closed in. 

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About Audio

Ikko OH1 presents a very harmonic and musical sound with a slightly w-shaped signature. Lows approach in a very calm and gentle manner but with a clear and active presentation. Strong groove and extension, however tightly controlled.

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Youtube Review 

How is Zeos review this new brand ? Here we go. 

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