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Article Review 

Headfonics Review 

Sound Impressions

Bass Quantity

Believe it or not, I felt the BTR1K to house a bit of a bassy feel on a totally flat EQ.

Yay! It does a few of my headphones justice without the need to boost via the hardware or the software that is also in the mix. My Zen2 earbuds have a solid bass experience, but at 150ohm and require extra power.

I do not feel them underpowered with the BTR1K and I also feel a nice sense of bass depth through the BTR1K. For the price, this is a solid amplifier as well as a fantastic wireless function that an entry-level audiophile can use.

No, I do not recommend you use bass enthusiast headphones with this, but you can get by with some of the lower to middle tier bass cannon out there. At least, in the way of the pricing of the BTR1K, feel comfortable that you actually have a slightly boosted bass amp that is BT enabled.

Bass Fidelity

As far as raw quality goes, the BTR1K shells out an impressive window of sound. Dynamic is a word I would like to use, complex even. This is not a one-note bass and you will notice some texture in bassy headphones that I own, such as the ATH-ESW11LTD, or my Flare Audio PRO IEM.


It is no secret that the market is full of Bluetooth adapters that cost a few pennies but there is a fundamental difference that set FiiO Bluetooth amp/DACs such as the FiiO BTR1K and FiiO BTR3 apart from knockoff or unbranded competitors; sound quality and sound fidelity.

Through out our FiiO BTR1K soundtests, the unit showed a remarkable performance providing clean and unadulterated sound.

Sound was transmitted, processed and sent to the attach headphones conserving the same level of sound quality that could be obtained while using the headphones wired directly to the audio source.

Headphone’s sound signatures remained faithful without warmer nor thinner response and no increment nor decremented brightness and detail.

Our FiiO BTR1K frequency response measurements showed a proficient flat response with a rolling off starting just above 22kHz – this behavior was identical either in Bluetooth mode and while being used as an USB DAC.

The recommended drive ability of the FiiO BTR1K has a range of 16Ω~100Ω, a frequency response of 20-20kHz (which is logical with the rolling off above 20kHz shown in our frequency response measurements)

The FiiO BTR1K can output as much as 45mW (16Ω), 25mW (32Ω), offers a SNR of 118dB, THD+N <0.004% (1kHz; DAC mode), an output impedance <0.3ohm and a crosstalk ≥74 dB. 

Head-fi ( This is not review, it is the thread to introduce the detail of BTR1K by Fiio official) 

The FiiO BTR1K is a Bluetooth receiver that updated from the original BTR1 which takes on a new look inside out. Check out its main features and functions as follows:

* All-new Qualcomm QCC 3005 Bluetooth chip

* Supports Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX / aptX LL / SBC / AAC

* High-performance AK4376A DAC brings improved performance

* < 2uV noise floor + 120dB SNR + 1.5 times output power

* New Type-C connector with USB DAC functionality

* Continues the BTR1’s design with sleek aluminum alloy body

* Added multi-function button for a quick operation of pair/play/pause.

* Unique RGB light to indicate the input Bluetooth audio codecs and working status

* Provides 8 hours playback and 140 hours standby time

* Built-in microphone with Qualcomm cVc noise cancellation technology

* 32 levels volume adjustments for greater precision

* Simple one-touch NFC pairing

* Drive, but without the stress

* Rejuvenate your home theater system

* Call up Siri in iOS

Audiophile-heaven ( Want to know the difference between BTR1K, BTR3, UBTR and FB1? ) 

Build Quality/Aesthetics/Functionality

Starting with the obvious, they all have one thing in common, which I really love. All the FiiO Bluetooth receivers are based on the USB Type-C connector, which is awesome. 

The build quality is also exceptional for all the bluetooth receivers, and they are all made in a similar style. They are all small devices, made with a clip on the back, so they can clip to your shirt, or to your cap, or be worn as an accessory. They are made to receive bluetooth signal from your smartphone or Player, and to send that to your earphones, or headphones. They are all very well put together, and they feel nice. 

All of the Bluetooth modules support SBC, AAC, and even APT-X, which is quite incredible, considering that there are products many times more expensive that do not offer support for APT-X, which has been proven to be much better than either SBC or AAC. 

You will require a source sporting APT-X to take most advantage of them, but most modern smartphones do have APT-X support, as well as most Audiophile Players. 

They start to differ from each other, in terms of aesthetics, and functionalities, so I tried to make a little description of each, and their abilities. 

Audioscience review (Check the discussion among audiophiles, this is the forum discussion, not review )

Upon opening the package I see the device which is the size of a thumb and made of metal. Upon picking it up, I can feel the build quality and the attention to detail. Using a original Google Pixel xl, it was easy to connect, the status light let me know when it is in search mode. 

I plugged in my m50x’s and turned on a playlist I use when I am on a bus or the subway. I flip through some rolling stones and fat boy slim to be greeted with a higher level of sound quality than I am used to on my phone.

I get up and walk around my condo 900 sq ft with some concrete walls in the way and the sound stayed consistent the entire time with no studdering or drops that usually come with Bluetooth headphones. I walked to every corner and even down the hall with absolutely no issues. I then came back and watched some CES coverage and the video and audio is perfectly in sync as if I have that physical connection. 

This one is a keeper when I upgrade to a pixel 3 xl. 

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