Fiio Q1 USB Headphone Amp- Quality No. 1?

FiiO is a highly known brand name when it comes to different kinds of DACs and amplifiers. The FiiO Q1 portable usb dac and headphone amplifier is a nice addition to the FiiO collection. It is a fine dac amplifier that offers a variety of high end features along with a high quality sound to support any sort of music playback devices.

The product is available for a very budget friendly price of less than 70 USD. If you take a look at the competing products available in the market, you won’t be able to find one that offers the kind of features that are offered by this product.

A detailed review discussing different characteristics of this product is given in the sections below for your convenience and understanding.

Features of Fiio Q1

The FiiO Q1 portable usb dac and headphone amplifier offers numerous high end features. A few of them are listed below in order to give you a generic overview.

  • Offers separate amp and DAC functions
  • Ideal for using with mobile devices and computers
  • Offers support for a resolution as high as up to 24 bits and 96 kilo Hz
  • Features a built in battery that offers decent backup
  • Functions as pass thru when being charged
  • Delivers a battery backup of almost 30 hours
  • Incorporates an audio cable and a usb cable
  • Budget friendly combo of amp and dac
Fiio Q1 Portable headphone amp

Functions of Fiio Q1

The Fiio q1 amp and dac is one of the best products that you may ever find in the line of fiio products. It offers a number of high end features that make it an amazing product keeping in view its low price tag.

The built-in battery has a capacity of 1400 mAh and is capable of delivering a backup for more than 30 hours with normal usage. The device serves as a fine combination of dac and headphone amplifier at the same time.

Being a combo does not mean that Fiio has made any compromises on the quality of any one of the modules. Both the amp and the dac are entirely up to the mark. If you are looking to get the most out of your music listening experience, the FiiO Q1 won’t disappoint you in any regards since it makes use of high end circuitry like PCM5102 DAC chip and the MAX97220 amp chip.

Not only that but the software and the UI incorporated by the product are pretty high end at the same time. There are several features that help the user play any kind of music to the best of their capacities. If you are interested in amplifying your headphones to the loudest yet clearest levels, giving the FiiO Q1 a try would be worth a shot.

Fiio q1 portable headphone usb dac

Design Of Fiio Q1

The FiiO Q1 is pretty similar to the E11K series when it comes to the overall looks of the product. It incorporates a flask like shape while the overall aesthetics are pretty cool. If you are willing to use the Q1 on a desk, it is recommended to use it along with the plastic mat that comes inside the packaging. This is due to the fact that otherwise the physical controls on the device might just keep on getting up and down on their own.

Keeping in view the nominal price of less than $70, the overall construction quality offered by the Q1 is pretty decent. In comparison to the predecessor product E11, this one features a complete aluminum casing with a smooth finish.


As far as the sound quality provided by the Fiio Q1 is concerned, you won’t be disappointed at all. The device delivers a thorough bass with a reasonable bass extension at the same time.

You might experience a little bleed in the mids if you turn up the bass a bit too high. The treble offered by the device is pretty decent and facilitates the provision of clarity in vocals and the separation of different instruments and vocals from each other.

Finally, the sound stage provided by the Q1 is much better in comparisons to its predecessors. If you are using a good quality headphone, you are in for a real nice treat with your FiiO Q1 dac and amp.

Fiio q1 headphone amp

Pros and cons

Some of the most notable pros and cons associated with the FiiO Q1 are listed below for your convenience.


Budget friendly device that delivers high quality of sound

  A nice combination of dac and amplifier within a single packaging

  Decent battery life

  High quality build


The amplifier is a bit under powered

Features a warmer tonality


Keeping in view the review posted in the above sections, it may be concluded that the FiiO Q1 dac and headphone amplifier is a great product.

Considering the fact that it is available for a low price of less than 70 USD and that it serves as a combo of both dac and amplifier at the same time, the Q1 is undoubtedly one of the best music related toys you might find in the market out there.

The build quality offered by the product is pretty great while the 1400 mAh battery incorporated in the device is capable of delivering an up time of almost 30 hours with ordinary usage. This backup time is much higher than that offered by other devices that are available in the market for the same amount of money.

As far as the sound is concerned, the FiiO Q1 offers exceptionally good quality. The DAC gets the maximum marks while the amplifier is a bit under powered. If you are a music enthusiast who understands music, it won’t be difficult for you to optimize the device to the right levels and enjoy the best of your music listening experiences with the Fiio Q1 dac and amplifier for headphones.