Fiio FH5 VS Fiio FA7

(This comparison credit to Headphone Dungeon, click to read the full review if you would like to read more) 


Overall Impressions: The clean and intricate FH5 vs the rich and full-bodied FA7.


The FA7 has a more forward leaning bass, making the FH5 seem slightly vegan in comparison. And listening to rock, you’ll get a much warmer low-end from the FA7, while the FH5 presents a cleaner sound that is well separated from the higher frequencies. In terms of clarity, you’ll get a lot more texture and overall nuance from the FH5 when testing out strings in this range. So, if you listen to a lot of classical and jazz music, the FH5 might be preferable. But for the pop and rock palette, the FA7 would probably be the better choice.


Both IEMs have present midranges. But the FH5 emphasizes the upper mids, while the FA7 has more low mids in play, giving tracks a much meatier sound. So, if you enjoy a heavier feel, you’ll definitely want to go with the FA7. That being said, listening to folk, strums were cleaner and more crystalized on the FH5. And it presents a more intricate feel when listening to acoustic instruments in general.


You’ve probably figured out that the FH5 is the brighter headphone. And listening to pop, you’ll get much more snap and sparkle from percussion instruments with the FH5. The downside to this is that it makes for a more fatiguing listening experience. And if your ears are sensitive to high frequencies, they’ll definitely prefer the more forgiving profile of the FA7.


The FH5 offers a more spacious feel and a better sense of depth. The FA7 seems a little compact in comparison. I think fit is a factor as well, and those who find a more snug seal on the FH5 might yield a different impression.