Fiio K5 Pro (Roundup review)

Features of Fiio K5 Pro 

  • AK4493 DAC chip
  • Output ports: 6.35mm/RCA 
  • Input Ports: USB/Coaxial/Optical/RCA
  • Professional Audio Architecture
  • USB DAC: 768K/32Bit,DSD512
  • Driving headphones with ease
  • Professional Audio Architecture: LPF+Voltage
  • Amplification+Current Driving
  • Gain: High/Mid/Low
  • RGB Indicator: Blue/Green/Yellow
  • Input Ports: Coaxial/Optical/RCA
  • USB DAC Chip: XMOS XUF208
  • Size: 120.5mm*130mm*55mm


FiiO K5 Pro Desktop Amp/Dac by Bad Guy Good Audio Review

FiiO K5Pro (un-box) Desktop Amp/DAC (AK4493)

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FiiO K5 PRO DAC / AMP – Unboxing & Review By Audiophile Heaven