Fiio K5 Pro (Roundup review)

Before you go to read the roundup review of Fiio K5 pro, let’s check a short video from Fiio official, brief introduction on this product. 

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Article Review 

Audioscience Review 

Here, the DAC is just good enough to drive the amp. The amp is designed to produce a lot of power and at low enough distortion to not be an audible issue. For a budget product and its intended use which is with headphones, it is a fine compromise.

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I connected the FiiO’s own FA7 and later on the IKKO OH1 to check the noise floor. On the Low gain with the music paused and putting the volume at the highest setting there is zero noise whatsoever, background is as clean as it can be.

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I have used the following headphones for testing purposes: iBasso IT04, Meze Empyrean, Audio Zenith PMx2, Noble Audio Khan, Campfire Audio Andromeda and Solaris, Unique Melody Mason V3, HUM Pristine and others.

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Youtube Review 

Well,  this time, let’s listen to a story from The Next Best Thing Studio about Fiio K5 pro. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • If I already have a K3 and need a amp I can buy the non pro version of the K5 or are there significant differences? Need to power the audio technica r70x 

Difference is that Pro has a DAC, and it’s actually pretty good

sonically K5Pro is a bit better then K5 + E17K, bit more natural and resolving, but I didn’t test regular K5 as an amp with K3

  • Can i use this to power up/as dac for my 2.1 stereo speaker via rca line out ?

If speakers have line in, then of course it can

  • Can this be connected to a Smartphone?

Yes, if smartphone supports USB Audio

  • Do you think this can power the he400i / he4xx? 

Yes, it’s really powerful, so power-wise it can drive HE400 easily. it’s a great entry-level option for this headphones, but they have potential for higher level DAC/amp

  • Is it better to buy Beyerdynamic dt 770 250 Ohm or dt 770 80 Ohm with this amp?

I didn’t test in practice, but it should drive both versions pretty OK. but subjectively I prefer 80Ω version a bit more, and they’ll be more handy if you’ll have to use it with some less powerful source

  • I’m thinking about buying the q5s but only have the budget for k3 right now. Would u recommend k5 pro over k3 at around double the price? My headphones are senn hd660s. Thanx anyways for the detailed review

Well, first of all, K5 Pro is more powerful, so it means more control on hard to drive models, it’s a bit more natural and resolving, with better stage. unfortunately, I didn’t test 660s, so I can’t say if K5 Pro makes sense for them

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    • How would this pair with the Hifiman Sundara? I want to use this with my PC via USB and connect my turn table to it via line in.

    It worked pretty nicely with Arya which is much harder to drive and quite inefficient. Should work just nicely with Sundara.

    • Is there any reason to buy the K5 over Topping dx3 pro?

    K5 Pro still has more power on tap and it’s cheaper 🙂

    • K3 vs. K5 Pro?

    K5 PRO, there is not contest. K5PRO has a much better DAC inside and a lot heavier “cojones” in terms of power delivery. K5PRO FTW!

    • Can it work on 240 ohms because i have a dt990

    Easy peasy for K5PRO, if it can drive Hifiman Arya, even de 600 ohm version of DT990 is like a walk in the park for it 

    • Do you think it’s a good ampdac for the HD700 or would a tube amp like LOXJIE P20 be better for it?

    I think K5 PRO is a much better unit. I had Loxjie D20, pretty good sounding but not great. P20 must be worse sounding, I would stick with K5 Pro if I would be in your place.

    • I want to use it as a DAC with audiolab 6000a amp. Want to use RCA in with a CD player. The RCA in using the internal DAC of it?

    If you will be using the RCA in of the K5 PRO, it means you will be using only its internal headphone amplifier. To use its internal DAC section and headphone amplifier you need to use a digital input (USB, Coaxial, Optical). Maybe you meant the RCA out of K5 PRO? This way indeed you will be using only its DAC section.

    • I want to use my mixer’s stereo output into the K5 Pro’s RCA line in. Can I still use it as a DAC and an amp?

    It is really simple. To use its internal DAC you will need to use a digital input (USB, coax or optical). To use only its internal headphone amp, use the analog (RCA) input.

    • Which sound and device do you prefer, Burson Audio Playmate or K5PRO ?

    Playmate, without a doubt. Has even better dynamics, harder slam and sounds more detailed as well. But everything else is on par with K5 PRO.

    I wonder how does this compare with the TOPPING D50 for desktop DAC use in term of sound quality. 

    I almost can guarantee you that D50 will sound better purely as a DAC. K5 PRO is fine as a DAC and amp combo, but it will not stand in front of dedicated DAC units. 

    • I have FiiO E10 (Not K) for my TinAudio T2 and ATH M40x. I guess this will be a massive upgrade for me??

    Yes, Huge upgrade. I had 3 units of E10 back in the day (~7 years ago maybe) I still have one somewhere in the house. K5 Pro is something else, with E10 you know you are power limited, with K5 Pro you will never be, not to mention a much better DAC inside it.. This is currently the best bang for your buck.

    • Would you recommend K5 pro with sharp headphones like DT 1990 Pro & how does it compete with  great stacks like Khadas tone board + Atom or Schiit stack 

    K5 PRO will work with sharp headphones, Hifiman Arya are almost sharp sounding but were tamed nicely with the FiiO. Didn’t test the Tone Board, nor the Atom or Schiit stacks.

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    DAC ChipAK4493 DAC chip
    Output ports6.35mm/RCA
    Input PortsUSB/Coaxial/Optical/RCA
    Professional Audio ArchitectureLPF+Voltage
    USB DAC768K/32Bit,DSD512
    Driving headphones with ease
    Amplification+Current Driving
    RGB Indicatorlue/Green/Yellow
    Input PortsCoaxial/Optical/RCA

    Comparison ( K5 pro VS Schiit Audio Fulla 2, VS Schiit Audio Magni 3+Modi3 )


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