Ibasso DX80 –DAP or Smartphone?

If you are a music enthusiast, you would be pretty familiar with the name of iBasso as they are highly known for the manufacturing of different types of music playback related products and devices.

And iBasso dx80 is one of the best hi res audio DAPs that might be found for such a price tag. This review discusses different aspects of the ibasso dx80 to provide you all the details you might require regarding this product for making the right purchasing decision.

Features of Ibasso DX80 

Some of the most prominent features offered by the ibasso audio dx80 are mentioned below.

  • Budget friendly DAP that comes with native DSD
  • Offers support for 192 kilo HZ/ 24 bits signals
  • Features dual DAC chips for better results
  • Coaxial, line and headphone outputs
  • 2 inches IPS screen with capacitive touch
  • Digital volume control with 150 steps
  • System stability with onboard memory
  • Dual slots for micro SD cards that may support up to 2 TBs
  • High capcity battery that provides a back up of almost 13 hours
  • Includes a silicone case
ibasso dx80 review

Functions of Ibasso DX80

The ibasso dx80 features a number of high end functionalities that are difficult to find in any similar product available for such a budget friendly price tag.

It offers dual DAC implementation just like its predecessor dx90. This time, ibasso has used a dual cirrus design which is a bit different from the dx90. That being said, this hi res audio player is capable of delivering an even better quality of sound and is ideal for playing with any kind of home theatres.

The ibasso dx80 also features the capability of generating outputs through DSD native decoding. Keeping in view the price tag this product comes with, the features offered by the dx80 are simply unbelievable for such a low price.

ibasso dx80 review

Design of Ibasso DX80

When it comes to the design and build quality, the ibasso dx80 is one of the best looking DAPs you may find in the market out there.

It features jagged proportions and sharp lines which provide it a very catchy and elegant look. The product weighs about 178 g which makes it a bit heavier in comparison to the usual weight but the overall build quality makes up for it. The dx80 is so fancy looking that it appears like an alien smartphone to some people.

The product features a high end IPS capacitive touch screen of 3.2 inches. It is located at the front side of the product and offers a 291 ppi pixel density.

The screen is designed to provide its users with visual cues regarding the music that is being played. It also allows its users to go through their available music collection and to modify the settings as well.

The DAP also features physical buttons that are included for providing different functionalities such as power on/off, volume up and down, etc. The headphone and line out slots are located at the bottom side of the dx80 , while the sd card slots and the micro USB port are located at the top side of the device.

Overall, the design is pretty elegant and classy for a product with such a low price.

ibasso dx80

Sound of Ibasso DX80

As far as the sound quality of the product is concerned, you would be amazed to find out what the dx80 is capable of delivering.

It produces a high quality, warmish sound with pretty decent bass levels at the same time. The mids presence is good but it lacks quality when it comes to separation of instruments.

The sound stage is not so massive but reasonable enough to experience a good quality. If you are planning on using this product with headphones or earphones, you would be able to enjoy a fine music listening experience.

The dynamic offered by the product is pretty exciting and fast. Using 64 ohm ear buds with this device would be a great option as you would be able to enjoy the most optimum quality of sound with clear vocals, lots of details and textures.

In addition to the high end hardware incorporated into the dx 90, the software is pretty good too. You might be able to make use of different equalizers to adjust the sound quality according to your own requirements and the genres of the music that you are listening to.

Besides, there are other controls that might be adjusted to optimize the sound to the right levels. So in order to sum it up, it may be said that the sound quality delivered by the dx80 is pretty nice considering the fact that it comes at such a budget friendly price.

ibasso dx80

Pros and cons

Some of the most common pros and cons associated with the dx80 DAP are listed below in order to give you an idea about what to expect out of your new purchase.


√  Nice build quality

Amazing sound quality

May serve as a standalone DAC

Supports SD cards with storage space of up to 512 GBs

May amplify all sorts of headphones to the best of their capabilities


The battery life isn’t up to the mark

The packaging does not include a charger

There isn’t any built in storage space


In the light of the discussions given above, it may be concluded that the dx90 audio is a fine DAC that is capable of delivering a variety of high quality features.

The product offers a good construction build while the sound quality is pretty high end. You can use the device with any kind of headphones and it would amplify them to the most optimum levels.

 Overall, the ibasso dx80 is one of the best hi res audio DACs that you may find for such a budget friendly price.