Fiio FH7- The flagship earbuds

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Headphonedungeon (FIIO FH5 VS FIIO FA7 REVIEW)


Overall Impressions: The clean and intricate FH5 vs the rich and full-bodied FA7.


The FA7 has a more forward leaning bass, making the FH5 seem slightly vegan in comparison. And listening to rock, you’ll get a much warmer low-end from the FA7, while the FH5 presents a cleaner sound that is well separated from the higher frequencies. In terms of clarity, you’ll get a lot more texture and overall nuance from the FH5 when testing out strings in this range. So, if you listen to a lot of classical and jazz music, the FH5 might be preferable. But for the pop and rock palette, the FA7 would probably be the better choice.


Both IEMs have present midranges. But the FH5 emphasizes the upper mids, while the FA7 has more low mids in play, giving tracks a much meatier sound. So, if you enjoy a heavier feel, you’ll definitely want to go with the FA7. That being said, listening to folk, strums were cleaner and more crystalized on the FH5. And it presents a more intricate feel when listening to acoustic instruments in general.


You’ve probably figured out that the FH5 is the brighter headphone. And listening to pop, you’ll get much more snap and sparkle from percussion instruments with the FH5. The downside to this is that it makes for a more fatiguing listening experience. And if your ears are sensitive to high frequencies, they’ll definitely prefer the more forgiving profile of the FA7.

FiiO’s new flagship IEMs, the FH7, featuring 4 balanced-armature drivers and one dynamic driver, have arrived in for review. Alongside that, I received their pure silver 4.4mm cable. I haven’t recommended cable upgrades for FiiO’s other IEMs, as the stock cables were already great, so it will be interesting to see if this one makes any difference.

Continuing the development of the M-Series, FiiO’s M11 portable player is their first Android-based player with an integrated 4.4mm socket and edge-to-edge screen.

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5 driver hybrid new flagship earphone

United Knowles exclusive customized balanced armature

13.6mm oversized rare metal beryllium diaphragm driver

Patented acoustic turbocharging technology

Super-running acoustic chassis structure

3 free interchangeable sound filters

8 strands of single crystal copper plated silver cable

Inheriting exquisite craftsmanship, impressive sounds are endless

The appearance of the shell adopts the water texture design style of the same vein, showing the choppy edge and domineering. The shocking sound quality is enough to indulge.

Aviation grade aluminum-magnesium alloy, imported five-axis CNC machining

It is made of aerospace grade aluminum-magnesium alloy material and imported five-axis CNC equipment. 21 kinds of props need to be replaced, and the 3,873 knives are finished by milling in the produce, and the handicrafts are polished by hand and sandblasted by professional craftsmen.

Customized to fit with the human ear

In order to create a comfortable and fit shape, the design team has undergone many proofing tests to make the overall shape transition smooth, and the sealing is better. The ear canal is more comfortable to wear.

More stronger with stunning appearance

Knowles DFK+SWFK composite balanced armature

It is equipped with a 4 Knowles balanced armatures, which covers the complete range through the physical division of the fine seconds and turbo technology.

High-frequency and extremely high-frequency parts: The top-level SWFK-31736 composite balanced driver, which is often found on the high price earphones, has high-frequency resolution and is not harsh, with better ductility and clear and bright sound.

The mids part: using the DFK composite unit specially designed by Feiao and the property market, the medium frequency density is added on the basis of the classic 30017 unit, the human ear is more full and sweet, and the sound line is wider.

Low-frequency part: The 13.6mm beryllium diaphragm large balanced armature, utilizes the unique rigidity, elasticity and light and thin characteristics of the beryllium metal, and the low-frequency dive is deeper, and the shocking low-frequency quality is erupted.

The world of 13.6mm is so wonderful

Rare metal beryllium diaphragm dynamic

The dynamic horn uses a high-end diaphragm material that utilizes the unparalleled rigidity, elasticity and lightness of the beryllium metal to deliver stunning low-frequency quality.

S.TURBO acoustic turbocharged structure

The V2.0 version of the turbocharged acoustic structure with patent protection is applied, and the diaphragm Dynamic drivert is further optimized. Longer and smoother turbine pipes make the low-frequency dive deeper and more powerful, and the sound is knocking into the hearts of the people.

Front and rear cavity balance design, every detail is strong

Through the internal structure and damping optimization, the air pressure of the front cavity and the rear cavity of the horn are balanced to the best effect, and reduce the pressure of receiving by the ear mold during listening. Make listening more comfortable.

Super running three-frequency sound hole

Feel the majestic sound journey

At the expense of more energy, the high-medium-low-frequency sound hole independent design with high cost and difficult processing. Accurate crossover tuning not only allows the tri-band to be smooth, but also exert the potential of the five drivers to create the ultimate listening experience.

Super-running acoustic chassis structure

Good motion requires a solid chassis structure to escort. The FH7 uses a solid three-point structure to eliminate resonance interference, greatly reduce distortion and provide a pure acoustic cavity.

Accumulating and accentuating

The Fiio Acoustics team has been obsessed with the sound for more than 30 years. This time, FH7 once again achieves self-transcendence, and the high-end unit combination with delicate acoustic adjustment is suitable for a variety of listening situations.

Create your own sound with your heart, three interchangeable sound filters

Awaken your ears with the pitch. We respect the differentiation of the subjective feelings of the sound and are equipped with 3 interchangeable sound filters. Meet more diverse needs.

Select the filter to match the sound according to the color of the apron

Red—low frequency dynamics


Green—high frequency analysis

Impeccable details

Left blue right red expansion MMCX interface

Expanded MMCX plug, red and blue logo, good design is always hidden in the details, but will be informed at every experience.

8 strands of high-purity single crystal copper-plated silver cable

The earphone cable is equipped with high-purity single-crystal copper-plated silver cable, 152-core 8-strand Leeds monocrystalline copper-plated silver, and the real material is full of sincerity.

Professional attitude from beginning to end

Hi-Res Audio certification

It has been certified by Hi-Res Audio of a high-quality audio standard, to bring the ultimate reproduction of the original music to the majority of music lovers.

Indulge in comfort, standard with SpinFit eartips

Standard SpinFit 36 degree rotatable silicone eartips, allowing the earphone to rotate freely, easily fit the ear canal, improve the high and low frequency soundstage.

One year new, two-year warranty

Every product is backed by excellent product quality and good service. For Fiio’s earphone products, the promise is one-year replacement, two-year warranty. Such a high standard of service is only to make you reassured (new replacement means the main engine is replaced)