Fiio K5 Pro (Roundup review)

Before you go to read the roundup review of Fiio K5 pro, let’s check a short video from Fiio official, brief introduction on this product. 

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Article Review 


Design and controls

The appearance of the device is rather simple but attractive. It looks good side by side with other audio equipment, as well as on desktop beside notebook or PC. The body is made of dark-grey aluminum, has a rectangular shape with curved angles. It has average weight and silicone legs help it sit just well on top of what you put it on. Build quality is traditionally good.

All elements are positioned on two sides.

On the front side there are two switches. The first one changes the input, the second one — three-level gain, which is convenient. It also has volume control with multi-colored indicator.

The control switch is hybrid, so the analogue potentiometer transmits signal into digital way. This has allowed to achieve ideal channel balance and to avoid noise.

The control switch has just right tightness and allows you to choose desired volume level comfortably. If you put it to 0 mark, it will switch off the device.

The ring indicator is not very bright but clearly visible, its color shows the signal resolution that comes to input and here we have three of them — usual red book, high resolution and DSD.

On the front panel you also get regular 6.3mm headphone output. FiiO have decided not to make it balanced, mainly because K5 Pro is powerful enough.


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On the back side there are the following inputs and outputs: power, USB, optical and coaxial S/PDIF, as well as line in and out that are made in the form of RCA. As you can see, K5 Pro can easily be pure DAC and amp, but of course most of users will used in combined.


Sound Performance

I. Using K5 PRO with sensitive In-Ear-Monitors

FiiO states that the external power supply is still filtered inside the unit so the noise floor would be always in check.

I connected the FiiO’s own FA7 and later on the IKKO OH1 to check the noise floor. On the Low gain with the music paused and putting the volume at the highest setting there is zero noise whatsoever, background is as clean as it can be. If I unplug the K5 PRO from my power conditioners then there is just a faint noise on the background, but it is really faint, almost non-existing, I don’t consider it worrisome.

Switching to medium and then to high gain the noise intensifies but with its power reserve, low gain is enough even for desktop class headphones. IEM users should never use more than the low gain setting, even multidriver IEM designs would be Ok with low gain.


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To put into perspective how it compares to other units, the noise with IEMs is about on the same level with the Headamp Gilmore Lite Mk2, it is a bit higher than that of Aune S6 PRO and S7 PRO, lower than that of Burson Play and Playmate and much lower than that of xDuoo TA-10. Hell, it is even lower than that of KECES S3.

Of course, once I press play the noise is nowhere to be found and a black background will appear in front of me. Listening to it for a week or so it reminded me so much of a device that I really adored: the $600 Aune S6 Pro. These two units are sounding close to each other but of course K5 Pro is not as refined, not as clean and not as wide sounding but the overall tonality is the same.

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DAC ChipAK4493 DAC chip
Output ports6.35mm/RCA
Input PortsUSB/Coaxial/Optical/RCA
Professional Audio ArchitectureLPF+Voltage
USB DAC768K/32Bit,DSD512
Driving headphones with ease
Amplification+Current Driving
RGB Indicatorlue/Green/Yellow
Input PortsCoaxial/Optical/RCA

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