Dunu DK2001 (3BA+1DD) Headphone

Features of Dunu DK2001:

  • 3BA + 1DD (with Dual-Sided PVD Beryllium Coating)
  • High-purity silver-plated OCC copper cable with exclusive patented quick-switch modular plug cable system
  • The MMCX detachable plug and socket design on the cable offers endless choice of replacement and upgrade. 

Article Review 

Prime Audio 

Gear used for testing includes the Shanling M5s, Soundaware M2Pro and Sony NW-ZX300. Prior to any critical listening, the DK-2001 had more than 50 hours of burn-in.

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( Xtenik comment: You also can find the comparison between DK2001 and Fearless Audio S6RUI, Shanling ME500 Platinum Edition, DUNU DK-3001 ) 


Dunu have managed to target their headphones well, they offer involving and tasty sound that will appeal to those who love non-monitor presentation. It’s combined with traditionally high build quality, good presentation and reasonable price. 

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(Xtenik comment: Besides the article review, you also can check Porta.fi Youtube review, he is an active audio reviewer) 


I would call the small shell of the DK-2001 a unique selling point. My girlfriend, who has small ears, is able to obtain a good fit with the correct size of ear tips. She is normally unable to wear IEMs comfortably.

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Youtube Review 

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