Fiio K1- Plug and Play USB DAC Headphone Amp

If you like listening to high quality music playbacks, you might have heard of Fiio and its high end line of products that comprises of a number of different models that are designed to serve the needs of different kinds of users. Fiio K1 is a thumb sized USB headphone amp that offers a variety of different features but the most prominent among others is the fact that it delivers exceptionally high quality of sound. It is a thumb sized product that is capable of providing you with a reasonably fine music listening experience.

The plug and play feature offered by the product frees you from the need for charging your device over and over again. The best part about this product is that it is very budget friendly and comes with a pretty low price tag. There are a few minor drawbacks associated with it but if you take a look at its price tag, you surely are getting a fine deal out of this device.

A detailed review discussing different aspects of the Fiio K1 is discussed in the sections below.

Features of Fiio K1

Some of the most notable features offered by the Fiio K1 are listed below.

  • Offers support for music files with a bit rate of 24 bits with a 96 kilo Hz frequency
  • Features play and play functionality
  • Does not include any batteries
  • Offers a drive ability within the range of 16 ohms to 100 ohms
  • Features the Savitech SA9023A receiver
  • High quality sound
  • Budget friendly
  • Easy to carry around


The portable headphone amp, Fiio K1 is capable of delivering you with a music experience you would never have enjoyed before. Keeping in view its price tag, the product surely over delivers. It offers support for an audio resolution that may go as high as 24 bits for 96 kilo Hz. Unlike the other portable headphone amps available in the market, this one features plug and play operation. There aren’t any batteries that need to be charged every now and then. Neither is there a requirement for any kind of drivers. The high end USB receiver by Savitech makes sure that a high quality of sound is delivered with low noise and high fidelity. One of the best features offered by this product is that it self mutes when it is being powered off or on so that you might not be able to experience and harmful transients.


As far as the design of the Fiio K1 is concerned, it is very smart, elegant and cool to look at. It is a thumb sized device which makes it very easy and convenient to carry. The overall product comes in a titanium colored casing. There also is a removable clip located at the back side to provide on the go usage and neat storage. The product weighs only 11 grams which makes it very easy for the user to carry it around in their pocket.

The product features a tiny blue colored LED that indicates the fact that it is powered on. There is a 3.5 mm jack at the top side of the product while a micro SD port is located at its bottom for plug and play features. There isn’t any volume or bass controls in the device. So you need to make the controls through your computer or whatever device that is being used for music playback.

Fiio K1 Portable headphone amp


The overall sound quality delivered by the Fiio K1 is pretty high end and sophisticated. There are a number of fun elements included in the playback as well. When it comes to transparency and clarity of the playback audio, this device does not offer the best quality. When the mid range music nodes are being played, the Fiio K1 offers pretty fair sound quality. It is very clear and helps you take your music listening experience to a whole new level. As a matter of fact, listening to music on this device helps you feel the nodes you have never felt before in a particular song. One of the best features offered by the Fiio K1 is the fact that it provides the capability of blending different musical elements all together. So if you are into Jazz and rock and roll, the Fiio K1 would make a great choice to satisfy your ears with the best possible playback quality.


Budget friendly

Light and small

Plug and play functionality

High end audio improvement

Much better in comparison to other similar products


Doesn’t offer complete compatibility with android powered devices

Doesn’t offer advanced audio improvement features


In the light of the arguments discussed in the sections above, we might be able to conclude that the Fiio K1 is an excellent portable headphone amp that comes with a very budget friendly price tag yet delivers a variety of high quality features. It is a plug and play device that might easily be connected to any playback device of your choice including computer, hd music players, smartphones, etc. The Fiio K1 is a thumb sized product which suggests the fact that it is very easy and convenient to carry it around in your pocket.

The Fiio K1 comes in a sophisticated titanium colored build that is easy to carry around and gives you a nice feel when you touch it. There is no battery so you do not have to keep on charging it every once in a while. As far as the sound quality offered by the product is concerned, keeping in view the price tag, it delivers an exceptionally high quality that may support a bit rate of up to 24 bits with 96 Khz. So in order to sum it all up, it may be said that the Fiio K1 is a great product that comes at a low price yet delivers high end features.