Fiio M11 VS X5 III

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M11 vs X5 MKIII

M11 is the spiritual successor to X5 MKIII so its natural and mandatory comparing the two. X5 MKIII was really cool when it was released, it looked and felt impressive sound was great but not top-notch, at least on IEMs, its performance was plagued by the slight hiss and dirty noise-floor on sensitive IEMs.

M11 is taller, heavier, has an extra headphone out, it is much faster by comparison, offers few additional Bluetooth features and an extra codec, has a stable Wi-Fi connection and a heftier battery life. M11 looks like a grown-up product from every point of view, there isn’t a thing that I really disliked on it.


( Image Credit: Soundnews) 

Sound wise X5 MKIII has a grainy presentation in the mid treble and sounds leaner and polite by comparison, it works better with mid and high impedance headphones where noise-floor would not be an issue.

M11 sounds noticeable wider and deeper, the grain in the mid treble is also gone, replaced by a very revealing treble performance. M11 has also a pitch-black background and doesn’t have a noise-floor even with high sensitivity IEMs. M11 will also reveal just a little bit more out of your tunes, will have more nuance and shimmer. M11 sounds like a trouble-free X5 MKIII where every nay became an aye.