Fiio M5 compete with Shanling M0? ( Roundup Review)

Before you go to the review, let’s see a video on how to operate Fiio M5

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Article Review 


The M5 has a very tiny form factor and much smaller than the size of M6. Honestly, it looks just slightly bigger than common smartwatches. From FiiO’s official data, the M5 weighs just 38g which is very compact and feels light in the hand

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( Xtenik comment: If you are looking for the comparison between Fiio M5, shanling M0, Fiio M6, and Hiby W5, you can check the review from Headfonics)


If the latter put the emphasis on the low section, the M5 is much more clinical. Everything sounds flat and neutral, as if the brand chose to get rid of its older sound signature.

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( Xtenik comment: This is the Sunday first look review on Headfonia, full review will be released when it is completed. But it is worth to read what the professional reviewers from Headfonia saying about their first impression on Fiio M5)

Prime Audio 

So what can you expect when it comes to audio quality with the little M5? Well, unless you’re from another planet or being unrealistic in your demands, I hardly think anyone would be disappointed. 

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( Xtenik comment: Included a Youtube review in this article, so you can read more detail about M5. The Youtube will show you the unboxing, how to operate the device, in the final part, there will be a comparison between Fiio M5 and Shanling M0, so you can know the difference between these two similar device.) 

This time there is no Android in firmware (however, I wouldn’t be surprised). Here we get Linux with skin that provides fast loading time.

Right after turning on the user sees the main menu that consists of 7 entries that are switched by swiping. Let us see all of them. 

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Fiio m5

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So here you have it guys, M5 is a powerful Bluetooth transmitter and receiver with a wide BT codec support. It sounds clean, quite detailed and layered as a player. GUI is quite polished and easy to navigate and remember where everything is placed in the menu. 

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(Xtenik comment: This review include details of Graphical User Interface (GUI), Audio Performance, Design and build quality, M5 VS M3K, M5 VS M6, Pros and cons. Besides, Soundnews is also doing a great Youtube review. One of the fastest growth Youtube channels in Hifi.)

Moonstar Review 

The FiiO M5 features the new AK4377 DAC (Digital to Analog Converters) of the company Asahi Kasei. This 32-bit advanced Digital to Analog converter with a headphone amplifier is a higher performing solution of the AK4376A that is adopted by many portable audio products.

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( Xtenik comment: If you would like to read a more technical review, Moonstar would a good place to go. )

Audiophile Heaven 

M5 is pretty much an ultra-portable DAP, just like Shanling M0, or HIDIZS AP80. They all remind me of the iPod Shuffle, and it seems that the market for those is growing, with more and more people wanting an affordable tiny something to take on a run, so if you’re concerned, you can always just get one of those and enjoy it. 

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( Xtenik comment: An enthusiastic hifi artist love music. You can read the review of M5 and M6 in this link)

Twister6 Review 

M5 presents a balanced signature with a warm, pleasant and smooth sound. Resolution and other technicalities aren’t on the same level as DAPs that cost a little more, but it is to be expected for a device this size and price. 

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(Xtenik comments: Beside the review of M5, you also can read the details of Fiio SK M5A Watch Strap there, sounds great ?)

Major Hifi 

The M5 also works as a Bluetooth receiver. So, for example, if you want to listen to Spotify streaming from your phone. You can connect the M5 wirelessly to your mobile device and listen from the M5. 

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Youtube Review 

Z-review ( Who doesn’t know Zeos?) 

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What the professional reviewer don’t like
  • The screen doesn’t detect surrounding brightness so it cannot auto-adjust. 
  • No custom EQ
  • No Bluetooth 5.0
  • Limited power output for bigger headphones
  • Rounded audio performance (small roll-off in the sub-bass and upper treble)


CPUIngenic X1000E
Bluetoothsupports LDAC, HWA, aptXHD, aptX, SBC
Receiver (SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX HD/LDAC), Transmitter(SBC/aptX/LDAC)
USBSymmetrical Type C connector, USB2.0USB DAC: Up to 384kHz- 32bit/DSD128
Screen1.54-inch 240x 240 touchscree
Dimensionsabout 45.3mmx42mmx13.97mm
Weight 38g
Charging time<2.5h (DC5V/2A charge)
Battery life> 10.5h (using earphones) > 13.5h (over Bluetooth)
Standby time > 22 days
Battery550mAh lithium-ion polymer battery
AccessoriesBack Clip, USB data cable, PET screen protector (one already pre- applied)
Storagemicro-SD card (up to 2TB supported)
Power Output> 42mW (16Q)
Frequency Response5Hz~90kHz (-3dB)
Signal-to-noise Ratio:> 118dB (A-weighte)
Output impedance<0.5ohm (32ohm load)
THD+N<0.003% (1kHz/32Q)
Recommended drive loads16~1000
Noise Floor<2.5uV

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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is there any way i can use spotify with Fiio M5?

The only way is to stream spotify from your smartphone to M5 via bluetooth. 

  • What about the quality of the Bluetooth? Are there any delays?

Bit better than BTR3 , yes, slight delay in games. 

  • Is it has the same tone as the q5s or m11? or is it warmer / brighter? 

M11 and Q5S are brighter, so probably M5 can be considered as “warmer”, but “less bright” would be probably a better description and of course, there is a big difference in resolution and other “technical” aspects of sound. 

  • Is it able to drive bl-03 32ohm effortlessly ?

Sure, BL03 is pretty sensitive. 

  • Do you know how this would compare with the xduoo X2? It’s an old DAP so don’t know if you’ve heard it before.

M5 is less powerful, but if we neglect power, it’s more detailed, more natural (especially on treble) and with better stage

  • Both the M5 and the AP80 are similar in price, which one would you prefer? Which one has better sound output?

AP80 is better sonically, so for the same price it’ll offer more neutral sound and more power that can be handy too 

  • Is it an upgrade in terms of sound quality if i am using iphone as my music player now? 

Yes, it’s an upgrade, but relatively small. to get noticeable improvement you need to consider DAPs in $150+ range

  • Xduoo x3ii vs. Fiio M5? sound quality? 

xDuoo is a bit better, especially when headphones need more power. 

  • How does the sound compare to the M3K ?

Bit more resolving on the upper mids and treble and a bit more accented on the lows, but no big difference in “level” 

  • Sonic wise between R3 and M5?

R3 is more natural and with better control over the sonic spectrum

  • Is there custom equalizer? Which is better M5 or M6 in terms of sound quality?

No custom EQ, at least now, only few presets M6 is more mature: more weight, more natural sound

  • How it compare with Xuelin IhiFi 790? 

Xuelin is more powerful, with more impact on lows, more weight and resolution on mids and a bit more refined treble. 

  • Compared with Cayin N3 which is better in terms of audio quality? 

Cayin N3 is a bit more powerful and natural, but it also has a bit bigger lows accent

  • Hows the sound compared to m6 or the nwa45? 

M6 is more natural in general, with better control of all range. A45 is more “flat” with a smaller stage and more synthetic sound, but difference isn’t huge in general. 

  • Fiio M5 vs Shanling M0 vs Hiby R3 vs fiio m6 vs sony A55. Which one u choose for best sound Quality?

SQ-wise the best ones are R3 (more warm) and M6 (more neutral) and also Hidizs AP80 (bit on a brighter side)

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