Hiby R5 ( Roundup Review)

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Oh wow, what a low noise floor from such a powerful little DAP. I am very impressed by the hiss performance of the R5 with sensitive IEMs such as the Solaris, Andromeda and the Empire Ears Phantom. 

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( Xtenik Comment: You can find the comparison between R3, R6Pro, and the detail test of R5 DAP, including amp, software, apps, performance, it is a good place to learn the real test) 


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HiBy once again follows a sleek design language with the R5. We all know that HiBy DAPs ooze “sexiness”, and this one is no different.

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(Xtenik Comment: Besides the full details on the Headfonics, you also can learn it from Headfonia if R5 is really suitable for you)

Twister 6 Review 

R5 DAP has a more neutral natural tonality.  The sound has good dynamics, with a decent vertical expansion of the peaks and a good layering and separation of sounds, though don’t expect too much airiness between layers.

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( Xtenik Comments: Do you know the difference 4.4mm and 2.5mm at different DAP ? In this article, you can find R5 (4.4mm) vs FiiO M11 (4.4mm), R5 (4.4mm) vs Cayin N5iiS (2.5mm), R5 (4.4mm) vs Shanling M5s (2.5mm), so thanks for Twister 6 efforts on this).


The R5 has a more detailed midrange display. Next, the treble on the R5 has greater extension. The R5 has more body than the R3 and the presentation is smoother. There is a controlled showing on the R5.

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(Xtenik Comments:  Twister 6 or Audio 123? For some audiophiles, this is a question. But why not to read both of the review from these two hifi influencer. It will help you to understand more on R5.)

Youtube Review 

Full review of HiBy R5 digital audio player, by Porta.fi. Leave a comment there if you have any questions.

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I’m looking to buy one but can’t decide between the R5 and R6 Pro. What would you recommend? Is the difference in sound worth the price difference?

Well, HiBy made the choice tougher introducing discount for R5, for $300 it’s a great choice, and small size is another plus here. R6 Pro of course is more mature, better in control, more engaging, but “does it worth the price” is a subjective question.

How its against Fiio X5III about sound quality ?

They are more or less similar in terms of representation, but X5-3 is a bit warmer and with tad more weight on mids

Do you recommend the ak SR15 or the Hiby r5?

It depends on signature you prefer. R5 is warmer with more weight on lows/mids, SR15 is less weighty, but with A&K’s signature mids coloration

Which one would you prefer the dx160 or the r5 hows the battery life between the two?

I prefer DX160, but that’s subjective choice. Battery life time is better with R5

Hiby R5 or Fiio m11?

M11 for neutral and monitoring sound, R5 for a warmer version of representation

What do you think of this dap paired with ca Andromeda is it good ?

Subjectively, I think for Andromeda you need more neutral sources and more resolving to unveil full potential. like FiiO M11 Pro or higher in tighter budget I’d rather go for M11, DX160 or Lotoo Paw 5000-2

Hiby R5 ir Fiio M9?

HiBy, as it has “open” android with PlayStore. And price is the same now

( FAQ source: Porta.fi Youtube Channel, you can subscribe his channel by clicking here)

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