iBasso DC01 DAC ( Roundup Review)

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Article Review

Twister 6

Overall, this pigtail design looks very nice, especially when used with matching iBasso IEM cables. The total length of this pigtail adapter is about 120mm, and the total weight is about 10g.


Sound Analysis (Tested with Samsung Galaxy S10)
The DC01 has good sub-bass quantity with great extension The sub-bass reproduction provides an agile rumble.


Despite the small size, the box of DC01 is beautiful — white cardboard, printing, specs on the back side — that’s what you call presentation. 
(Xtenik comment: Have questions on DC01? Porta.fi is active to answer  questions, so maybe you can make a try) 


Using iBasso DC01 is very simple, but there isa couple of things worth mentioning. With Windows 10 (I suppose, as with Mac OS), the iBasso DC01 “starts up” without any problems. 

Youtube Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7l7ePzZbLiY (Have questions, please leave a comment on Porta.fi Channle, he is active in replying your questions.)
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How would you compare the sound of this dongle with the Fiio BT3 Bluetooth receiver?
DC01 is better, first of all on the treble, as Bluetooth codecs are spoiling the treble most noticeably.
Also, DC01 is more powerful, so with full-size cans it’ll behave betterwith sensitive IEMs when BTR3 is connected via USB, difference is smaller, but DC01 still offers a bit better control and a bit more resoulution
Would there be any benefit to connecting the DC01 to an LGV20 (Quad DAC) phone or FiiO M6? (Outside of being able to used a balanced cable.)
I didn’t test LG V20, so I can’t say about it. With FiiO M6 you’ll get a bit different representation (but tighter lows and a bit sharper treble) but I can’t call that “another level” DC01 is also a bit more powerful if I remember specs right, but I don’t think it’s a big dial in vast majority of situations
This or the DragonFly Cobalt? Which is better value for money?
I didn’t test new DragonFly, but if I remember right, it’s even more expensive, and most probably in price/quality comparison DC01 will win, as it offers a really good sound for $50. in “absolute” comparison DF could be better of course, but not sure how much. 
FAQ Source from Porta.fi Youtube Channel.