Fiio X7 Mark II–The New Touch Android Music Player

Looks like it has been a busy season for Fiio this year, is it ? 

Because they released many new products  in 2017, such as X5 3rd gen, x1 2n gen, x3 mark iii, Q1 mark II ,  Fiio X7 mark II.

And more ?  We are not sure yet. 

In this article, we would like to take a look at the latest flagship fiio X7 2nd gen lossless music player.

Well, let’s jump on to it now.

  • Use flagship DAC chips, 8-channel ES9028 Pro
  • Amp module AM3A
  • Interchangeable Amp Module design
  • Powerful quad-core cortex A9 Soc Rockship RK3188
  • Dual mode Bluetooth, supporting Bluetooth 4.1 and apx standard
  • 4/5G dual band WIFI, more convenient and more stable
  • 2GB RAM and 64GB internal storage
  • 2 micro SD slots for expandable memory, up to 512GB (2*256GB)
  • Deeply customized and optimized Android 5.1 operating system
  • Supports online music apps via wifi
  • Innovative UI for enhanced user experience
  • 97’’ IPS touch sensitive screen, 480*800 pixels
  • Supports formats, DXD, DSD64, DSD128, WAV, Flac, AAC, APE, ALAC, AIFF, WMA, MP3, OGG vorbis etc, up to 384KHZ/32bit.
  • Output port: 3.5mm headphone, 2.5mm balanced, line out, coaxial, optical, micro usb
  • Battery, 3800mAh, up to 8 hours playing time
  • Support quick charge , full charge only takes around 1.5 hours


There are lots of unique selling points for this new DAP, let’s check it one by one.

DAC  Chipset

For many of us, the first and the most important point come to our eyes is that it adopts ES9028PRO DAC chip, which seems to be the standard setter for the high end DAP.  Many of the high end DAP are also using this chipset now, such as Ibassso DX200.

The ES9028PRO is known for its lower distortion rate, higher energy efficiency and new oversampling filters. It can process 8 channels simultaneously, and offer a 2*4 channel parallel mode for stereo application, which is good for minimizing distortion.

Thanks to the ESS9028 pro, the FiiO X7 Mark 2 can decode audio files up to 64-bits/384 kHz and DSD up to 5.6 MHz. Two digital clocks are present to ensure optimal conversion of multiple 44.1 kHz (CD, HD, DSD) and 48 kHz (HD) files.


In order to keep the infinity sound, Fiio X7 Mark 2 is equipped with the AM3A ,  the new amp module, which is a single ended and balanced output amp card.  And it features  with an analog devices AD8620 opamp, providing a higher level of performance than the older AM3.

If you are still remember the older AM3, which has a slightly high noise floor. But with AMA3,  the sound is MUCH better with lower noise floor.

With Balanced output, there is a 9db increase in separation and the soundstage is much larger.

Usually the amp decides how much power it will drive into the Balanced Out, and an amp module with both LO and BO one is always more powerful than the other.

In X7 mark II,  the BO is more powerful of the two. Side note, it takes twice as power to drive the BO because it is 2 separate channels with separate ground, so it makes it just that much more complicated to do.

The amazing design for the X7 mark II is the interchangeable amp, which will give you total control of your sound. Sounds great?

Fiio X7 mark II

Storage Capacity

Fiio X7 Mark II boost the internal storage from 32GB to 64GB compare with X7.

On top of that,X7 mark II offers 2 micro SD card slots supporting 256GB each. That is to say, you can expand the storage to max 512 GB, plus the 64GB internal storage, totally it is 576GB. Big enough !

If you want to open the slots and install the micro SD/TF cards, you will need a pin or a key card to help you, because it is a closed design with only 0.2mm gap.


It is easy to play, pause, skip tracks and adjust volume directly from the lock screen for Fiio x7 mark II. And we are so pleased to see that Fiio added the optical output to the x7 mark ii on the top plate, so the output jack available now including 3.5mm headphone, 2.5mm balanced jack, line out, coaxial and optical.

One thing to surprise us is that Fiio still keep the micro usb for charging. Because some of their competitors already start to use USB-C in the last 12 months , which we thought it is the future direction.


Fiio X7 mark II has the same screen spec as the X7 mark I, a 480 x 800 pixel 3.97″ IPS TFT screen capable of 16.7m colors and a 233ppi pixel density resolution.

But when you have the mark II at your hand, you will find that it is more superior with better color saturation, so, we guessed Fiio must has changed a better performing version even though they didn’t reveal it on the paper.

As to the battery,  Fiio 2nd gen has increased from a 3500mAh to 3800mAh, which can extend playing time under certain circumstance.  The good  thing is that it supports rapid charging, which means that you can get mark II full charge in 1.5 hours, rather than the standard 2.5 hours.


Thanks to the 2GB RAM, X7 mark II is running very fast, and there is no arduous delays as I skim through the touch screen menu.

The UI of Mark II  keep almost the same as original X7 and Fiio X5 iii, but it improves the user experience.  It is specifically optimized  the stylish and the function , helping user to get the music much more quickly.

It features with two user interfaces: the classic Android interface and a simpler version dedicated to operations carried out via the on-board audio playback app. Why?

