Ibasso DX220 Compete with Fiio M11 ? ( Roundup Review)

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Article Review

Headfonics Review

What’s New?

Since the DX220 is more of an evolution than a completely new DAP there are definite enhancements but also some legacy features that have remained from the original DX200.

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(Xtenik Comments: As alwasy, Headfonics will analysis every detail of the device, including the software, sound, EQ, etc… so if you are not sure how the DX220 performance, read this article, you will have the answer)

ibasso dx220

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Headfonia Review 

The iBasso DX220 is a good evolution of the DX200. If not revolutionary, it polishes what was once a rough but great player, into a true TOTL model. 

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(Xtenik Comment: Headfonics or Headfonia, this is a question. But it is not a problem for you to read the professional review from these two giants, isn’t it? )


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Head-fi Review

In the DX220, like the DX200, there is a dual boot, which takes the gadget to the menu of an independent virtual Mango player, which has acquired a new elegant interface and more convenient control.

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(Xtenik comments: As the biggest forum for audiophiles, you can ask any questions on head-fi, so are you ready for your questions?)

In case you need,



For AMP9 you must update to at least to the latest firmware of June 16, 2019.

Audio-ph.ru Reveiw

But back to the big leagues. I will not keep the intrigue and immediately admit that the DX220 definitely bypasses its predecessor, but what exactly – I will describe in detail below.

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(Xtenik Comments: An active audiophile writer from Russian, he write both English and Russia, you also can find his review article review on Head-fi) 

Twister6 Review 

Mango app vs Mango OS.

I’m sure many will be curious how does Mango app (in Android mode) compares to stripped down Mango OS. 

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Porta.fi  (Find the comparison here)

Let’s do some comparisons. I will try to concentrate mainly on sound because the difference in appearance should be obvious.

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(Xtenik comments: Want to find out more comparsion, ibasso DX220 vs DX200,  vs Astell&Kern SP1000, vs Cayin N8,  vs Astell&Kern SE100, vs FiiO X7-2, vs QLS 361, etc…., by the way, Porta.fi is active in replying every question in his Youtube Channel, so if you have any questions, you can subscribe his channel, and ask him) 

FAQ (You may find your answer here)

How would you say this player compares to A&K SP1000M?

SP1000M is more natural due to it’s signature mids coloration

Amp 1 mk2 vs Amp 8 on DX220?

I didn’t do many tests, but in brief impression, AMP8 is a bit more “analogue” sounding, with a bit more body and a bit less resolution on treble. but it’s just initial impressions

Clearly for the better dac chip, hiby R6 or dx 220?

There is no “better” or “worse” DAC chips, as DAC plays only one role in the sound, while amp, clock, digital source, PSU and many other components are vitally important. E.g. best DAC I’ve heard, Linn Klimax, was built on “old” WM8741. so I think that device should be evaluated “in the whole”

So, the dac chip is not the first thing we’re looking on a DAP or an amp/dac, to understand a bit how It’ll sound?

Yep. I’ve heard devices built with the same DAC chip, but totally different sound

I have A&K SP1000. Would you recommend me to sell it, buy this one and save some money?

No, if sound quality is important for you, stay with SP1000 🙂 

DX220 is really great DAP, and difference with TOTL is really small, but it’s still present

Would this player benefit from an external amp?

It depends on your headphones. in general, it won’t benefit much from amp, as iBasso’s amps are really decent. I’d said that it’s more logical to get a spare module like AMP8 (or upcoming AMP9)

of course, if you’re using some power-hungry headphones powerful external amp can improve things

What is the best sound quality ibasso Dx220 VS AK SE100 ?

Actually, I mentioned SE100 in comparisons, but in short, DX220 is better. 


Oh, well… first of all, because DX220 puts a proper amount of weight into sound, and thus sounds more natural and realistic. I don’t know why, but SE100 is focused on micro-detalisation (not typical for A&K) and sometimes this representation sound more compelling, but, in many cases, it gives a less natural sound. so, DX220 is a winner for me, especially considering price/quality ratio

In A&K lineup I recommend Norma, because it’s small​ and stylish or Ultimas, because they are the best 🙂 

Does it support tidal offline?  

Sure, it uses regular Tidal app, so it supports everything that Tidal app can do. 

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