Fiio X5 3rd Gen—Red or Black ?

Do you know which color is the most popular in 2017?

I hope you will agree wit me if I vote red, is it ? On March, 2017, Apple released a special edition of Iphone 7 and Iphone 7 plus, the red color version. However, in audiophile heart, there is another red color, that is Fiio X5 3rd gen , is it ?

Today, we are going to take a look this latest hi res audio player from Fiio company.

The Fiio X5 3rd Gen is a high end gadget that is designed to serve the purposes of a lossless music player and a DAC at the same time. If you are a music enthusiast who makes no compromises when it comes to the playback quality of the music they listen to, this one is definitely a keeper.

A detailed review covering the different aspects of the Fiio X5 3rd Gen high resolution lossless music player is given in the sections discussed below.

Features of Fiio X5 3rd Gen

Some of the most prominent features offered by the Fiio X5 3rd Gen music player are listed below.

  • A combo of lossless music player as well as a USB DAC at the same time
  • Offers support for music playback at up to 32 bits / 384 kilo Hz
  • Native playback of DSD and DXD
  • Offers playback for a variety of different music formats including MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, PCM and numerous others
  • Incorporates an IPS display screen of 3.97 inches
  • Two different slots for micro SD cards
  • Dual headphone out
  • Good battery backup
Fiio X5 3rd Gen


The Fiio X5 3rd Gen offers a variety of features and functionalities that have not been offered by any competing product at this price before. Unlike the first and the second generations of Fiio products, the 3rd one offers an exceptional improvement in the playback quality. This generation makes use of high end DAC chips that ensure that the tonal signs delivered by the player are largely neutral. The DAC makes use of a multi channel implementation that delivers an increased sampling rate of 32 bit / 384 kilo Hz.

In order to offer support for android powered devices, the Fiio X5 3rd gen packs an upgraded ARM Cortex quad core processor under the hood. The processor is overclocked and is capable of delivering a processing spedd of up to 1.4 GHz. Using the whole new, customized OPA426 chips, the product ensures that the environmental noises and distortion are toned down to the minimal level. Another high end feature offered by the Fiio X5 3rd Gen is its wireless connectivity that is made possible by making use of a high end Qualcomm Bluetooth module. This feature greatly facilitates the connectivity of the product to different kinds of wireless devices like speakers and headphones.

Fiio X5 3rd Gen


The Fiio X5 3rd gen offers a highly elegant and sophisticated design that is hard to find in competing products that come with a similar price tag. The products fits into your hands just perfectly. It is sturdy enough to give you a good grip while being light in weight so you could keep it in your pocket conveniently. It also includes a fine leather case which greatly complements the overall aesthetic appearance of the music player.

The lossless music player features a high quality IPS display of 4 inches that allows you to freely play any media of your choice without causing you any inconveniences. It comes in a solid casing that is manufactured using stainless steel. There is a volume knob controller on the left side of the player that comes with a little accent for its protection. Overall, the design of the Fiio X5 3rd gen high resolution lossless music player is just remarkable and  much better in comparison to other similar products.

hi res audio player


Unlike the earlier releases of Fiio, the X5 3rd Gen offers a combination of rich and warm tone that is more pleasing and enjoyable to the ears. This enhancement has been achieved by making use of the AK4490EN chip that is much better and advanced in comparison to the older wolfson ones. The resolution delivered by the X5 is pretty high quality as it incorporates a blend of treble response and rich sounding mids. As far as the staging is concerned, it has good width and excellent depth in comparison to the earlier generations.

The X5 iii also offers high quality bass levels that help in delivering the best possible sound quality. The new firmware introduced in the latest variant ensures the optimality of the bass function of the device. The lossless music player also offers a viper dynamic system that is designed to enhance the sub bass presence along with the overall impact levels. In order to sum it up, it may be said that the sound quality delivered by the X5 iii is much better in comparison to its predecessor generations.

Fiio X5 3rd Gen

 Budget friendly device with high end functionality

  Good rhythm sense

  Massive storage space

  Fine design and high quality audio signal generation

  Numerous connectivity options including wireless Bluetooth connectivity

   Fast charging

   Dual slots for memory cards


⊙ Software comes across some glitches sometimes

⊙ Slow start up

Fiio X5 3rd Gen


In order to summarize, it may be said that the fioo x5 iii is a high end lossless music player that serves as a combination of a music playback device and a USB DAC. If you are looking for a good quality product within a nominal budget range, this product is the best way to go as it delivers a blend of economy and quality at the same time.

The fioo X5 3rd gen incorporates a sleek and elegant design with an IPS display of 4 inches. The overall build is highly sophisticated while the playback capabilities are at point too. The lossless music player offers massive storage space along with a good battery backup as well. There are a few minor issues in the product but when you take a look at the pros and the price tag associated with the X5 iii, it appears like a pretty good deal.