Simply because Android natively limits audio stream sampling to 48 kHz, which prevents bitperfect playback of HD audio files. Music Mode, which can be activated via a button in the Android Notification Bar, disables the OS mixer and allows the FiiO Music app to communicate exclusively with the DAC. In this case, you can listen to 24-bit and 96kHz files, as well as DSD for example, without any modification.

Fiio X7 mark 2

In addition to a gain control and digital filters, an EQ allows the user to customize the FiiO X7 Mark II’s sound signature. By clicking on the Storage icon, the player’s DAC USB mode may be activated for use with a computer.

Besides these, x7 mark 2 comes with three Android system-wide themes, Which can be switched on the fly without having to restart the device. Tthe good thing is that Fiio will be working on adding more themes to the ap and pure os in future firmware

The new amazing thing is that Fiio X7 mark II incorporate automatic detection and search of music lyrics and covers. You don’t need to search and download the correct album cover and lyrics manually, which can save your time and hassle.


Fiio X7 2nd gen uses a version of Android 5.1, which is deeply customized and optimized from the core-level to enhance the audio playback.

To save your time and for your convenience, Google play framework, services, and other related apps are pre-installed on the x7 mark II. You can remove them if you don’t like these, to free some spaces.

FiiO has integrated two “stores” with apps to install. The first is called FiiO Market, the second Google Play Store. The FiiO Market includes a few Android applications, including Spotify, Qobuz and Tidal. The Google Play Store provides access to millions of Android apps. All you need to do is fill in your Google/Gmail account information.


Just like Fiio x7 1st gen, Fiio has spent much time in its Fiio music app. It offers the user everything which can be expected from an audio player,  such as, gapless playback, gain adjustment, a resume function, playback of selected folder, and an assortment of digital filters. And The FiiO Music app is skillfully translated and easy to use.

Fiio x7 2nd gen

Wifi connection

Compare with X7 1st gen, Fiio x7 mark II has a much better experience on the wireless

Connection, because it supports both 2.4Ghz and 5GHZ frequency bands, which is more stable, stronger signal and faster speeds.

Bluetooth connection

X7 mark 2 is fully capable of supporting Bluetooth 4.1 and Aptx standards.

To be specific, full support bluetooth 4.1 means that it supports both the classic high-speed  and BlE ( Bluetooth low-energy) specification, and it also means that x7 mark ii can match with any bluetooth device. Besides, combining with the support of aptx, it allows you to enjoy the true high-resolution music without the hassles of wires.

X7 2nd Gen is a dual mode bluetooth, so what is the meaning of dual mode ?

 It means that you can transmit and receive the data at the same time.

Fiio has invested much time on the internal design to ensure the wireless signal will not be affected by the outside elcetromagetic interference, which will give you a high quality sound.

Fiio X7 mark II


I knew that you have read a lot above, and you can’t wait to see the performance of X7 mark II sound. 

Now, we are coming to the most important part.

With the combination of AM3A and Es9028PRO, the wide, 3D soudstage, everything so defined and on its own place – this deserves definitively a good in ear monitor or headphone to take full advantage.

From bass to treble the X7ii/AM3A combo has a linear presentation with no real boosts anywhere.

Bass is tight, very fast and has a neutral amount of body. Bass has good detail but at the same time it’s not the very best, the same goes for depth and layering. It’s detail, clarity and tightness over depth, sub bass and body.

Like the bass section, the mids section has a neutral tuning where speed, separation and detail are most important..

In case you are wondering the difference between X7 and x7 mark II , you can find the main difference as bellows,

Fiio X7 Fiio X7 Mark II
Operating SystemAndroid 4.4 Android 5.1
Bluetooth2.4G Bluetooth 4.0Bluetooth V4.1,aptX supported
Wifi2.4GHz IEEE802.11 b/g/n standards supported5GHz/2.4GHz IEEE802.11 b/g/n standards supported
Max Expand Storage 1*256GB2*256GB
Battery 3500 mAh Li-polymer battery3800 mAh High-voltage quick charging Li-polymer battery
Output Port3.5mm headphone, 2.5mm balanced, line out, coaxial3.5mm headphone, 2.5mm balanced, line out, coaxial, optical
Support formats DXD, DSD64, DSD128, WAV, FLAC, max support 384Khz/32bitDXD, DSD64, DSD128, WAV, FLAC, max support 384Khz/64bit

√ Flagship DAC chips

√ New Amp module

 2GB RAM, running faster

√  Upgrade  Internal memory of 64 GB

  Features two micro SD card slots for expandable storage

  Excellent sound


The WIFI antenna sometimes is  a little weak

What is in the box

  • Fiio X7 Mark II
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Coaxial digital adaptor cable
  • Tempered glass screen protector (already applied)
  • Clear case
  • Micro SD Ejector Pin
  • Leatherette case
  • Warranty card
  • Quick Start Guide
Fiio X7 mark II


Some digital audio manufactures always upgrade their products constantly, but some of the improvement turn out  to be not useful at the end.

Luckily, Fiio never compromise to the low quality.

The X7 II may be a little expensive for some people, but it provides a delightfully neutral yet natural listen that also provides an abundance of technical ability.

So, if you are looking for a digital audio player that offers organic and smooth sound, then X7 mark II could be your top choice.