FAQ on Ikko Zerda ITM03 Dongle

Does Ikko Zerda work with samsung galaxy note 10 plus?
Yes, it can. In addition, ikko zerda can upgrade the firmware on ikko’s official website to adapt to more models in the future and optimize the sound quality.
Does Ikko Zerda dac come with a usb c to usb adapter?
Zerda does not come with a USB to C adapter
Can Ikko Zerda ITM03 be used as pass through from laptop to dac (usb c exit via mini toslink to dac via toslink end?
Can Ikko Zerda work with spotify or tidal apps on iphone?
Yes, Zelda can work with Spotify or Tidel app on iPhone
Can Ikko Zerda ITM03 be used as pass through from laptop to dac (usb c exit via mini toslink to dac via toslink end?)
I am using it for analog headphones so haven’t tried the SPDIF out. Its there (the LED inside the 1/8in. socket)l So I assume it works. On the Mac it shows up as some sort of generic device but the output bit depth and sampling rate are selectable right up to 32/384.

According to one of the user saying, he said that the zerda cannot work on Galaxy Note 9, This user is using zerda with LG V30, Hidisz AP-80 DAP, and Sony DAP, and all works like a charm on all three.
We checked with Ikko official, and they said that there is no problem to use with most Samsung phones, including Galaxy Note 9. But it may cannot work on some Korea version Samsung phones.
So, is there someone meeting the same problem?
Welcome to leave your comments in belows.

Can Zerda play and decode MQA ?
Zerda can play audio files in MQA format but does not support MQA high bitrate mode
Does Zerda work with Razor phone 2?
Yes, ikko Zerda with Adaptive recognition hardware driver and Impedance of the Adaptive: 16 Ω Ω – 600.
Type-c is also known as usb-c
Does the MacBook Pro see Zerda as a device cabable of 96khz or is it stuck at 48khz with the generic usb driver?
Will see as 32 bit – 384khz and will use official driver.
Does Ikko Zerda improve sound quality over the phones built in dac (galaxy s9)?
Would Ikko Zerda ITM03 run the HD600’s OK with them being 300 ohms?
The ITM03 is a petty powerful DAC/AMP dongle but I am not sure if it can handle a power hungry Headphone like the HD600 that needs a powerful source to show it’s true potential.

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