Fiio X3 Mark III-Balanced to the End

The Fiio X3 mark III is the latest addition to Fiio’s amazing line of lossless music players that are capable of delivering high quality audio playback. If you are interested in one of the best budget friendly lossless music players that also comes with a highly elegant retro look, the Fiio x3 3rd  gen would be the most optimal choice in this regard. It features beautiful aesthetics while incorporating high end playback capabilities at the same time. A detailed review to help you understand the various aspects of the Fiio X3 Mark III music player is discussed in the sections below.


The Fiio X3 mark III offers a number of features that have not been offered by a similar product before. A few of them in this regard are listed below.

  • Budget friendly lossless music player with high resolution audio certification
  • Better separation of channels by dual DACs
  • Multi mode Bluetooth that features high quality and low delay
  • Dual outputs for headphone connectivity
  • Durable and reliable touch wheel (patented)
  • Supports as high as up to 32 bits
  • Offers support for numerous lossless formats including DFF, DSF, ALAC, FLAC, WMA, APE, WAV, etc.
  • Good battery backup
  • OLED screen


The Fiio X3  III offers a large variety of features that have not been seen in Fiio’s music players below. This one is the latest Fiio product on the market and offers numerous high end music playback features. Unlike its predecessors, this product features dual DAC that are guaranteed to deliver high quality performance.

They ensure a higher SNR along with more efficient noise rejection capabilities to produce high quality music that doesn’t involve unwanted artifacts. The new design featured by the mark III includes separate headphone amplifier, loss pass filter and DAC components that make sure of the fact that the functionality of each one of them does not get affected by the other in any way.

The Bluetooth feature included in the product makes connectivity much easier than it was ever before in Fiio’s products. In addition to this, the X3 Mark III also features a micro SD card slot that is capable of supporting a card with up to 256 GBs of storage space so that you may never have to come across lack of storage space ever again. There are two different output lines so that you might be able to connect your device to any kind of headphones or speakers you want to.

The OLED screen incorporated in the design allows its users to check out their music collection more conveniently while the patented touch wheel allows them to navigate through their music in style.

Fiio X3 Mark III


The Fiio X3 mark III is much better in comparison to all of its predecessors on a number of grounds but it is simply matchless when it comes to its design. The product features a whole new design which touches completely unraveled levels of sophistication and elegance. The music player is very appealing to look at while its aesthetics make it highly friendly to use. A patented touch wheel is the highlight of its design since it allows users to navigate through their music collections in style.

There are five different buttons on the front side of the music player around the navigation wheel. These include home, next, previous, back, select and home keys. The volume control keys are located at the top left side of the music player just beneath the power button. The Fiio X3 III features a micro SD card slot that supports up to 256 GBs of storage while there are two different output lines at the bottom side of the device.

Fiio X3 3rd Gen


Just like the rest of the features offered by the product, the Fiio X3 3rd gen is hard to beat when it comes to the sound quality offered by the device. It features a wider soundstage that becomes possible due to balanced audio outputs. The high performance dual DAC included in the product makes its quality seamless while catering every tiny detail of the music being played. The overall circuitry incorporated in the device allows its users to play their music as loud as they want to without having to experience any loss in the playback quality. In order to deal with the issue of noise, the product features a whole new circuitry design. It incorporates a separate amplifier, LPF and DAC to make sure of the fact that they do not get influenced by each other in any possible way.

Fiio X3 Mark III

Highly sophisticated design

  Budget friendly product

  Offers a large variety of lossy and lossless music formats

  The micro SD card slot allows a card with storage up to 256 GB

  2 different output lines

  Single button playback


⊙ The OLED is hard to look at in bright sunlight

The battery timing could have been better


In the light of the arguments discussed in the sections above, it won’t be wrong to conclude that the Fiio X3 mark III is the best lossless music player that has ever been introduced by Fiio before. It offers a large array of features that makes it much better in comparison to all of its predecessors as well as other similar range products in the market.

As far as the design is concerned, the Fiio X3 3rd gen offers the best of it by featuring five different buttons along with a patented navigation touch wheel on the front side of the device. Using these buttons and the navigation wheel, operating the device becomes very convenient. The music player is also capable of delivering the best sound quality that the whole line of Fiio music players has ever seen. It incorporates a number of features like dual DAC and separate LPF, amplifier and DAC to make sure that the music playback does not get influenced by any kind of outside noise or distortion.