Fiio X7 Mark II–The New Touch Android Music Player

If you are a music enthusiast who follows different types of lossless music players introduced in the market, you would be completely familiar with the fact that FIIO is one of the finest manufacturers of this kind of products.

They have recently launched the whole new FIIO X7 Mark II that is a high end lossless music player and offers a number of features that are hard to find in other similar products.

 A detailed review covering different aspects of the FIIO X7 Mark II music player are discussed in the sections below for your convenience and understanding.

Fiio X7 Mark II


Some of the most prominent features depicted by the new FIIO X7 2nd gen device are listed below.

  • Incorporates flagship DAC chips for enhancing the overall audio performance
  • Features the high end, low delay Bluetooth 4.1 transmitter
  • Convenient and more stable 2.4/5G dual band WIFI
  • Patented module design featuring a balanced amp module
  • SPDI, coaxial and headphone output ports for convenient connectivity to various devices
  • Features an internal storage capacity of 64 GB with a DDR3L Ram of 2 GB
  • Features two micro SD slots for expandable memory
  • Highly customized, lag free android 5.1 operating system
  • Comes with a high end music application
  • Easily operable volume knob
  • Innovative UI for enhanced user experience
  • IPS touch sensitive screen
  • Supports all major lossy as well as lossless formats
Fiio X7 mark II


The FIIO X7 Mark II is a high end android powered music player that offers a number of features and functionalities that are not offered by a competing product in the market. The device runs on android 5.1 operating system that makes it much better in comparison to other music players. It offers a far greater level of convenience and accessibility than its predecessors while going easy on your pocket.

Unlike the rest of the devices, the FIIO X7 II offers a built in memory of 64 GB while the 2 GB DDR3 ram makes it very efficient in its operations. As far as the audio playback capabilities of the device are concerned, it delivers exceptionally high sound quality.

Regardless of how loud you like your music to be played, this device makes sure that the sound quality does not get distorted or affected in any other way. In addition to the built in memory of 64 GBs, the device also provides two different micro SD card slots so that you might be able to expand your memory as much as you like to.

Fiio X7 2nd Gen


If you have been following FIIO’s line of audio players, you would agree to the fact that the design of the FIIO X7 2nd Gen is a blend of the original X7 and the X5 Mark III music player. It features a complete aluminum casing that is pretty elegant and sophisticated yet more refined in comparison to the predecessor models. There are two output line slots and two micro SD card slots so that you might be able to expand your memory as much as you want to.

Fiio X7 ii generation


The FIIO X7 2nd Gen offers exceptionally high quality of playback sound that is hard to find in any other competing devices. If you have been listening to music on your android powered smartphone, you would feel a hell lot of difference in the playback quality delivered by the FIIO X7 running on the very same operating system.

The built in music player application offered by the X7 II is designed to make your music listening experience much better than you have ever imagined. There are two different output lines to help you connect the device to any kind of headphones or speakers without any lag or signal loss. The highly refined DACs used in the device make sure that the generated signal is completely lossless and free of any noise or distortions. The device supports all major lossy as well as lossless music file formats also.

Fiio X7 second generation

Pros and cons

Some of the most notable pros and cons associated with the FIIO X7 2nd Gen are listed below in order to give you an overview on what to expect from this product.


Features a high end construction quality, finish and design

Powerful headphone amplifier

  5 in 1 product featuring a DAP, WIFI Streamer, digital transport, external DAC and headphone amp at the very same time

Liquid, vivid and natural quality of playback sound

  Budget friendly android powered lossless music player

  Internal memory of 64 GB

  Features two micro SD card slots for expandable storage


The WIFI antenna is kind of weak

Neutral or non linear presentation

Playing high nodes might be a problem sometimes


Keeping in view the descriptions given in the sections above, it might be concluded that the FIIO X7 II is one of the best budget friendly lossless music players you could ever find in the entire line up of FIIO products. It is an android powered device that features a custom designed android 5.1 operating system for ensuring high quality audio playback.

There is a built in storage space of 64 GBs while the 2 GBs of DDR3 ram helps you enjoy a lag free music listening experience. Two different output lines are offered by the device which makes connectivity to various audio playback devices very convenient.

Using the Bluetooth 4.1 module, you may easily connect your device to any wireless speakers or headphones. Considering the price tag associated with the FIIO X7 Mark II music player, it won’t be wrong to say that this is the best lossless music playback device you could get for this amount of money. It features android operating system, in built memory, high capacity ram, embedded music application and numerous other pros that you won’t be able to find in any similar product.