Fiio FH7 vs FH5

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FH7 vs FH5

I have used both with the same cable, same source and source material. Firing up No Surprises by Radiohead, I song that I adore and know very well. At 0:53 mark there is a tambourine that sounds a bit muffled on FH5, yet crystal clear and defined on FH7. Almost the same can be said about glockenspiel that is a bit muted on FH5 and full and vibrating on FH7. The bass line goes lower on FH7 and will have a longer sustain and control.

Firing up I.P.R. – Cartography the cymbals and double drums have a start, a small sustain and an end on FH7 with lots of details and shimmer. On FH5 cymbals have lower quality, a bit blurry sounding and are decaying faster.

There is no denying that FH7 just overall is a more detailed IEM and will extract much more information not only in the sub-bass but in the treble area as well.

Soundstage is clearly wider on FH7 and you have a better pin-point imaging where with FH5 everything happened in front of your face, FH5 has a narrower left to right soundstage.

The more I compare the two, the more I am falling in love with FH7.