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Article Review 


How’s the bass quality compared to iPhone earpods?

Fiio has more bass, Soundstage is typical V shape, where earpods are more or less a flat type of Earphones.

How is the sound outdoors? Noise is loud?

Sound is good. Noise/isolation is pretty good with a good seal

This model Supports aptx ? 

Yeah, it only supports aptx, not aptx hd.

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Headfonia Review 

Not sound

The FB1 is a bunch of bulbous plastic that tries to be white, but more often than not is off-white: smeared yellow stains, and grey seams mar just about every surface like it is recycled directly from the threshing floor before a perfunctory white wash. It bears more than a passing resemblance to a Devialet speaker (as pointed out in the comments section to my Picture Sunday post), itself which looks like a high-tech padlock. Maybe it’s imitation. Maybe it’s just a strange design. 

Whatever the fact, the FB1 is something tubby and sometimes ill-fitting. I can’t get a proper seal with any of the included ear pieces, but I reckon that’s my ears speaking rather than poor design. I say this because I’ve talked with a few people that find it both comfy and able to seal. 

ilounge Review 

The FB1’s cable is thin, but no worse than anything we’ve seen on similarly-priced Bluetooth headphones. 

Its control pod has a familiar three-button layout and control scheme — up and down buttons for volume and track control with a center button for play, pause, power, and pairing. 

The FB1’s volume is linked to that of iOS and its volume is reported in the iPhone’s notification area. 

A single status LED is also located on the control pod — inexplicably, this LED flashes blue non-stop when the FB1 is powered on. Three sets of ear tips, three sets of wings, a soft zippered carry case, and micro USB charging cable are included in the box.

Majorhifi Review 

SOUND – FiiO FB1 Bluetooth Earphones Review

Wow. I can’t believe these babies are so cheap. Firstly, the volume on the FB1 is fantastic for wireless earphones at this price point. Usually, they don’t get loud enough for folks who like to really rock out.

Bass heads will be thrilled too. FiiO went with a big, subby bass that reverberates like an earthquake. 

And as bassy as the lows are, they don’t muddy the rest of the mix too much; the clarity is decent on these buds.

So, the FB1 gives bass-heavy brands like JBL a serious run for their money. Apart from the powerful bass, the FB1 is really really snappy too. So, pop, hip-hop and EDM are a ton of fun to listen to. 

And because of the full mid range, big rock choruses also sound great, though the upper mids are a little harsh at times. The highs are a bit piercing on certain tracks, but as long as you don’t listen to Miles Davis, you should be fine. I’m also impressed by the soundstage, which is pretty wide for a wireless headphone.

Headpie Review 

“The FB1’s body has been coated with nano spray, making for a smoother feel while allowing for enhanced resistance against scratches and stains. In fact, the nano spray coating means you can literally wipe to clean the FB1 after getting it dirty.”

It certainly is smooth. One could regard as cheap compared to other models surfaces, but this is part of the design. A smooth surface to protect against irritation whilst exercising and also to allow for easy cleaning after heavy work outs.


So this is FiiO FB1, FiiO’s latest IEM with Bluetooth capabilities. Inside the box, we find a small carrying pouch, the IEM itself, and besides some paperwork, the extra bundled different type of ear tips and ear hooks. 

Yes ear hooks, with different size, dedicated for sports activities, to give more secure fit and comfort. I find the biggest hook for me the best option, it feels really good, no ear fatigue, and fits firmly without worrying to fall out. Perfect for running or similar activities! Speaking of design this IEM is inspired by the famous Devialet Phantom Gold, it is nowhere mentioned by FiiO, but I’m pretty sure about it!


The FiiO FB1 is a pair of white in-ear monitors with silver accents that look pretty chunky. Having reviewed the F9, and absolutely loving its design, we found the look of the FB1 to not be as pleasing to our taste. 

With that being said, looks are subjective and people might find these earphones to look pleasant. The ear units by itself are pretty sturdy and coming with ear hooks, these can be worn for extended periods of time while running or workouts without the worry of them popping out. 

Though the earphones remain secure in the ear, the earpiece does not extend deep into the canal, and because of this, you may not get the optimal sound that the 13mm drivers can produce. The design does not allow the earbuds to enter deeper into the canal, allowing ambient noise to seep in too.