Fiio M11 Pro VS Fiio M11 ( Difference)

You just have Fiio M11 at your hand, Fiio M11 pro is coming on the way. You must curious their difference. 

 Fiio M11 ProFiio M11
CPUExynos 7872Exynos 7872
Screen5.15 Inch , 18:9, 1440*7205.15 Inch , 18:9, 1440*720
Dimension70.5mm*130mm* 16.5mm 70.5mm*130mm* 15.5mm
WeightAround 232g Around 222g
Expand Storage Support one TF card Support two TF cards
DAC AK4497EQ*2 AK4493EQ*2
Headphone Amp THX AAA-78OPA926
Built-in Storage 64G 32G
Volumen ControlIndependent IC NJW1195 DAC built-in volumen control
ClockIndependent dual crystal oscillator PLL
MOQ8X Not support
Battery Capacity4370mAh 3800 mAh
Output PowerPO: ≥200mW(32Ω)
PO: ≥195mW(32Ω)
Battery LifePO: > 9.5H
BAL: >8.5H
PO: > 13H
BAL: >12H
Standby Time55 days 50 days

Check what the professional reviewer saying about the M11 pro vs M11


M11 Pro is tuned quite differently, the vocal is shaped cleaner and there is a lot more dynamics and texture in the bass/ treble out of the box. 

(Xtenik comments: Besides the M11 pro vs M11, you still can find M11 pro vs Hiby R6 pro, M11 pro vs fiio X5iii, M11 pro vs Fiio M9) 

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If you liked the FiiO M11’s design, you won’t be disappointed with the M11 Pro. 

(Xtenik comments: Unlike headfonics’s article, Headfonia didn’t have a parts like M11 pro vs M11, but they will compare some details throughout the whole article, such as casing, layout, UI, screen, etc… Besides, they also listed some differences in Fiio M series, M6, M7, M9, M11.) 

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But here’s what makes me want to buy M11 Pro: MQA. If you’re a Tidal streamer, this capability is a huge plus.  

( Xtenik comments. It is true that MQA is one of the attractive factors that make me buy M11 pro. So, why you want to buy M11 pro? You can tell us the reason you buy. ) 

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Major Hifi 

What’s the pros and cons of M11 pro ? You can find it right here. 

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That is four DAPs (the M11, M11 Pro, M15 and M15 Pro) released in close succession with seemingly little to differentiate between them 

(Xtenik comments: Besides M11 pro vs M11, you also can read M11 pro vs Cowon Plenue 2 right here) 

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M11 PRO sounds like an improved M11 in every single way. First of all, it is faster in its presentation, so everything will be delivered in an instant, it kicks and slams a lot better.

(Xtenik comments: Soundnews not only write a detailed review on M11 pro vs M11, but also did a great Youtube review. It is not easy to make them good at the same time. ) 

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Hifi Guides 

After reading many reviews about Fiio M11 pro VS M11, maybe you want to discuss it with the audiophiles in the specific thread. 

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Youtube Review

Fiio M11 comparison with M9 and M11 PRO | Which to buy?

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