Fiio BTR1K Roundup Review

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Article Review 

Headfonics Review 

As far as raw quality goes, the BTR1K shells out an impressive window of sound. Dynamic is a word I would like to use, complex even.

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(Image credit to Headfonics)

The FiiO BTR1K can output as much as 45mW (16Ω), 25mW (32Ω), offers a SNR of 118dB, THD+N <0.004% (1kHz; DAC mode), an output impedance <0.3ohm and a crosstalk ≥74 dB. 

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Head-fi ( This is not review, it is the thread to introduce the detail of BTR1K by Fiio official) 

The FiiO BTR1K is a Bluetooth receiver that updated from the original BTR1 which takes on a new look inside out. Check out its main features and functions as follows:

* All-new Qualcomm QCC 3005 Bluetooth chip

* Supports Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX / aptX LL / SBC / AAC

* High-performance AK4376A DAC brings improved performance

* < 2uV noise floor + 120dB SNR + 1.5 times output power

* New Type-C connector with USB DAC functionality

* Continues the BTR1’s design with sleek aluminum alloy body

* Added multi-function button for a quick operation of pair/play/pause.

* Unique RGB light to indicate the input Bluetooth audio codecs and working status

* Provides 8 hours playback and 140 hours standby time

* Built-in microphone with Qualcomm cVc noise cancellation technology

* 32 levels volume adjustments for greater precision

* Simple one-touch NFC pairing

* Drive, but without the stress

* Rejuvenate your home theater system

* Call up Siri in iOS

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They start to differ from each other, in terms of aesthetics, and functionalities, so I tried to make a little description of each, and their abilities. 

(Xtenik comments:  Want to know the difference between BTR1K, BTR3, UBTR and FB1? Here we go! ) 

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Audioscience review 

Upon opening the package I see the device which is the size of a thumb and made of metal. Upon picking it up, I can feel the build quality and the attention to detail.

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(Xtenik comment: Check the discussion among audiophiles, this is the forum discussion, not review )

Youtube Review 

The cure for a missing headphone jack? Credit to Youtube Channel: JuanBagnell.