Hiby R3 Pro DAP

Hiby is releasing their new R3 Pro DAP/Bluetooth Receiver/Transmitter
Dual CS43131
Supports most BT codecs plus UAT
1600mah 20hr battery
3.5mm + 2.5mm output

Article Review 


Well, with the switch to a dual Cirrus Logic CS43131 implementation, HiBy has tweaked the R3 Pro tuning to something I think is even more ‘musical’ than before.

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The R3 Pro is a very compact DAP with good features just like the previous model. We have the same UI and OS here with the streaming capability through Tidal once again, the same size and form factor, and the same design

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The HiBy R3 Pro has the MageSound 8-ball tuner where one can change the temperature, bass extension, bass texture, note thickness, vocals, female overtones, sibilance, impulse response and air. 

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hiby r3 pro

(Image Credit: Hiby official) 

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