Fiio FH7 VS FA7

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FH7 vs FA7

When I was reviewing the FA7 I had the feeling of “almost there”, “almost perfect”, everything would start with “almost”, they were really nice, outstanding even on some parts but not extraordinary, they still had some quirks.

One of that is the base response, although going down the bass notes on FA7 didn’t have sustain, they had control but they would fade away too quickly. A Bass-guitar note doesn’t fade away quickly, it should leave a soft trail and on FA7 that was not happening, I was happy with them but not super happy.

Listening to Invisible Sun by The Prodigy I would not hear as vividly those 25 Hz vibrations; a shimmer would not pass through my spine, FA7 is not reaching Mariana Trench deep sub-bass levels.

Almost the same story repeats in the treble area, they were quite detailed and had the treble “almost” top-notch, still there were passages where I would not hear absolute detail and shimmer and some passages where a small drop in the mid-treble area will occur for a natural performance. That is a good thing for FA7 as they will not sound tiresome in the long run.

However, with FH7 there isn’t a drop in the mid-treble and I am even hearing few additional layers of treble information, a very pleasing experience to have.

With FH7 everything became perfect without an “almost” in front of it.

Now, comparing the size and materials, FA7 is slightly more comfortable as resin that is touching your ear is smoother and softer. However, FA7 has a longer nozzle and might even be more comfortable to others, if the FA7 shell was already pressing on your ear lobe, FH7 should not do that.

Both are made exceptionally well in terms of build quality and I don’t have any real complaints with any of them, but FA7 are looking just a bit extra juicy (colorful shells, clear resin, just yummy!).